Friday, May 4, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): debbie downer

skirt ~ TJ Maxx
shirt ~ The Clothes Mentor
shoes ~ Target
belt ~ Dots
earrings ~ F21

i am feeling like a real debbie downer today (total opposite of nora's post yesterday). while i have a lot to be happy about, i am just feeling like a big piece of you know what. so i thought i'd take it press and wallow in my misery. i hope you don't mind. i'm not looking for pity (ok, maybe i am), and i'm not begging for compliments (they never hurt), and i think you have all probably been in my boat before, so who better to complain to..right?

i'm just having that day. that frizzy hair, too many wrinkles, can't put on makeup properly, this skirt makes my hips look huge, why do i have fat hanging over my bra strap, bloated, pale, pasty sort of day. (i warned you that i was a downer. feel free to stop reading.) sometimes it just feels good to vent..i am having that day. have you been there?

so here's what i'm asking of you. tell me something happy. what good have you encountered today? i want to hear all about your goodness so that it will rub off on me and i can get out of this pointless rut. much appreciated!

there, i feel better already, just having confided in you. you guys are the best!

megan bird


  1. Oh Megan Bird...We all have those days but believe its normal. I love that you can verbalize it :) You look absolutely beautiful in white!

    Heres my good thing: My 3 year old woke me up this morning and told me that I was her best friend :) No matter how Im feeling about myself, my kids think Im awesome and thats what counts!

    Have a happy weekend blogger friend :)

  2. as a women and fellow blogger who has to do Looks of the day I CAN SO RELATE! xo but being 100% honest you look beautiful! xo

  3. Ok, well I will start with a compliment for you because I think you always look lovely :) I really adore this dress, and those shoes are SO cute!

    Secondly, we definitely all have THOSE days... ugh. I end up with 85 pieces of clothing on the floor on those days because nothing seems to look right.

    My good thing: A good friend is visiting us this weekend and I'm sooo excited :)

  4. Happy news:

    The new dry cleaner on W. 7th got the mysterious stain out of my favorite black pants!!! Yay!

    Pete from Mad Men did Theft of the Dial on The Current this morning, and it was awesome!!!!!!!

    It's Friday!!!!!! And the weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow!!

    (Sorry for all the exclamation marks, just trying to be positive)

    Megan, darling, you're allowed to be miserable sometimes, but never forget this one important mantra:

    You're sexy, and you know it.

  5. It's just one of those days that a girl goes through...

    You look great in white and I really like your hair. Sometimes I wish I had wavy/curly hair instead of straight hair. And I don't know how to use a curling iron.

    We went to Izzy's this week. I'm still feeling happy from that visit. :)

  6. Everyone has those days when they're feeling down about themselves! I never would've known it though because you look so pretty in that summery white dress! Be happy that it's could be Monday, which is way worse :)

    The Tiny Heart

  7. Oh man, I can throw myself a pity party like none other, so I totally get it! It's ok to vent! I love this dress and I think it looks great on you!

    Happy things - it's Friday (Duh) and I am excited to try out my new golf bag tomorrow at my first golf lesson, woo hoo!

  8. As women, we have those moments at times. Don't worry about the wrinkles. Each wrinkle tells a story of our life experiences. Take it from an older is too short to sweat the small stuff! Take a good look at all the wonderful things you have in your life that you are grateful for. I'm sure that will put a huge smile on your face :) Have a wonderful day and great weekend!


  9. today your outfit reminds me of a girl in a story book. those characters by lucy maud montgomery, you know the anne of green gables books? in my mind this is a compliment. in your mind it might be wtf are you talking about teddi? it's supposed to be 90 degrees today. we are in the beginning of may. can you image hot as all get out it's gonna be in the texas this summer?

  10. I don't know anyone whose bra doesn't do that to them - I know it does for me! And I think you look great.:)

    My happy news - my event last exceeded expectations. So excited for the next one!

  11. I love this skirt on you!!! I have been in the same boat. I blame the weather. Good news? hmm... how about its the WEEKEND!!! :) Hope you do something really fun!


  12. i totally felt the same way this week. so, for good stuff, i started using grape seed oil on my face and it's making me happy. also, having a fun little giveaway today. stop by and enter!

  13. The belt really makes the two pieces work - I thought it was a dress!

    Here's a funny story for you... like a month ago I was on a walk down Nicollet downtown when I came upon the Mary Tyler Moore statue, which was being cleaned/polished after the winter. This poor male city worker was rubbing the statue with rags and cleaner and when he got to her boobs, everyone started cheering and whooping and whistling! He was bright red and just trying to remain professional while giving MTM a boob rubdown in public. It was pretty hilarious. I kept walking but I'm sure the same thing probably happened again when he had to do her butt!

  14. Love that you are beating the downers with all your white and camel goodness - you make grumpy old me happier just looking at this outfit - the power of blogging!

  15. Really beautiful, fresh white dress. You look lovely!

    Thank you for the nice comment :)
    Have a great weekend!

    Indie by heart

  16. Don't beat yourself up, everyone has those days. EVERYONE. Anyway you are a vision of summer in that white flowy cotton number!


  17. Something good that happened to me today? Well I visited this lovely blog, and saw you looking fabulous and bright in this flowy white outfit - so summery! And I'm so glad you shared about your downer of a day. It reassures me that it's something that happens to everyone, and not just because I actually AM all those things I feel down about sometimes... :)

  18. Something good that happened to me yesterday was winning the perfect attendance contest at work. I got two movie passes and $25 in Pizza Hut gift certificates. So my husband and I can now afford to go on our first date in months.

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  20. You look like a Greek earth goddess! Lovely! I'm a bit late, so hopefully you're cheered up by now. If not, go to google maps walking directions and type in that point A is "The Shire" and point B is "Mordor."

  21. I think you look awesome! Loving the dress and how you styled it. Don't worry we all have those days, I hope it is over and you remember how truly amazing you are!! We are our own worst critic. Everyone else is thinking how cute you look and how brave you are to share your style with the whole world!! Pretty cool if you ask me :)

  22. cute outfit! love the white with the brown belt!



  23. I love this dress on you! It's so pretty with the belt.


  24. I encountered the END of the first of five stacks of papers I must grade this week. An accomplishment, but I have so much more to do. Actually, before I read the accompanying words...I had been thinking "what a delicate look."

  25. my boys just went to bed and I am having a glass of champagne and reading blogs...pretty happy!

  26. Megan bird, I am just reading this and I can so relate. Once a month I am dawnie downer. We have all been there and it is all in our heads. Sending good wishes your way darling. You are a hot woman no matter what. Stop beating yourself up lady. I love your shoes and your look tiny. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo Go to the mirror now and tell yourself how beautiful you are...

  27. love this white outfit... so looks fantastic on you, darling! ja, i know how you feel. sometimes everybody feels like that.

  28. EVERYONE has those kinda days (ok maybe I can only speak for myself) and as long as you get outta the funk, I think it's totally acceptable to have a day or 3 to wallow and have a pity partay! On the plus side you look absolutely gorgeous and that dress, majorly jealous! Xo Lori

  29. I hear ya girl - we ALL have been there... How's this: You are GORGEOUS. You have FABULOUS style. You are my blogger buddy and MN neighbor :) And I want to steal your shoes.

    There - much better :)