Monday, March 12, 2012

inspiration monday: special occasions

the inspiration
julianne hough
megan bird

leggings ~ Kohls
boots ~ vintage, ebay
blouse ~ thrifted
jacket ~ Gap, thrifted
socks ~ Target
scarf ~ gift from mom
earrings, sunglasses ~ Heartbreaker

nora bird

blazer/shirt~ swapped
scarf~ H&M
leggings~ Old Navy Maternity
boots~ Alloy

chris and i had a fabulous day on friday. i took the day off and we did tons of fun stuff. the day consisted of coffee with friends, shopping, facials, daytime drinks, dinner and nighttime drinks with more friends. it was a blast.

while at lunch, i snapped a picture of the perfect manhattan sitting on our table. i posted it on facebook and a friend of mine commented, "you guys are starting early!" while she is right, i though that chris' birthday warranted daytime drinking, plus it was after that's ok, right? 

anyhow, i commented back via my phone, "well, the day chris was born is a very special occasion for me." as i hit "post" and saw the little hourglass start spinning, i happened to catch what i actually typed (or what my phone auto-corrected me to type), and was horrified.
my post said, "well, the day chris was born is a very sexual occasion for me." and of course, when you're on your phone, using the facebook app, one cannot just click "delete post". i had to log in and delete the post manually, which took time. enough time for my parents, chris' parents, and everyone else that i am friends with to see that not only am i a lush, but i am also a perv.

happy monday, all!
two birds


  1. Hahaha, your story really cracked me up! Oh the wonders of autocorrect...
    I love both of your outfits - I think my favourite part is the light jacket.

  2. Oh nooo! That is too funny. I can't even tell you how many times that has happened to me.

    Sounds like a fun day and you girls look great!

  3. Haha! Oh no! That's hilarious.

    Skinnies and boots is my go-to fall outfit, I love both of these looks. That blue blazer is beautiful!!

  4. I wish I had time to join in again! Will have to try this week if I can. Its very sad that I wear a boring uniform to work everyday!
    Daisy Dayz

  5. Hehehehe...I've had so many posting/texting errors like that! Thankfully people know me well enough to laugh them off :) Love that you both styled the blue shades into your copycat ensembles...such a pretty colour for both of you, and a nice one to see this season :)

    <3 Cambria

  6. ROFL - that's one of the best auto corrects I've ever heard. Love it!!!

    I love both of your springy looks! The blue is really a nice touch!! I like both of your jackets. Once I'm off my shopping ban I think I'll be looking for some "springier" jackets like that!

  7. Oh man, that's one rough auto-correct story! It was a good Monday morning laugh though!

    I love your scarves and jackets, that baby blue blazer is beautiful and I also love Megan's boot socks! Have a great week!

  8. Too funny! My husband and I had a drink when we were out to lunch Saturday afternoon and our waiter made the same comment about starting early. I see nothing wrong with a few drinks at noon especially when you're celebrating a birthday! :)

  9. This is one of my FAVORITE layered looks, and you two created such fantastic variations!

  10. Hahahaha...I love that I can always get a laugh from you two :)

    You both look great! Nora may I have those boots please???

  11. Oh noooooooooooo! Glad you had a great day off, though! How embarrassing! You both look so cute, though!

  12. I just snorted I laughed so hard! That is awful and awesome all at the same time! And you both look absolutely gorgeous!

  13. haha...that's hilarious!

    You two look great! You are like the cute version of Julianne's outfit....your outfits are casual, chic and fun. I would definitely wear them in a heart beat. I like the scarves especially.


  14. I love that polka dot scarf!

  15. Ha! That's awesome that you were accidentally a perv! I love the look on both of you! The light blazer and scarf are so cute for transitioning to warmer weather!

  16. Love the boots you are both wearing!

  17. Megan I want to steal your boots and Nora--if I could just have that blazer my life would be complete. Ha ok thaaaanks : )

  18. hahaha. That is awful! I hate auto correct. I never notice what is wrong until I hit send. Now I try to triple check before hand. The Ellen show has a segment to send in the bad auto correct stories, they are pretty hilarious. You two look beautiful as always. I really love the blazers. I need to add one to my wardrobe.

  19. That is hilarious! And a whole day w/hubby and no kids? Duuuude. Noon is a perfectly acceptable hour for a drink. :)

    I like how both of you made the inspiration photo a little more springy.

    The Suburb Experiment

  20. I'm dying over both of your scarves - so cute! - and your story. That's hilarious. You should've submitted it to DYAC.
    cate @

  21. this was so much fun to do! i always enjoy some skinnies and boots. love both of your scarves!!!

  22. How embarassing!!!! Hilarious for us though!

  23. ha! that's great! you two are the most adorable sisters in the world. thanks for the comment on my thrifting post earlier! :)

  24. Hilarious story, I am sitting here laughing. This time tomorrow I will have new boobs. I am trying to get to IM. I just wanted to say how beautiful you both look today. The colors you have chosen are totally making me smile as I wish for spring. Megan this look is so fresh on you, love the sunglasses and white jean jacket and boots...gorgeous. Nora, I think you have eye makeup on that is smokey and smokin. Loving your scarf and baby blue blazer. I swear you are not pregnant in these photos....also gorgeous. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  25. Omg I hate when my phone does that, but it does make for cute funny moments. :) Thanks for the comment. I love ya'lls blog too! Both of your looks are not only stylish but look comfy.

  26. haaaaaa haaaaa. oh, the misfortune of others can be so funny. :0

  27. you both look lovely!


  28. A birthday is a good excuse for a cocktail. I am loving those boots, Megan.

  29. You ladies always look so fantastic! Thanks for hosting!

  30. I love all of the layering -you ladies look amazing.. Scarves really are the best invention :)


  31. I like how your unique personalities come through in your interpretation of the original outfit. You guys remind me of me and my sister!

    I hate that auto text correct thing in phones... that's the worst.

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog too!

  32. its wont be an exageration if i saw u rocked those...fabulous girl..those scarves r soo chic..

  33. DAMN YOU AUTOCORRECT! I've definitely had that moment!!