Tuesday, April 10, 2012

tuesday remix: sister style

this weekend was a lazy one for me. i was so lazy on saturday that after i washed my hair, i decided not to straighten it and just let it dry au naturel, with a slight curl (and you will see in the following photos that this was not my best idea ever). when i came out of the bathroom with this big, rats nest on top of my head, mimi looked at me and said, "mama looks funny". and jim just laughed and said, "you look cute" (which husbands are required to say). since we had to be at mimi's music class that morning (in public!) and i didn't want to look too much like a fool (a little bit of a fool i am okay with, but not too much), i, of course, immediately took a picture and texted it to megan, asking her opinion. the following is our conversation:

me: honest thoughts on the hair?
megan: love!
me: not too big?
megan: no way.
me: well, as long as i don't look like george washington...
megan: no, more like john adams.
me: but in like a hot way, right? forefather chic?
megan: you should write the declaration of hairdependence.

and now you know, in case you didn't already, what huge dorks we are. and you also know my secret fear of my hair looking like one of our founding father's...and this, sadly, is not even my strangest fear.

nora bird: flowers and bows

dress~ TJ Maxx
leggings~ Old Navy Maternity
boots~ Steve Madden
headband~ Target???

megan bird: flowers and denim

skirt~ swapped
shoes~ Ebay
ring/earrings~ F21

we hope you all have an excellent tuesday!

xoxo, two birds


  1. Haha! <--- not at your hair but at the text conversation. 'Forefather chic' totally had me chuckling. I think it looks awesome! Seriously, you should wear it like that more often.

    Love both outfits, adorable as always. Those green shoes are darling!

  2. I agree with Megan - your hair is super cute that way. But then again, I'm the girl who's hair is NEVER voluminous enough (sometimes I'm afraid I look like The Great Gazoo), so you may want to take my compliment with a grain of salt.

  3. i love both of these outfits. they are so cute. and the thing about the hair, hilarious. you guys are great.


  4. I think the hair is fun! And I love the fact that the dress has long sleeves!

  5. i LOVE the forefather chic look on you! ;) hilarious!

    and that baby belly~ i cannot even take it, it is the cutest baby belly ever.

  6. LOL at your texting conversation! I think your hair is cute, I haven't been brave enough to try mine au natural...maybe I will one of these days!

    And that is a very cute dress on both of you! And Megan, I love your green shoes!

  7. Forefather chic??? Really???? You two are hilarious! I think its cute.

  8. Hehe, I think your hair looks really cute like that! I am cracking up with the forefather hair comments. Love the two ways the floral print dress was styled :)

    The Tiny Heart

  9. A little crazy wave is good for you. (And it really does look good.)
    I adore body conscious dresses on prego ladies- this is a fun dress to swap between you two. Styled beautifully on both lovely sisters!

  10. Love your hair, belly, and both of you in that lovely floral tunic:)


  11. Can I be included in the next text conversation? That is hilarious! Forefather chic. I think your hair looks super cute like that! Love both outfits as always! PS. Super cute skirt Megan! Too bad there isn't another lens cap in the pocket...

  12. Ok that was a boob jiggling, lol that you just got out of me regarding your convo. I love you both for this. Gorgeous and gorgeous, did I tell you that you both look amazing and gorgeous. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes I want the dress....

  13. 0. soooooo cute! that top screams buy me, i'm spring & pretty. am i blind & i missed where the blouse came from? i like the hair, & bonus points for the word invention of hairdependence. i don't mind looking like a little of a fool either, though i'm pretty sure i rank in the lot of the fool, most of the time category. ;) no you do NOT look like any of a fool! just thought i'd clarify.

  14. Love the hair - and the dress looks SO fabulous on both of you! Love the pattern :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  15. Nora, your hair looks cute and resembles absolutely none of the founding fathers! Megan, your shoes are awesome. I want those!

  16. first of all ... your hair is always and I mean ALWAYS amazing and I love it so much like this ... I think you should go au natural more often!!

  17. Haha! I ask my husband stuff like that and instead of awesome sisterly support I get a blank look. :) You guys are so funny!

    The Suburb Experiment

  18. I love this Tuesday remixer!! that shirt is awesome... looks great on both of you. I love it paired with leggings... :)

    Sara :)

  19. you are both so gorgeous!


  20. Cute!! Definitely doesn't look TOO forefather-y. A little George Washington is always good, right? I am loving that dress!

  21. Yay for au naturale hair. You two are adorable and funny. Love the headband and the green shoes. :)

  22. I love the hair! I wish mine looked half as cute au naturel. Our forefathers had great style anyway - all those buckles and nice tight pants. Hot.
    cate @ wildruffle.com

  23. LOVE THIS! and look at that CUTE CUTE belly!!

  24. nora this is my favorite look of all time. i love everything about it. you both look fab, as usual.

    i'm pretty sure i never look that good just by being lazy :)

  25. I like that dress, and I think that your big hair is pretty. I am jealous of ladies with natural curls.

  26. Well I'm loving the big hair, and you don't look at all like one of the founding fathers :) I love this dress on both of you!!

  27. nora bird, you are rocking the hot pregnant look! go momma! it's so hard to be cute and comfy with a baby belly, but you do it with style and grace. :)

    megan bird, love the shoes.