Wednesday, March 21, 2012

love*birds 3.21.12

things i am loving this week:
~ colorblock shoes. i just ordered two pairs (on sale) from GoJane. they are having a sale on their sale items, so i got both pairs for $28. pair one. pair two.
~ dinner dates. i am having some of my favorite men to dinner on saturday and i can't wait. i'm even hoping for patio weather, which leads me to...
~ my favorite (and easy) margaritas on the patio. 1 container frozen lemonade, a lemonade container's worth of vodka or tequila, four coronas, ice and a lot of limes. mix together and drink. it sounds gross, but trust me on this one. you won't be sorry.
~ running outside. it's back and i'm so happy. i have so much more energy from running outside. it so beats 5 am elliptical while watching old episodes of grey's anatomy!
~ this picture that eva drew for me. if you don't see it right away, it is a picture of me and eva. we are princesses. at our feet are two princes waiting to climb our hair to get to us. love.

and here are some other things we are loving this week.

megan bird
solar power locket
i love these little lockets. i think they would make beautiful bridesmaid necklaces, all in one color. so, who's getting married??? no? no? ok, just with a fun summer dress than. just as cute!

50s bird dress
how do you make a red 50s-style dress even cuter? put a bird on it! i love this dress and would frolic in the park in it all day long! (because that's what i do, i frolic.)

blue velvet cut-out platforms
this is my new favorite heel style. high enough to be sexy and thick enough so that i won't fall on my face when walking. (it's been known to happen.)

striped messenger bag
i think nora needs to get this for her new diaper bag. and then when her baby is out of diapers, i should get it. double duty!! (doodie.)

pleated maxi skirt
while i am well aware that short legs and wider hips are not the perfect landscape for a pleated maxi skirt, it doesn't stop me from wanting one. especially in this gorgeous green!

nora bird

such a gorgeous summer dress in the subtlest shade of mint. so delicate and romantic and pretty. why must it be sold out???

how cute is this print? so simple and sweet. i just love it. i want to hang it in my kitchen asap!

this necklace is so awesome! the colors are perfect for spring and summer and it would add such a cool statement to any outfit.

i have been loving lime green lately, so these platforms are making me very happy! and i love the contrasting woven heel and lining. such cute shoes!

this notebook paper cross stitch needs to be on my mantle. like, right now. i love it so much!

what are you loving this week???

xoxo, two birds


  1. The solar power locket and the veggie print are so awesome!

  2. You guys always find such fun stuff! I love the bag and the dress Megan and actually the necklace too. Nora I love those shoes and the adorable wall hanging!

    Just a couple of more weeks of my shopping ban...I'll make it! LOL

  3. for me this post is all about the shoes both of you chose. those gojane ones are such a great deal too. oh, & the princess picture for sure. i hope you date it with a sticky note, & her explanation, so you can show her later, when she's older. it's all so precious.

  4. Oh, you're so right- what you love is what I love! Maxi skirts, pretty shoes, and tribal inspired necklaces- yes, please! I am loving thrifty things this week... florals and vintage lemonade pitchers... Yay!!!
    This post made me oh, so happy :)
    Good luck!

  5. Great choices! I love the shoes youre getting and the lockets most of all :)

  6. Great items! Love your blog and agree completely with our awesome Minnesota March! Bring on patio eating and margaritas.

  7. I am loving this weather right now too!! I could really go for one of those margaritas :] That drawing is so sweet!! And the heels you bought are so pretty. I am really liking chunky heels at the moment too. Aaaand the pleated maxi dress is beautiful

  8. I adore the lace dress you listed. But I am LOVING the unseasonably warm weather we are getting (I'm from Canada)...looking a lot like summer! And if you ever get onto the new episodes of Grey's, I'd love to converse/exclaim with you :)


  9. I adore the lace dress you listed. But I am LOVING the unseasonably warm weather we are getting (I'm from Canada)...looking a lot like summer! And if you ever get onto the new episodes of Grey's, I'd love to converse/exclaim with you :)


  10. That picture is adorable. And I need those green and tan platforms. And then I need Oregon's weather to catch up with the rest of the nation. It's snowing here today. Boo. Stupid Oregon weather.

  11. Children's artwork is the best, isn't it? Love that!
    cate @

  12. Love!! You know I love the picture of you and your princess!!;)

    Just checked out GoJane!! Awesome site. Thank you again for the input on the boots!! I'll keep you posted when I score what I want. Here's to running outside!!

  13. What lovely goodies! I especially love the striped purse, green skirt, and the picture of the happy princes ready to climb hair for their princesses!

  14. great picks. I like the kiddy sweet. And the pleated skirt, the wall hanging, are so adorable. And look at the solar's awesome.


  15. Oh, my! Love the lockets! I immediately checked out the link to the etsy shop and will now be waiting for more necklaces to appear. Merry spring!