Thursday, April 19, 2012

new loves and old friends: i'm with the band


old friends
boots and necklace~ vintage, thrifted

new loves
bolero~ F21
jeans and tank~ H&M

i have never been in a band, marching or otherwise, but i may have mentioned on the blog that it is actually my dream to someday front a cover band. megan's, too, actually. what do you guys think? should we do it? would you come see our shows? our cover band could be totally bird themed. we could sing songs by the eagles, the byrds, the counting crows, the yardbirds, the dixie chicks, the jayhawks, the black crowes, eagles of death metal. our fans would weep when we performed "blackbird" and dance like crazy to our rendition of "rockin' robin". the locals would love when we sang "when doves cry". our big duet would be "mockingbird". and, of course, our grand final would have to be "free bird". seriously. is is sad that i am actually getting excited by this idea? who knows? maybe someday two birds will be playing at a local county fair near you! but until then i suppose i will settle with singing karaoke and buying marching band inspired clothing.

i hope you all have a great thursday!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. LOL! You could close the show with "feed the birds, tuppence a bag" That would feed your families for life!

    I love your bolero :)

  2. That bolero is absolutely fabulous, and the necklace is so unique and is such a nice touch of color!

  3. I have ALWAYS had dreams of singing in a cover band too!! Even though the hours would be rough I think it would be so fun... you guys would rock it!

  4. Could I play tambourine and sing backup? That would be amazing.

    Also - I just remembered you were in my dream last night!! I was stranded at some truckstop-type bar, and you were my server. For some reason, I did not have any shoes, and you brought me a blanket so I could sleep in a booth. So kind!

  5. get excited! i think it's a grand idea. :) i'm serious. lovely outfit nora rockin robin free bird.

  6. I love your band idea! I'd totally be the groupie in the front row that comes up on stage and has to be thrown out by security!

    I love that bolero! It's really cute!

  7. haha...i would be first to listen to such a cute band. That is a very adorable bolero by the way...i love the cute button design.


  8. you are such a beautiful little prego mamma!!

  9. Haha I love your idea for a bird themed cover guys should totally do it!

    That bolero is so fun with the button detailing :)

    The Tiny Heart

  10. Cute outfit! The stripes are great. I would totally come see two birds sing!

    Vang :)

  11. Wow you look great! I love this outfit!! :)

    Sara :)

  12. Cuuuute jacket and I love the tassels! Wow, there are a lot of bird themed bands/songs to cover!

  13. That bolero is so cute! I was in marching band, but we definitely didn't wear anything that looked that nice! And I would totally go see y'all, I'm already excited to hear free bird :)

  14. That tasselled necklace is such a fun idea! I love those bolero styled statement pieces...have one of my own in gold.

    <3 Cambria

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  15. I love your bolero!

    You start your band, and I'll be one of the first in line to buy your CD. I think you'd be a roaring success.:)
    cate @

  16. I would totally go watch your cover band!

  17. You look adorable! I really love your bolero. I'm a sucker for stripes.

  18. I have the Same bolero..



  19. Oh my gosh you look too cute and you are cracking me up. Please tell me that your cover band will do a rendition of Rockin Robin? (My real name is Robin) I love the pop of red in this classy chic black and white outfit!

  20. Whoa! Those are brilliant ideas! Yes, come to the Puyallup fair, I'll be there!

  21. Love B&W stripes and the touch of red. What an adorable baby bump!
    xo Annie