Wednesday, April 25, 2012

love*birds: 4.25.12

things i am loving this week:
~ yesterday's weather was gorgeous. warm, sunny and perfect. mimi and i went to the park not once, but twice, and then we went out for pizza. it was a good day.
~ baby boy has been kicking a ton and i love it. it is so fun to feel him move around and know he is growing and getting stronger every day.
~ i got a few new goodies in the mail yesterday. it's so fun getting little presents for yourself every once in a while!
~ i have a haircut appointment tomorrow. i am trying to grow it out but it desperately needs a trim and style, so i am very excited.
~ blood orange italian sodas and iced chai teas with soy milk. i cannot get enough of either of them.

and here are a few other things we are loving this week...

nora bird

this dress is so adorable. i love the sweet pattern, the sleeves, the dropwaist, and the fact that it is on sale. bonus!

this is such a cool, durable carry all. i love the stripes, and the simple yet classic look. such a great tote that i would love to use every day.

holy crap i want this blazer. i really do not need another blazer in my closet, but gosh...i think i may have to buy this one.

looooove these! i kind of want to get them in both colors!

this dress is adorable. the striped skirt is so cute and i love that the straps convert into so many different styles. so fun!

megan bird
vintage honolulu sundress
i love the color and fit of this dress. and the ruffle at the bottom makes it all the better! i'm just waiting for summer!

vintage europe hoop map
as if i need another map item in my home. but come on, it's a vintage map of europe, in an embroidery hoop. must have!

vintage floral skirt
i love the colors of this skirt. and the unique waistband. and the pockets. who doesn't love a skirt with pockets???

woven platform heels
i love the vibe of these shoes. they are muted in color (for me), but still have the impossibly high platform heel that i love!

turquoise and gold statement necklace
talk about a statement! this necklace makes about 10 statements...all of them good! i love it!

what are you loving this week?
happy wednesday!
two birds


  1. How tragic is it that I don't even own one blazer? I think I'll need to remedy this, quickly!

  2. love these! pleated tribal wedge are adorable! xo

  3. I'm loving the dresses you both found, so adorable! And the peach vintage blazer!

  4. thanks for answering the hair question nora bird. pizza with your mimi, & the sweet little one in your tummy, sounds like such fun. today, i'm digging the shoes, dresses, & necklace. :)

  5. Ahh! That drop waist dress! Loving it:)
    cate @

  6. Ahh love your love items this week! Especially those tribal print shoes, AND the convertible dress is always a favourite of mine! :D


  7. Nora- I love that convertible wrap dress!! I want I want I want! and Megan- that necklace is to die for!!

    Sara :)

  8. Hi dear!Lovely blog!
    Now I follow you, if you want follow me back.
    xx Ilka

  9. LOVE the convertable wrap skirt!! so cute

  10. Holy crap I want that blazer too - I have totally opened myself up to salmon and now the world is my oyster (sorry about the mixed metaphors)

  11. I only own one blazer, for some reason. I have a hard time styling them.

  12. that drop waist dress is so so cute. I wish I was taller so I could wear something like that.

  13. I'll have one of everything please. Especially those woven shoes!

  14. It is so sweet of you to show your blog friends my Europe hoopmap! I would like to let you know I have tons of maps and hoops and love making custom orders. Thankyou so much!
    p.s. the dropwaist dress is delightful

  15. more lovely picks! I like the green dress and Salmon blazer...the drop waist dress is so cute I am sure it will look fabulous on you.


  16. i would LOVE that blazer too!!