Monday, April 9, 2012

inspiration monday: dancing queen

the inspiration
miranda kerr

megan bird

leggings, tank ~ H&M, thrifted
sweater ~ Allloy
vest, shoes ~ b. (a resale shop)
earrings ~ Kohls
scarf ~ ebay

nora bird

jacket ~ Paul & Joe for Target, thrifted
shirt ~ Liz Lange Maternity, Target
jeggings ~ TJ Maxx
shoes ~ F21
bracelet ~ H&M
i'm a car singer. most people i know are. i mean, there is really no safer place to sing besides your car (and your shower). most times when i am on the freeway with my windows down, i will sing at the top of my lungs because i know no one can hear me. but the minute i get off the freeway and head up to the stop light on the frontage road, i will close my window. because i don't want to stop singing, but i also don't want anyone to hear me. (although wouldn't it be great to be that person who got "discovered" because someone heard you singing in your car?) (the only thing people would discover about me is that i have a bad voice.) anyways, you get the point, i sing in my car because no one can hear me.

however, the other evening, as i was driving home from a night out with my kids, a commercial for mama mia came on the radio. now, you can't not sing along to any abba song, right? so of course i was singing dancing queen to my kids as loud as i could. as soon as i finished, i felt my phone vibrate. i looked down and the screen was lit up, and i saw the big red bar that reads, "end call". wha? who did i call? and did they hear me singing? luckily it was my older sister. not so lucky, i had just left the restaurant that she was working at. i didn't have the guts at easter dinner to ask my brother-in-law if he heard my "message". i'm just hoping that by some fluke nothing recorded. of course, how cool would it be to be that person who got discovered because someone heard you accidentally singing on a voicemail?


two birds


  1. you always have fabulous interpretations. I wish I have your cute leopard tights and vintage chic jackets. You have inspiring wardrobes...always great pieces to showcase! And funny singing story. My hubby always reminds me to press end call


  2. Both of these outfits are so fun! Love those purple wedges.

    That is so funny, at least it was someone in the family that you called! I am the same way... slowly rolllll those windows up as I get off the freeway :D

  3. LOL about the phone singing!! I love singing in the car! And I am a singer (I'm in a group) but I'll still roll up the windows so other drivers don't hear me - I'm a church singer, so I don't know that I sound that great when I'm rocking Adele, lol.

    I love your gray leopard skinnies and purple shoes Megan! And Nora, I'm loving that jacket!! So cute!!

  4. Ooh, I love both leggings, especially the leopard ones. I laughed at your story about singing in the car - I am more of a singer in the bathroom. Fortunately, we don't have neighbours close enough to hear us or they might call the cops!

  5. Love the take on MK's outfit. I really wanted to join the last one but it was too cold here. I'll join this one. I already have an outfit in mind.

    As a joke Hubby took a pic of me sleeping in the car with my mouth wide open and sent it to our friend but he soon realized that it went to his boss with the same first name. I was horrified and almost became a widow that day.

  6. I'm a car singer too - at the top of my lungs. No matter who is in the car. I sometimes get embarrassed afterward when I realize I've burst into song with someone I don't know all that well, but when I'm feeling the music I just can't stop myself.;)

    Oh, those leopard leggings - so hot!!
    cate @

  7. Too cute! Love the story:) Super cute leggings.


  8. I lovelovelove those pants. Jealous! I need a pair of my own to rock.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. Aaaaand now I'm gonna be paranoid that I accidentally purse-dialed someone every time I'm screaming singing in the car (every day.)

  10. Nice looks girls! I love the purple shoes Megan!
    I'm afraid I didn't join in today as I had to get up at 5.30am to catch trains and buses to Newcastle and just grabbed scruffy jumper and jeans to wear! Pity, I thought of something that would have worked now, but I hate packing so it was procrastination all the way!

  11. Oh and I totally sing all the time I'm on my own!! Totally get the car thing!

  12. That turban makes the outfit so much more awesome than Miranda's, if you ask me! And Nora, I looove your Jackie O-ish jacket.

    <3 Cambria

    Enter my Shabby Apple GIVEAWAY!!!

  13. LOL I used to be a butt dialer and I would leave random messages all the time.

    I love both of your headwraps :)

  14. oh you look adorable dear! i love your shoes and hair wrap, lovely <3 xx

  15. ooh, i love the inspiration and both your versions of it! the neutral palettes with the accents of leopard and color are wonderful.

    i am a big time car singer. i have no shame, especially when a GOOD song comes on. i will grab ANYTHING...lint roller, my fan, a brush...and start singing. my daughter gets so embarassed, hee hee.


  16. Yes, I'm a car singer too! I actually took photos for this week's inspiration, but the pants were too big and then I tried the clothes pin thing and the results were too hilarious for public consumption. BUT, I'm one step closer to participation.

  17. I like those leopard leggings and Nora's jacket!

  18. equally pretty, equally different! one time when my mom & i were singing in the car, with the windows down, at the stoplight, the car next to us rolled their window up. mom said, "i guess they didn't like our singing". i may sound bad, but it doesn't stop me from singing. ;)

  19. you both look adorable!!! i'm also a car singer :) hehehe love it xoxo linds

  20. looool. funny story. you ladies both look lovely. love Nora's coat.

  21. I am the one singing next to you out loud, in the car with the windows down... really loud, with hair flying and head boppin...just kidding, I am chicken just like you, singing with the windows up when someone might be in earshot. Why then can we sing for strangers in a bar for karaoke? It's just like car karaoke isn't it? I am putting my mic in the car and then it will be acceptable. I was thinking about you both yesterday. I love your bohemian flavor and Nora's classic flavor...perfect combo. I think I am a combo of both...can't make up my mind so I mixed it up. dawn suitcase vignettes xo thanks for hosting.

  22. Megan I love the layering! Nora, you look great and I sooo appreciate another pregnant woman who loves to wear heels!!!