Wednesday, April 11, 2012

love*birds 4.11.12

things i am loving this week:
~ matt bomer. he was on Glee last night and damn he is good looking! and he can sing! *swoon*.
~ i had a much needed girl's night out with some awesome friends on monday. we rented a VIP room at a local movie theater. have any of you ever done this? it was awesome. you can bring your own food and drinks (including beer and wine!) and hang out in a party room for a couple hours before the movie. and then you get to watch the movie in a private theater with super comfy seats that recline! totally worth it.
~ while i was out on monday night, jim and mimi had a daddy/daughter date night. just thinking about that makes me smile.
~ leftover easter candy. yum.
~ i have not been sleeping well at all so jim ordered me a pregnancy body pillow that should be here today! i am so excited. i hope it helps!

and here are a few other things we are loving this week...

nora bird

this top is so fun. i love the bright red polka dots! how cute would this look with some cutoff jean shorts and cute sandals this summer?

speaking of cute these ones!

more polka dots! this skirt is so cute and i feel like it would be so versatile. you could dress it up or down, bare legged in the summer or with tights in the fall, and with pretty much any color! i think this is a must have!

how adorable is this ring? i mean, seriously? so adorable, am i right?

omg. how do i not have a floral blazer? i really think i need this one for spring. i am so in love.

megan bird
striped cut-out back top
 i keep telling myself i need more cute tops. i probably don't, but this one is hard to pass up. (spoiler alert, it's under $20!)

vintage colorblock dress
this dress brings me back to my pre-teen days! the colors and the big belt. i'm in love! all i need is a le sport sac pencil holder and an esprit school bag! love it!!

sequin leggings
for some reason, a pair of sequin leggings is on my must-have list. however, i was always worried what would happen to the sequins on the inner know, mine touch when i walk (maybe yours don't). aha, asos has listened and made a front panel sequined legging. i might just have to get these!

gathered bib summer dress
while it pretty much goes without saying that i will spill red wine on any white dress that i am wearing (even if i'm not drinking red wine), i still want this dress. i am imagining myself skipping through the jardin des tuileries with a baguette and a bottle of red wine. (see?)

white crochet wedges
perhaps i will also wear these on my parisian picnic romp.

what are you loving today?

two birds


  1. I was one click away from ordering the lulu's shoes last week and now I am thinking of ordering these lulu sandals...killin me here. DSW shoe warehouse is 2 miles from my house. It opened on Tuesday. Decisions!! Inspired! That VIP idea is awesome. I don't know if theaters provide that here in south jersey. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  2. Fun picks as usual!

    And how fun about the movie theatre - I didn't know there was a place that did that here? Is it the new ICON theatre? What a neat idea!

  3. I really like the full circle skirt and the wine spilling dress. Sigh, so pretty! What did your husband and daughter do on their date? That sounds adorable.

  4. I'm loving all these spring colors! So fresh and light!

  5. Megan I love that color block dress, and Nora I love the floral blazer! Great picks!!

    Sara :)

  6. Loving all these! Especially the cuff sandals! I was thinking the same about floral blazer, so I had to grab one from Forever21 last week!


  7. I laughed at your skipping w/a bottle of red wine. I think I might have pinpointed the spilling problem. . . Heheh.

    Great choices, as always! I just got the scarf from Etsy that I ordered because of you guys last week. :)

    The Suburb Experiment

  8. yay for glee! loved their version of the Gotye song. SO SO good.

  9. The VIP theater thing sounds fun. I need to try that some time.

  10. I think I need a VIP night at the movies! That sounds so fun!

  11. love red shoes <3
    follow you <33

  12. always enjoy your love*birds there's always something for me to pin. I like the cute ring and that polka dot skirt kind of make me regret not buying something similar I saw at the thrift store.