Thursday, March 29, 2012

new loves and old friends: comfy sweaters and floral dresses

old friends
sweater~ vintage, thrifted
boots~ vintage, thrifted
new loves
dress~ b. (a resale shop)
leggings~ Simply Vera, Kohls

i have worn this dress three times already this week. not kidding. is that gross? does anyone else do that? wear an outfit more than once (or twice) a week? because i do, all the time. so if it's gross, than i guess i am pretty disgusting. oh well. megan and i did a bit of shopping at b. ( a resale shop) after our event last saturday and i found three cute (non maternity!) dresses that actually fit me. they are actually more like tunics on me right now and i would not be caught in them without jeans or leggings underneath, but i love them. and this one has pockets! and i can wear them (as dresses!) after baby boy is born. bonus!

on another, completely different note...has anyone been watching Frozen Planet? (Lori, I know you have). jim and i just started watching it last night and it is pretty insanely awesome. so crazy that this whole other world exists that no human ever gets to witness. well, until someone tapes it, makes it into a tv show, and airs it on the Discovery Channel, i suppose...but you know what i mean. anyway, i would recommend checking it out if you can! it is really pretty cool.

i hope you are all having a happy thursday!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. We have recorded Frozen Planet and I can't WAIT to watch it. It looks amazing. And I love that dress. You look too cute :)

  2. You look so cute & cozy! That show sounds awesome, I need to see if it is on On Demand :)

  3. I will wear my favorite things over again as long as they're not smelly in between washes, hehe. Love the print on that dress! The hubby and I were watching Frozen Planet but then we switched the channel when it looked like the polar bear was going to eat the seal. I know they have to kill animals to survive, but I don't want to see it (especially if the animal is as cute as a seal) :)

    The Tiny Heart

  4. I used to wear jeans over an over and if they didn't stand on their own, they were fine! Shirts sometimes too. My body is clean every time I put them on, so why not?

    Btw, love that little bump!

  5. I love the sweater and dress! So cute and bonus that you can wear it now and also later!

    I haven't watched Frozen Planet but I feel like I should check it out because rumor has it there are penguins and I love penguins!

  6. happy thursday to you to nora bird! those boots scream fashionable ease, & comfort. it will be fun to see how you style your new fashion finds now & later. :)

  7. of course, I am wearing an outfit right now that i wore yesterday, slept in it and I am wearing it again right now. Can't help it, love it. Anthro cropped pants in brick that feel like pjs, an Ed Hardy long sleeve brown long sleeve tshirt with new hat, still the same training bra for 2 weeks now. You look like you are heading into the "d" maybe double d department. Am I wrong? Well anyway the cardi and tunic/dress are both adorable and cozy. Love this outfit. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  8. I just wore a comfy cardi over summer dress this week as well. Love your adorable bump:)


  9. I've never even heard of that show, but it sounds like it's right up my alley!

    And no, not gross. Unless I am also gross - cuz I do that all the time!
    cate @

  10. You look stunning. Great blog and style!
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  11. I dont blame you for wearing this so much! Its adorable and yet you look so cozy and comfortable.

  12. If I love an outfit I'll repeat it several days in a row - if I think I won't run into the same people again. And my husband doesn't really seem to notice, so. . . :)

    The Suburb Experiment

  13. Cute dress and sweater (love how they are the same length)! I tend to re-wear different combinations of the things I wore during the work week on the weekends, so I think it's fine to wear things a few days a week!

  14. What what, did I just get a shout out LOL I'm so glad you guys liked it too, I am pretty much telling everyone I know to watch it and I am so sick of getting weird looks, to which I reply, IT HAS NARWHALS! HELOOoo...insert more weird looks here. You look gorg as always and I am pretty sure you are the cutest preggo lady ever. EVER. XO Lori

  15. Oh, yay, your bump is so fabulous in this dress, I'm glad you're wearing it multiple times.

    And your hair looks great.

  16. I totally love your cute little baby bump in that dress! Wear it every day if you want...who cares?! I definitely have worn things multiple times in one week (although I draw the line at pulling from the laundry hamper or wearing smelly things, haha). That sweater looks insanely cozy, by the way...

    <3 Cambria

  17. Depending on the item, I'd wear it a couple of times- tops less so, but some dresses yes and trousers and skirts, loads of times!
    You look lovely! I really like short hair with headbands!

  18. It's not gross at all, but I am a compulsive clothes washer, so I rarely wear something twice. I have pets, so things get covered in hair REALLY quickly.

  19. Totally not gross! Thats coming from a girl that wears the same things over and over without washing. I say as long as it doesnt look like its dirty, its fair game to wear again :) Love your headband btw!

  20. That dress is awesome! You look great, especially with that cozy cardigan!

  21. I love your cozy outfit. I haven't seen Frozen Planet yet but I would like to!

    xo Mary Jo

  22. Loving that floral dress Nora - so pretty! And I definitely am a repeat offender with outfits...when you find one you love, why not wear the heck out of it :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  23. What a sweet dress! I will never not love floral! I also really dig you hair! This blog makes me wish I had. Fashion loving sister...or a sister at all.