Monday, March 5, 2012

inspiration monday: you can be a winner in the game of life

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megan bird

when i was a kid, i think i might have been an annoying little kid to hang out with. not that i was annoying per se, but i was the youngest kid in my neighborhood, and i'm sure that i was that girl that no one wanted to watch or play with because they were all too old and too cool to be seen with the 5-year old girl with boy hair and hand-me-down clothes.

there was one girl, in particular (besides my older sister) who really hated me. she was the oldest of the neighborhood girls...and me being the youngest, i guess it was just meant to be that she didn't like me  (and that i was scared of her).

she came up with some interesting games for us to play. like gogo's...where we dressed up like the gogo's and lip synched to their music. and by we, i mean the four oldest girls. i was always delegated to an ecstatic fan. we would also play anne frank, which was a little more serious. i had no idea who she was at the time, being five years old. all i knew was that we had to hide. and because she hated me so much, she told me that nazis kill all little girls with brown hair and brown eyes. knowing nothing about it, i used to stare out my window at night, terrified, keeping watch for nazis.     
jeans ~ Marshalls (birthday gift)
socks ~ Marshalls
shoes ~ Urban Original
jacket ~ H&M
sweater ~ Target
headband/earrings ~ For Love 21

nora bird

and when we played board games (my favorite was life), she would never let me play because most games that they wanted to play had the cautionary 7+ age suggestion on the side of the box. she took it very literally, so that again, i (the not yet 7+) was delegated to ecstatic game-of-life fan, watching little pink and blue stick people travel through their lives in fancy plastic cars.

she took her role as the oldest very seriously, and me, well, i just had no idea. as long as i got to play freeze tag or capture the flag at night, i was happy. i often wonder where she is now and what she is doing. if she is still bossing her juniors around, or if she has grown out of that phase.

jacket ~ Levis, thrifted
shirt ~ Old Navy
belt ~ vintage, thrifted
skirt ~ H&M
shoes ~ Bamboo, Alloy

did you ever have someone like that in your life? or were you that person? i still look back at those times fondly. i remember it being a time in my life where i was free and unique and we were so creative in our playing. we never watched tv or played video games. sure, a game in which you hide from nazis may not be the ideal game, and having someone control every move you make on the block doesn't sound my 5-year old clueless self was happy as pie.

two birds


  1. haha.. I can't imagine anyone would hate you. And she made up some really funny stories. It's nice to hear about your childhood. Oh yeah, we don't have computer games back then...but we have a TV that I watch almost all day long. I like your outfits as always. I like how you always spin the inspiration looks to something similar yet so you. I like Megan's black top, looks so pretty! I like the blue jeans too. I like how Nora wears her skirt high waisted makes her little bump look extra cute!


  2. love the floral skirt with the denim jacket. very springy! can't wait for spring ...

  3. Grat pics :) ! Love your shoes

  4. I loved your outfits, and I always love to read your stories! Inspiration Monday is great - unfrtunately, I am not taking part the way I wanted (every Monday...) I am in the Uk for 2 weeks and brought not so many pieces of clothing with me... but I am trying my best!
    (So that you don't have to go to my wordpress account - I created just to be able to comment here!)

  5. ah - my sister and i had a similar relationship (and to an extent, still do) as nora & her sister - only my sister is 19 years my senior. i spent most of my childhood with her dressing me up in outfits with at least 5 different matching ribbons in my hair. i was the only kid with hair ribbons at soccer practice, that's for sure.

    i love both outfits - i found this hard to do a take on because i thought 'oh i'd have to wear pants' but i love how nora did it with a skirt! if only i were that clever.....

  6. I love these outfits - Nora I thought of wearing a floral skirt too! I chose pants in the end, but I really like the colors in your skirt! Megan, those pants are awesome, what a great birthday gift!

    I was an only child - so I tended to be the bossy one when I played with my friends. I'm not proud of that, but I know I was. Except for one of my other friends (who I'm still actually BFF with to this day) who was also an only child - we tended to bump heads quite a bit both wanting to be in charge! We played very creatively too - though nothing like Nazis, lol!

