Thursday, April 12, 2012

new loves and old friend: drugstore bully

new loves
shoes ~ Michael Korrs, thrifted
belt ~ thrifted
earrings ~ F21
old friends
dress ~ vintage, thrifted

the week before i started high school, some friends and i were doing our regular friday night thing. it started at the malt shop and ended at the tom thumb convenience store down the block. (what is it with 14-year old kids and convenience stores? why is that a cool place to hang out?) we were at the store and some kids from our "rival" school walked in, and a small argument started. (this is starting to sound like a 50's musical, but i assure you it is all true...and it happened in 1988.) i don't remember the exact words that were exchanged, but they aren't important. what is important is that the woman who worked there was sick of us and said, "listen idiots, i'm not your babysitter." 

now, being a stupid 14-year old who has always had a loud mouth (what. you couldn't tell??), i said something in response to her. again, i can't remember exactly what...something along the lines of, "yeah, that's because you're working here."...something not even good. i mean, if i'm going to piss off the crazy lady at tom thumb, i might as well come up with a good retort!

what happened next is all a blur to me. all i remember is that every one of my friends formed a nice little path for this large and intimidating woman, and that path led straight to me. i started running out of the store as fast as i could. i ran and ran and ran. ok, i ran about three blocks, and she chased me the whole time, just yelling "bitch!" after me. i had my friend's cardigan in my hand and it was flying behind me like a kite that screamed, "grab me". which she did. my only choices were to let go, or get beat up. so i let go (duh). at this point, she stopped chasing me and said, "if you want your sweater back, you know where to find me." was this woman seriously challenging me? i was 14, she was about 35, decked out in black leather and tattoos.

nope, i let her keep the sweater. and my friends joined me down the block (thanks friends for creating that super convenient path for her to chase me down). we began to walk home. we were about six blocks from the store, and all of a sudden, one of my friends falls on her butt. or so we thought. it turned out, she was pulled down, by her hair, to her butt.

the following conversation ensued between my friend (who as you may have figured out looked a lot like me from the back), and the crazy cashier.
"bitch, you wanna say that to my face?"
and with no hesitation, my friend lifted her shaking hand from the ground, pointed at me, and said, 
"it was her!"

again, my friends formed a small circle around this woman and watched the adult/teen fight club that ensued. (again, thanks friends.) (i should mention that i was probably with a mix of about 10 boys and girls...maybe that small circle wasn't so small after all.)

i turned out ok, nothing major. i will tell you this, though...when cartoon characters see stars when they get hit with a frying pan, it's so true. i saw stars that night.

to top off the story, my mom made me go back and get the sweater. she came with me and was so brave and didn't even bat an eye at the woman. we didn't find the sweater, but i was proud of my mom for standing up for me. at least someone did that night!! (kidding friends. you were 14. i still love you all!)

moral of the story....don't be a smart-ass 14-year old. and if you are, don't carry loose clothing that can be grabbed from behind.

megan bird


  1. LOVE this outfit!!!! :) looks great on you!!! God bless!!!

    I blog @

  2. ok that lady needed to be arrested...that b!+@#. She was old like us now. LOL. I am afraid of teenagers. I stay away from them and avoid them on the streets. I only associate with them if they seem nice for fear that I will be like the lady in the store...psycho, if they say or do something stupid. Megan, I can't believe you scored those Michael Kors shoes at the thrift. Great find. You look so sweet and pretty in this outfit, it is hard to believe that you were a smartass. ha ha. dawn suitcase

  3. Oh my gosh, what a funny story! Who knew drugstore employees could be so mean?! That yellow dress is gorgeous on you and I'm in love with the striped wedges!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. That is straight up crazy town right there. And by that I mean that lady. Holy Smokes. I probably would have peed my pants. I've never been in a fight and I really have no desire to ever be LOL. So, FYI, I think you're a total bad ass now. Even if you look like the sweetest person ever in this outfit, which I adore! Xo Lori

  5. great outfit megan! that convenience store lady needed to get a life. i wonder if she still works there, or maybe she's dead from bitterness. i'm kidding. she probably still works there.

  6. Megan, you never fail to make me laugh! I love your stories!!

    I also love your pretty yellow dress!!

  7. That is ridiculous! What a crazy person! And your mom reminds me of mine, she is brave and has no problem with confrontation. Anyway, I love this outfit. The color combo is lovely, and I want to steal that dress.

  8. You look lovely Megan, love the dress!

  9. What a crazy story! I'm so glad your mom was there for you when your silly friends weren't! Oh, and you look darling!

  10. That's nuts! But it makes for a very entertaining story now.:)

    Love your sunny dress!
    cate @

  11. You look so sweet and springy! The opposite of that crazy lady at the store. Holy moly.

    The Suburb Experiment

  12. Lovely dress! :) So spring-y! And the blue belt is perfection! :)


  13. those shoes are awesome and I can't believe they are thrifted ... what a great spring look!1

  14. Ha-ha its funny the stories that you remember from your childhood.

    I love that dress!

    Sara :)

  15. Umm. Thank for this completely hilarious story. Glad you lived to tell it. :)

  16. Love your blog!!! If you want we could follow on GFC & Bloglovin!!! xoxo from Rome

  17. Haha what dumbass friends! Jerks lol. Such a typical reaction though by a group of pre-teens. At the very least, you have a good story now haha. Love love love that vintage dress on you - seriously perfection.

    Alexandra xo

  18. Wow, glad you made it ;)

    This pastel dress is soooooooo pretty on you, striking with your dark hair!

    <3 cambria

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  19. Dress is great. Love the belt and shoes. Your story was really incredible. Your Mom going to face her was brilliant.


  20. Ok number 1: You look great! I love the belt and shoes :)

    number 2: I felt like I was reading a Bezzus and Ramona story with a bit o violence thrown in lol. Im glad you lived to tell the tale. And Kudos to mom for retrieving the sweater :)

  21. What kind of adult fights with a 14 year old? I like the eyelet dress!

  22. This is the funniest story that I've read in a long time! Thanks for stopping by my blog...and thanks for sharing this hoot of a story!!!!

  23. This is the funniest story that I've read in a long time! Thanks for stopping by my blog...and thanks for sharing this hoot of a story!!!!

  24. Love it darling! lets follow each other <3

  25. Funny story but the morals are so true! LOL! ヅ

    P.S. Count us as your newest followers on GFC, Bloglovin' and Facebook. Please stop by soon to check our thrifted finds and we are waiting for you to return the favor. 乂⍲‿⍲乂

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  26. haha..what a story are such a fiesty 14 year old! And are they still your friends? I can't imagine you running down the streets while being chased by a woman much bigger than you.... while looking at you in this dainty and pretty outfit now. haha...yellow dress with a blue belt is so perfect together!


  27. Haha, this is about one of the best stories ever, isn't great when you have friends you can count on to have your back? ;) I do like your pretty dress, it looks so sweet.

  28. that dress is soo pretty loving the belt as well

  29. Wait, wait, that is ridiculous! She seriously took a swing at you? She needs to be arrested! My mom would have marched down there and slapped her.

    Smart ass or not, I would have been terrified! I hope she has a tattoo that says "I Beat Teens" to warn the others.

    On a happy note, your dress is so pretty and I love the pop of blue from the belt :)