Monday, April 30, 2012

inspiration monday: you can't make this stuff up

the inspiration
emma watson

megan bird

skirt ~ H&M
shoes ~ Ebay
belt ~ Target
shirt ~ F21
sweater ~ Marshalls
earrings ~ craft fair

nora bird

skirt ~ vintage, thrifted
shirt ~ F21
shoes ~ Madden Girl, Marshalls

i'm going to tell you a story and you won't believe me. but trust me, everything i am about to tell you is true. so.unbelievably.true. chris and i went out this weekend to celebrate a friend's birthday. before we met up with everyone, we decided to hit up the local dive bar for a pre-celebration drink. we were playing a game of pool, and the following happened.

1. a car pulled into the parking lot and hit another car.
2. the man and woman in the offending car got out and came into the bar like nothing had happened.
3. said man and woman sat at a table, presumably to order some (more) beers.
4. said man had at least four iv cords hanging from various parts of his body, as if he had just escaped from a hospital.
5. the couple decided to leave (i can only assume they knew everyone was on to them for the hit and run outside in the parking lot).
6. the man got his iv cords tangled in a bar stool and knocked down two stools in the process. it took three people to get him untangled.
7. outside, a squad car was waiting for the man (the bartender must have called the cops).
8. the cop gave the man a breathalyzer, and somehow, he passed.
9. the cops let the man go. yes, they let him go.
10. as the man was backing his car out of the parking lot, he hit another car. another car, people.
11. the cops came back, followed by an ambulance and a fire truck.
12. the man was taken away in an ambulance.

it was ridiculous. i'm not sure why he had all the iv cords, or why he was driving, or why he was hitting so many cars, but i can only hope they brought him back to the hospital and took care of him. the funniest part of the night for me was when the super tan, super ripped, and super chiseled cop walked into the bar, the juke box intuitively started playing "funky town", and fog started blowing beneath his feet. ok, there was no fog, but the rest of the story is true. honestly.

happy monday!
two birds


  1. Hehe...funny description of the cop...and very bizzare incident. The man sounds like a freak. Scary but weird. Very pretty outfit always come out with the coolest outfits and look so effortless. I took a loooong time to decide on the right outfit. I love your pattern mixing...very eclectic and vintage fabulous outfits. I like megan's cute skirt and shoes and nora's pretty lacy hem maxi. Lovely!


  2. Hahahah oh my gosh....what a really can't make that stuff up!!

  3. Ok that story was perfect lol. You have the most random experiences...I love it!

  4. Haha! What a ridiculous story! I wonder what the heck he was doing or where he came from?! I have so many questions I want to ask this mysterious IV man!

    I can totally picture the chiseled cop walking into the bar, smoke billowing under his feet, hair slightly blowing in the wind, as he slowly removes his aviator glasses.

    Love both of these skirts, even more than Emma's! You two look adorable :)

  5. so strange. What a scene!

    You both look lovely, as always.

  6. Oh my. That's crazy!

    Love the pattern mixing today:)
    cate @

  7. I like the mixing of patterns..crazy story by the

  8. Oh my gosh, what a crazy story! I'm glad your car wasn't the ones that was hit!

    You ladies both did amazing pattern mixing in your outfits, love it!

    The Tiny Heart

  9. You're right, I don't think you can make that up. I will definitely take your word for it and wow, how crazy!! Seriously! You have some of the funniest stories, I love it! I love the print of your skirt too Megan, it's fun and pretty.

    Nora, I love that pretty blouse! And those shoes! Actually I love both of your shoes, I want to shop your shoe closets!

  10. You guys totally rocked this challenge! I'm so impressed! And I'm glad your cars are fine! How bizarre! The best part was funky town, of course!

  11. How totally strange that was! You have very funny experiences! I love both your skirts today, especially Nora's vintage skirt. It is so beautiful and flattering. Gorgeous!

  12. HAHAHA that is funny! Strange.... I cant believe he hit like 4 cars. NORA- Love this outfit, that skirt looks great on you. Megan- Love your outfit as well. Love the bright colors of the skirt. LOVE pattern Mixing! :)

  13. Wow - that is quite the evening. Your patterns are fabulous - I love a good mix of patterns but never know how to do it.

  14. Love the pretty print mixing, and the skirt/blazer look is such fun. That flouncy navy skirt looks like a dream to wear! I need it for swing dancing :)

    <3 Cambria

  15. I love Emma Watson and I LOVE these outfits!!

  16. great pattern mixing! great story of the doofus driving, hitting people with IV tubes. i wish you had photos of the cop. i'm wondering if YMCA would have been just as appropriate, as funky town for a song on the jukebox. ;)

  17. you two made outfits way better than mine. I love what you did.

  18. love Megan's skirt. you ladies both look gorgeous, as usual.

  19. That's a crazy story!!! Must have been bemusing!!
    Well, I am loving your clashing florals! Both of you are wearing such lovely pieces! My faves must be Megan's green shoes and Nora's beautiful skirt!! Hope you are well! How is pregnancy going?!

  20. hahah I love crazy events like that. Makes life interesting.

  21. Great shoes on both of you, and what a crazy weekend story!!


  22. WHAT?! Now this is just insanity- ha I can picture it now- sounds like a bad episode of the Office! I hope no one was hurt. Loving both you pattern mixing outfits and the different skirt lengths!

  23. Great inspiration! The blue pops beautifully against the black jacket.
    Megan, I love the print on your pieces!


  24. What an insane story! That is so ridiculous. Talk about an epic night out at the bar. Still processing that one!

    P.S. Love your outfits, bird-ladies!

    Lindsay Living

  25. wow crazy story! haha and love the pattern mixing <3