Tuesday, May 22, 2012

tuesday remix: sister style

i am now officially in the third trimester of this pregnancy. (i don't know why i said officially. you can't unofficially be in the third trimester. you just are or you aren't. also, why didn't i just go back and delete 'officially' instead of writing this whole damn aside? we will never know. the brain of nora is a silly and complicated thing). the home stretch! i am very excited to meet my little man pretty soon! although, i read today that most women gain 11 pounds in the third trimester. ugh. i am not excited about that. i already feel huge and just knowing i am going to get even huger does not make me all that thrilled. but i want the little guy to grow big and strong before he comes into the world, so for his sake i will happily take on a few more pounds. pass the ice cream! on a cute note, mimi has taken to lifting up my shirt so she can see my belly and then giving her brother a big hug and kiss. it is just the sweetest thing ever (except when she decides to do it in public which is slightly embarrassing for me, flashing everyone my big tummy). i am so excited to see her become the amazing big sister that i know she will be!

for this week's remix i chose this pretty, sheer dress (which is now a tunic on me) that i bought a few months ago at b. (a resale shop). i really love this dress and i am excited it is warm enough to wear it now without covering it up with a cardigan or jacket. let us know what you think!

nora bird

dress~ Lux, b. (a resale shop)
tank~ Old Navy
jeans~ c/o Claire (if i remember correctly, i believe her mom made them! amazing!)
shoes~ Qupid, Marshalls

megan bird

slip~ vintage, thrifted
shoes~ $9.98 store
earrings~ F21

have a great tuesday!

xoxo, two birds


  1. You guys both look great..well done. The tunic dress is so pretty.

  2. great tunic/dress i love it and would wear it both ways! xo

  3. Absolutely love that sheer dress - it looks gorgeous on both of you! Drooling after those wedges and purple pants, and love the minty shoes Megan's wearing. And I love your rant about being "official" :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Oh you both look beautiful and Springy! I love purple, so I approve of these looks!

  5. What a pretty dress! Purple looks amazing on both of you. The purple pants are very cute as well! And I love Megan's shoes!

  6. I love the addition of the slip under this dress! And it looks so great with the purple pants too:)
    cate @ wildruffle

  7. Love the purple and the dress. It is lovely as a tunic. Megan, I love the vintage feel of the dress with the slip under it.


  8. nice idea and nice outfits!!

  9. aww mimi kissing her bro while he's in the womb, & flashing mommy's tummy. ;) i like the sheer dress, & how you both wore it, in equally wonderful, ways. what did megan bird wear under the slip for the sheerness to NOT be a problem? i have sheer issues with some of my clothes. helpful hints would be much appreciated. claire's mom made some terrific purple pants.

  10. Nora, you look so pretty in purples! Megan, I love how you paired the dress with the mint shoes.

    That is very sweet that Mimi is "kissing" her brother!

    The Tiny Heart
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  11. You both look great as usual! Nora, I love the purple pants and Megan, it looks great with that lacy slip/dress underneath. Congrats on the 3rd trimester!

  12. That is such a pretty dress, I love it! It looks great onyou both (and completely different). You can barely tell Nora has a baby bump underneath!!

  13. Girls, you both look fantastic in this tunic / dress! I love your shoes! Both pairs: D
    (aww, lovely story about Mimi and her brother ! :D ! )

  14. Love both the outfits! The tunic is so pretty- the color and the sheer fabric brings a romantic touch to it!
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    Juneli from Fashionably yours

  15. So cute! I love this dress remixed both ways! Aw that is super cute story for your little one. You look great by the way! AND I enjoy reading your aside!


  16. I like it as a tunic and as a dress. Mimi sounds like a sweetie.

  17. I love the purple jeans!

    xoxo Sootjeelina

  18. GORGEOUS ON BOTH! Such a romantic pretty dress and Megan where is that fence/headboard piece located? I love it. One of my most favorite remixes to date. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  19. Really like the both looks, I love Nora's shoes a lot !! Good job girls
    Nice blog

    Bisous from France

  20. I love seeing how the tunic changes back to a dress--so lovely on both of you! Also the contrast between pairing it with a bright (the pants) and a pastel (the shoes)--I can't decide which I like best.

    Hang in there, mama--almost done!

  21. I love that lavender color! So cute to see it as a long shirt vs a dress! Love both ways! :)

    I don't know if you have done this, but I would love to see how many ways you two can dress up a white t-shirt and jeans! xo! :)

  22. I love the beginning of this post! Ha ha! In the home stretch! You can do it! I just had my 2nd baby in October and I remember that feeling...



  23. You both look lovely! Especially loving the purple jeans from the first look Nora :)

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

  24. What great looks! I love that dress. Purple looks wonderful on both of you :)

  25. I like BOTH of your takes on this sheer dress. And, Nora, I cannot imagine being a third trimester during the summer...I want to send you a big feathered fan.

  26. Great blog! Would you like to follow each other?!

    Let me know on my blog!


  27. thanks for the comment! great blog! xx

  28. I love remix posts :)

    xo Jennifer


  29. Beautiful styling on both of you :) Lovely tunic&dress! ^^

    Indie by heart

  30. what a pretty dress...and such different looks even though it's the same dress! Great remixing!