Thursday, March 1, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): technology isn't your friend (literally)

my parents got a new car a while ago. my mom is so excited that it has all sorts of technological advances. basically, she's just excited that she can talk to the car and tell it to do things for her. and if you've ever driven with my mom, this is probably a good thing. we need her hands on 10 and 2!

 so when we all got in the car the other day, my mom was all too excited to show us what she could do. she wanted to tell the car to play adele. so she said, "turn on radio." and the car turned on the radio. unfortunately, my mom then realized that she had forgotten her phone, which she uses to connect her playlist to the car's system.

so instead of just stopping there (because truly, a car doesn't have feelings and would never begin to feel slighted or ignored), my mom waved her hand at the stereo system in a minnesota-nice dismissive way (because that's how my mom is...nice and would never want to hurt anyone's feelings ~ even a car's), and said, "oh, nevermind. i forgot my phone." 
jeans ~ Target
shirt ~ Marshalls
shoes ~ Urban Original
socks ~ Marshalls
ring, earrings ~ F21

and the car was very confused, but at least she left us alone for the rest of the ride.
megan bird


  1. That blouse is so pretty...and I love your sparkly socks! I would totally be the same way - your mom is adorable :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Haha! Oh man, I am always talking to my car (yelling, rather) so I think it would freak me out if it actually responded.

    Love this blouse, it's so pretty, and I love those sparkly socks peeking out :)

  3. haha cute story!

    i love your top! adorable

  4. LOL, that is hilarious! Especially the MN nice part - I would probably be the same way!

    I love your blouse, it's super pretty!!

  5. Hahah too funny, that sounds like something my mom would do. Love the outfit and your hair looks great!!

  6. LOL@Minnesota nice! Shes pretty good...I cant even figure out all that techie car stuff...Anywho, Love your top :)

  7. haha that is awesome! Also, YOUR SOCKS. Love it!

  8. Ha-ha aww how funny! Love your outfit too! Those shoes = amazing!


  9. Your mom is funny! Haha. I like your blouse. And thank you for stopping by <3

  10. I want to steal your shoes. They are purrrr-fect.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. Haha your mum sounds very sweet but that was funny :), I used to think objects had feelings too though, I used to feel bad going to school and leaving my cuddly toys on my bed! I love your outfit, the colour of your shirt really suits you :) xx

  12. Your mam sounds real nice. :) A car that does things for you sounds amazing. I love the outfit , expecially the top :)

  13. What a sweet mom :) That little tidbit made my day much more cheery! Love your lace top, such a pretty colour for you...and best of all those socks!!! they are totally rad.

    <3 Cambria

  14. Love this outfit you look so sweet and cute.

    Can u Follow?

  15. The color of this blouse looks simply gorgeous on you!

  16. You look so damn pretty, girl. I have those socks from Marshall's, now I know how to wear them thanks to you. We are 3 for 3. Loving the bangs, and hair style. Are you letting it grow longer? Looks really great in these photos. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  17. cute top! and love the glitter socks! so fun

    love from San Francisco,

  18. That story could totally be about my mom. So funny. Love those glittery socks, my dear!
    cate @

  19. #1: Your mom, is officially my hero
    #2: I need those socks
    #3: That top is gorgeous
    #4: I haven't had nearly enough time to read two birds the last two weeks! Stupid work :)
    XO Lori

  20. I love the socks paired with those divine shoes, what a brilliant outfit!

  21. your mom is funny and your socks are AWESOME. This is one of those moments that would be great on your t.v. show.

  22. That's hilarious! That would be weird to talk to your car but I'm sure someday we'll all be doing it!

    Great top..really pretty!

  23. So coveting that blouse! Also, I absolutely must have a similar pair of socks now :)

  24. i love your shoes!!

  25. cute outfit and what a funny story :) you're so lucky to be able to blog with your sibling! Thanks for stopping by<3 I'm following you two :)

    -Samantha Mariko

  26. Paranoia strikes deep
    Into your life it must creep
    It starts when you're always afraid
    Step out of line
    The man comes
    and takes you away.

  27. Your Mother must be in the One Percent to afford such a vehicle.