Wednesday, April 4, 2012

inspiration picture for april 9: miranda kerr

we know that we pick a lot of skinny jeans/cute blazer looks for inspiration monday. and we're sorry if you don't like that. we were going to pick a cute summery dress look for next week, but then two things happened. 1. it got cold. and by cold, i mean 40s and rainy. and when you've had a few high 70s days, 40 feels cold again. (now, if those 40s came in the middle of december, you would find one-quarter of minnesota walking around in shorts.) (do you think i'm kidding?) (i'm not.) 2. we saw this photo of ms. kerr (mrs. bloom?) and decided we needed each piece that she is wearing. i don't know about nora, but this might just be my impetus to get out and buy those leopard skinnies that i have wanted for a while now. we'll see. it's for the art of the blog, right? (totally an excuse.) 

so we hope you join us. (it's tons of fun.) (and you will meet lots of new friends.) (we promise.)
miranda kerr
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two birds


  1. Those pants! I might need to go out and buy some leopard print skinny jeans too now!

  2. lovely colors, she looks great in jeans! very stylish outfit!


  3. this outfit is great I have the perfect trousers already :D

  4. Cute!! I have no idea how I'll pull this one off quite yet, but we'll see, I'll have all day on Saturday to play! :)

    And you are SO right about 40's feeling way cold after 70's. Brrrrrr

  5. I'm in! I love Miranda Kerr, plus she is an Aussie to boot! :D Grace

  6. Oh no, I didn't mean to imply that I 'don't like' the skinny jeans inspirations when I wrote that on my post, I was just commenting that I don't really wear jeans much, it's still interesting to try and work an outfit out even if it's not the type of thing I feel comfortable in! Sorry, didn't mean to make it seem an issue, was just 'making conversation' on my blog!!! :-)

  7. Great outfit!!!

  8. Great outfit!!!

  9. I just might be able to pull this one off!