Tuesday, April 24, 2012

tuesday remix: sister style

so, i really don't like spiders. at all. they terrify me. like, so much. if i even see a spider i immediately get the creepy crawly feeling that it is on me. and then i actually believe that it is on me. this annoys my husband to no end. i always make him catch spiders and throw them outside but i don't ever want him to kill them, partly because i know that spiders are good to have around. they are like the lion of the bug world...top of the food chain. they eat all of the other yucky bugs so i don't have to deal with them. but the main reason i won't let him kill spiders is because i truly think their family members might find out and come after me. or maybe jim will fail and the spider won't actually die. and then i fear this:
this is seriously the scariest picture ever. and there you have another little glimpse into how crazy i am.

anyway, enough about spiders because now i seriously feel like they are crawling all over me. lets talk about the remix. this week i chose a dress i bought quite a while ago at H&M. it was on sale for $10 so, at the time, i decided i couldn't pass it up. and then i never wore it. so, into the remix it went. of course, i waited until i was pregnant to wear it which probably wasn't the best idea. but since megan wore it, too, i can also see what it looks like on someone who is not pregnant. perfect! let us know what you think!

nora bird: layer away

tank~ Old Navy
vest~ Urban Outfitters
belt~ thrifted
shoes~ Target

megan bird: boho babe

shoes ~ vintage, swapped
necklaces ~ vintage, thrifted, F21, gift from Erin
earrings ~ Kohls
headband ~ thrifted
scarf ~ H&M

i hope you have a fabulous (and spider-free) tuesday!

xoxo, two birds


  1. Ewwww!! I am so effing scared of spiders, ewwww!! :( I hate most bugs actually, so I feel you! I did read somewhere that spiders are attracted to weeds, so try to keep the area around your house weed-free. Which I never do.

    I love both these spring looks! You guys look cute in all of your light pretty layers!

  2. Love love love the dress and the accessories add so much more to it! You both look lovely. I don't like spiders either. If one gets on me, I run around screaming like a crazy woman. My husband is also the spider catcher in the house :)


  3. That dress is lovely, you both styled it so well! Also, does that spider in your picture have a mustache?!

  4. Ugg, spiders! I am not a fan of any bugs really. Their legs...ugg.....

    That aside, I love your dress! It's so pretty and looks great on both of you!

  5. I'm terrified of spiders as well. Like, I almost couldn't click on over here when I saw the spider thumbnail. :)

    It's a gorgeous dress. On both of you.

    The Suburb Experiment

  6. Im anti spider and pro this dress!!!

  7. what a great dress, and as always you two did a amazing job with styling it up!!

  8. What adorable outfits! I love it as a skirt on you nora! you look so good. Megan i love how you styled this. adorable looks!


  9. Eww, spiders! That dress was such a great deal for $10. Nora, I love how you turned it into a skirt and the boho styling looks great on you, Megan!

    The Tiny Heart

  10. I don't worry about the crawlies but mice I am terrified of! What great swingy styles!

  11. I feel really lucky that I don't care about bugs or spiders at all (well, in MN... when I was in the Domincan Republic, that was a different story because some of them are poisonous or bite, unlike just about everything here!)

    I love the soft, flowing tiers of the dress - so pretty for spring and summer!

  12. Love Megan's layers of necklaces - so fun! That dress is like a princess dress, perfect for twirling:)
    cate @ wildruffle.com

  13. Oh, I know the feeling of "that spider remembers me".

    While I was visiting my grandmother in Honduras, there was a particular spider that seemed to live in the room I was staying in. It was huge (around 7-8 inches),fast, and resembled a giant wolf spider (but hairier). One day, I gathered my courage, and threw a shoe at it. I hit it, but only managed to "knock off" two of its legs.

    The following morning, I awoke to that now six-legged spider on the wall less than four inches away from my face! That spider remembered what I did to it and it made sure I didn't forget!

  14. so cute. love this easy breezy dress! i'm also afraid of spiders though i've had to tone it down some since the kiddos. because somehow i've instilled in both of them a huge fear of spiders and bugs that are inside. yet strangely they like playing with bugs that are outside. weird.


  15. so fantastic


  16. Haha. I am terrified of killing spiders for that same reason. Yikes!

    Anywho. The dress looks lovely on both of you. I really like it layered with the striped top worn almost as a skirt....aaaand I like it with all the fun jewelry in the second look :]

  17. I hate spiders. Sometimes when my husband isn't around to squish them, I'll find my cat since he loves to hunt and kill spiders.

  18. I love the different ways you both wore this dress. Stunning!


  19. i like the dress! nora, are you letting your hair grow out? is it me or is it a lot longer? in texas it's bugs, bugs, bugs, all year long. bleek :P

  20. Oh, what a wonderful dress. And I love Nora's "Amelia Bedelia" take on styling it!

  21. both such cute outfits! love the dress!

  22. I am in love with that dress!!! Such a pretty piece! And what an amazing score on sale! I wonder if I can still buy it... You girls are so beautiful and lovely! Love both styles!
    Good luck!

  23. you two birds are sporting cute outfits =)

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  24. I love both looks--amazing how different the same dress looks! Great post!

  25. You look like a modern-day flapper, Megan! I love that dress. Nora, I love the layers and the belt right above your baby bump is just too cute.

    Ok, that photo terrified me. I definitely do not let spiders live. When I find one I make Kevin kill it immediately. (After screaming for 20 minutes). They have this thing I saw once in a Skymall magazine; a long vacuum so you don't need to get near them to trap them. I think I need it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJALW9ID03M

  26. Love the vintage looks ladies.
    xo Annie