Wednesday, March 28, 2012

love birds 3.28.12

things i am loving this week:
~ my daughter. i mean, i love her every week, obviously. but this week she has been making me laugh so much. she is hilarious, that girl.
~ naps! i have been taking many lately.
~ sleeping with my windows open. it's pretty much my favorite.
~ drumsticks, those ice cream cones. i have seriously eaten one every night this week. (don't judge me).
~ finding cute clothes that fit me. it is becoming harder and harder these days.

and here are a few other things we are loving this week:

nora bird

such a fabulous ring. i love the stripes and the fact that it is made of wood. so so cool.

such a gorgeous pair of spring shoes. the minty color is fabulous. and the cutout in the platform is so fun!

this painting is so romantic. i love love love it.

i am seriously such a sucker for a crossbody bag. and i love the print on this one.

what a cute floral dress! i love the shape, the colors, the buttons. i love it all!

megan bird
vintage chevron afghan
anyone who knows me knows that i have a soft spot in my heart (and home) for vintage afghans. what's one more in my house? after all, i have stripes and granny squares, but no chevrons!
vintage sweetheart dress
pleats, green, 70s...i love everything about this dress and want to make it mine!!
coral secretary desk
i have been searching for a small secretary to put in our house. a place where i can read fantastic blogs, and where the kids can do their homework. this is just what i'm looking for!
canvas striped sandal
yes, please. i would wear these all summer long!

cherry blossoms pendant
nora and i have some pretty talented friends. erin has a great photographic eye and takes all her own pictures to put in her beautiful jewelry. she also sells prints, so you should definitely check out her etsy site!

what are you loving this week?
two birds


  1. That vintage ring and sweetheart dress are beautiful! And yes, naps basically run my life :)

  2. That red desk is fabulous! I would love something like that in my home.

  3. That green vintage dress is gorgeous and would match with those striped sandals!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. I love sleeping with the windows open too, especially when there's just a hint of chill in the air making you snuggle down under the covers!

    Nora - I want that bag! It would match everything! In just a couple of more weeks I can buy things again, hurray!

    Megan - I love those sandals, how many things could you wear them with? Seriously! I love that desk too, how cute!

  5. Love the ring & floral dress <3

  6. You two make me want to spend money lol. The green dress, wooden ring and afghan are all calling my name!

  7. The watercolor and the desk! LOVE!

  8. Omaword! That cherry blossom pendant! Love! love! Love! .... Love!

  9. I love that orange desk! And sleeping with the window open is my favorite too! :)

  10. Naps are awesome, I am about to take one now with a heating pad on my boobs. oh the freakin pain. Anyway, nothing stops me from droppin in to see what you two sexy birds are up to. Megan those platforms are omg amazing and that desk with the little bench in front of it would make your cozy home even cozier. Nora, the mod dress was made for you, and the model's pose is one you should definately add to your series of poses. Also, you need a tribal print diaper bag among other printed diaper bags too. Love the crossbody too. Have a great day birds. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  11. I love sleeping with the windows open as well... it is awesome when you get to do it.

    I love that kelly green dress! I may go snag it if its in my size!

  12. Wow that ring! And the platforms! And the desk! :)

    I can't wait for it to be warm enough in the night to sleep with the windows open! :)

  13. Aww you guys are so sweet! Thanks for putting my pendant up on there :)

  14. Gasp! That desk is amazing. And I love Erin's necklace - super pretty!
    cate @

  15. I love sleeping with the windows open too.

  16. I'm loving Reese's Fastbreak bars...can't get enough of them!!! And I'm loving that painting you shared...oh how I want to hang that on my wall, it's all the things I love most :)

    <3 Cambria

  17. nora, i'm not judging, i could easily eat an ice cream sundae drumstick a day. i like the watercolor, & mod dress too. megan, that secretary desk reminds me of my grandma's that is now in my bedroom. my husband uses it to store his clothes. ;)

  18. That watercolor is really beautiful, I really like that!

  19. great picks...colors excites me! I like the green dress and the wooden ring.