  7. That's such a funny little story - I feel like we can all relate in someway :) Loving these outfits - the blue pants are awesome, and that floral skirt is SO pretty :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. Oh, we had the neighborhood hierarchy too where I lived. And I was the youngest one too. But I'm friends with them all on FB, so it's all good now I guess!

    Love both looks, ladies!
    cate @

  9. Love both the outfits!! Those booties are fabulous! Megan, you look great in cobalt blue and Nora, kudos to you for being able to wear that skirt without tights in the snow!! Thanks girls, for your sweet comment in my blog!

  10. Oh I could tell you a lot of funny stories about games I made up as a kid. We didn't watch that much TV either. My old house had a front entrance with fake turf and I used to bring sticks in there and make "campfires" with my friend down the street. I loved being a kid!

  11. Hahaha, have seen that happen in so many social groups growing up. I was always the kid who stuck up for the downtrodden, though...I'd get in the bigger kid's face and make them play the stupid part in the game to give the litter kid a chance. Sometimes I got in trouble for having a little bit overdeveloped sense of justice :D

    Love how unique your clothing always is...that black jacket and the print on your skirt are one of a kind!!!

    <3 cambria

  12. Wow. Love both of these outfits! I love that dress, its adorable. :) And I need me some blue jeans.

  13. I think that both looks are amazing and put together so well. I love the street style feel of both outfits.


  14. Adorable! First, I hope that mean girl who casually threw around the threat of Nazis at a five year old girl shaped up when she got older.

    Second, Nora I have that floral skirt and I just love it.

  15. I NEED to get some colored pants. Specifically blue!! I definitely played Anne Frank as a glad I'm not alone! :-)

  16. Looking lovely girls! There have always been people like that in my life. In fact, I don't know if it is just me, but even now, there are people that boss me around or treat me in different manner they do to others! There was a girl in primary school who I really admired but she was very 2-faced with me and was nice to my face and then rude behind my back, or told me off about things. She then called me horrible names to my friends when she was at a different senior school! I hope she is happy now. She studied business management at University so I am sure she's bossing around a whole team now!

  17. She sounds like a mean girl. I think every neighborhood has a hierarchy and a bully.

  18. love the bright jeans and printed skirt

  19. Love the shoes! In my old neighborhood it was the oldest guy who was sort of the leader of the neighborhood kids, but he wasn't mean (well, not to me). :)


    P.S. I'm hosting a book tour on my blog. You may want to join the giveaways. :) Amazon gift cards and a Kindle Fire are up for grabs. :) It's over here. :)

  20. What a mean little girl! I was also the one being bossed, never the boss. But, since I was an only child, I got to come home and boss my stuffed animals around--so it balanced out :) I love both of your fun, colorful looks! This was a fun inspiration this week!

  21. Megan, I read this earlier today and wanted to comment but I had to read it again and it is now 11pm. It is such a great glimpse into your childhood. You were just so happy to play with her(mean girl)and be part of the gang that you didn't care that she was a bit of a jerk. The part about the Nazis coming to get you at night is just so sad although, I did chuckle quite a bit...sorry. You are such a sweet, sensitive soul Megan. I love your look today, your headband and sunglasses are super hip on you and your jeans are a gorgeous color. You look hot! Nora, I keep forgetting that you are pregnant because I can't tell. Your legs look gorgeous, tan and ready for summer. Your skirt is super adorable, love the print. Both inspiring and smart. dawn suitcase vignettes xo Nora, just wondering if you got the email that I sent...let me know darling. xo

  22. You two look so cute.
    I bet that girl didn't like you because you are cuter than her!

  23. Haha unfortunately, I was that girl. I'm a middle child and I guess that could've gone either way. Turns out it made me really, really bossy. I used to make my friends sun tan on pavement because I had started a "sun tan club." haha ....glad I got out of that phase eventually.

    Love you ladies' styling as per usual, I love how you both are always thematic in your dressing but so unique! Beautiful as always :)

    Alexandra ♥

  24. loving the blue jeans, Megan. and Nora, the floral skirt is so cute and i love it with the boots!!!

  25. Your looking great ladies! Sorry I havent been able to participate in a while, been so busy recently. Hopefully I'll be able to jump back on board soon
    Daisy Dayz Home