Monday, May 28, 2012

inspiration monday: make it rain

the inspiration
halle berry
megan bird

shirt ~ Marshalls
jeggings ~ H&M
tank ~ Target, thrifted
neck;ace ~ vintage, thrifted
shoes ~ Dots
earrings ~ F21

nora bird

shirt ~ Target
tank ~ H&M
jeans ~ Bullhead, swapped
shoes ~ Madden Girl, Ross, Las Vegas

this weekend has been a whirlwind of weather. saturday morning started off great, nora and the kids and i went to a few garage sales before it started pouring rain. then it stopped. so i took the kids for a bike ride. and it started again. so we biked and splashed in the rain. then sunday came and it was gorgeous and sunny. we played outside all day. swing sets and gardens and bikes. at 5:00, we headed to a friend's house to have a picnic. we brought the double stroller since we knew we'd probably each have a drink or two. at about 10, after this glorious sunny and hot day, we packed the kids in the stroller and started walking home. two miles...we almost had it. until we got three blocks from home and it started pouring. it was at this point that i realized that i still needed to take pictures for inspiration monday. so here you have it: my outfit...a little bit wet, a lot dark, a little drunk, but it's here.

happy memorial day to all that celebrate!

two birds 


  1. Hi Megan and Nora,

    I am joining you girls this week. Thanks for the good work. Keep it up. :)

    Here's my version:


  2. Is it hard to walk in heels when pregnant?

  3. happy holiday! You look great gals, Megan's outfit is such a cute interpretation, I like the polka dot top and the fabulous pop of color on the necklace. You look cute even when a little drunk ;-) Nora looks sassy, I wish I had a sexy baby bump like yours when I was pregnant, my bump was always slanted to one side, babe likes to sleep on his side.


  4. Oh my gosh, two miles is a long way to walk when you're pushing a stroller! You guys both managed to still look really cute...I never would've known that you just hiked home!

    The Tiny Heart

  5. You both look lovely. Also Happy Memorial Day!! Hope the rain passes and you have a sun filled week!

  6. gotta love the sexy shoulder look :)

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  7. Sounds like a perfect day. Glad that everyone was in a good mood and could enjoy the sun as well as the showers.

  8. Loving the baby bump! You are looking great!

  9. Oh yeah, we got caught in that rain a bit this weekend. I'm happy it is drying out now! You both look super cute as always! Nora your outfit is almost identical to Halle's! Very nice!

  10. Hee hee, drunk birds! (well, bird!) Love it! Is that the reason for the lack of capital letters?! ;-)
    I like your outfits- nice touch of the white with great colour combos!

  11. Nice inspiration, and you both look great <3

    Indie by heart

  12. You both look wonderful. I love going to yard sales too! Hope you enjoy the holiday!

  13. You guys both look super cute! The weather has been insane here too. Hot, cold, rain, sun. All at once.

  14. Nora--You need to send your pic to Halle. She won't believe the near knock-off!

  15. Haha, sounds like a fun and wet n wild weekend. Your outfit looks adorable even after having been caught in the rain. The red and polka dots are a nice touch. Nora - Love the shoes, very cute look :]

  16. You both look so great! Your weather sounds pretty temperamental- is it always like that? Is it a spring thing? Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  17. Loving the off-the-shoulder tops and fitted jeans. Easy and super chic!

  18. Megan, I like the cute polka dot print peeking out from underneath that top. Nora, I like it that you chose to wear a clingy top because it accentuates your silhouette. Sorry that I am a bit late today, we lost power for most of the day and it was hot!

  19. You both look so cute! I hope I can be as stylish as Nora when I'm preggers.

  20. I love that you can walk to local parties and bike to work girls. It's sounds like you live in such a great town. I was lazy yesterday, watching movies and eating mostly everything in sight. I am still going to join you. Love the rolled pants and heels...both such hot mamas. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  21. you both nailed the casual comfortable chic look! :)

  22. Ah, thank you to both of you!! I am glad that I was able to join the fun! You two rocked the look, as always!! See ya' next week!

  23. I seriously love that inspiration photo! Such a lovely relaxed look.

    Cable Car Couture

  24. Great looks! I hope I look half as amazing as you Nora when I'm pregnant, adorbs!