Friday, March 30, 2012

for the birds: a caveman's windows

chalk this up as one of the world's easiest diys. seriously, i shouldn't even call it a diy. do you have at least four fingers, some tape and an old atlas? than you can do this craft. hell, you can probably do it with less than four fingers! but you do need tape. unless you're some sort of sticky genius!

we have these beautiful built-in cabinets in our dining room. with my hoarding collecting beautiful items, i need all the storage i can get in our house. however, with glass cabinets, it's not always pretty. here are what the cabinets look like on a normal day.

why yes, we do have a very drink-specific collection of bar ware. and a dozen carafes. don't ask.

ok, ok, that's not so bad. but that's because i took a picture of the "nice" cabinet. i saved the mean one for a full frontal. are you ready for it? this is what it looks like. doors open and everything. i know, it's a little obscene.

everyone needs 16 serving plates, 8 vases, 4 random mason jars, and what appears to be some sort of mini rice steamer. let's not forget the ice cream cups, french press and the world's smallest cake stand. who eats cake that small?

so clearly, i needed something to cover this monstrosity up. because i'm not cleaning it out any time soon. it's way easier to cover it up. and more fun.

back in the day when nora and i used to have two birds sales out of my house, we came up with the idea to use scrapbook paper to cover the glass. it was a great idea, and looked great, but scrapbook paper is heavy, and tape from the dollar store sucks – so after time, the paper would fall every time i opened a cabinet. god forbid i use better tape or even try to fix it!

chris and i were both getting sick of it, though. as pretty as it is, the paper was just too heavy. what to do? such a dilemma! and then i stumbled upon this beauty while we were thrifting up north.

a whopping $.50 bought me this precious road atlas. and here is what i did with it.

please note that i did, in fact, use some form of organization while doing this. the left side (as seen above) consists of the united states full map, hawaii and alaska beneath that, manhattan below that and then north and south dakota (our neighbors to the west).

land of 10,000 lakes (and two birds)

OOOOk-lahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain!

and to the right, i was very somewhat geographical. up top we have (a sideways) minnesota, my great home state. followed by iowa, kansas and oklahoma. i moved a little west as i moved south mainly because i thought oklahoma would look cool split between two windows. plus, it's not like i ever have my eighth grade geography teacher over for dinner. it might be fun, actually, but then i'd have to switch my windows out. and now we all know how hard that is to do!

so there you have it. the easy, breezy window covering diy. let's come up with a word that means something easier than diy. help me out, what do you think? "it's so easy, even a caveman bird could do it."

happy friday!
megan bird

Thursday, March 29, 2012

new loves and old friends: comfy sweaters and floral dresses

old friends
sweater~ vintage, thrifted
boots~ vintage, thrifted
new loves
dress~ b. (a resale shop)
leggings~ Simply Vera, Kohls

i have worn this dress three times already this week. not kidding. is that gross? does anyone else do that? wear an outfit more than once (or twice) a week? because i do, all the time. so if it's gross, than i guess i am pretty disgusting. oh well. megan and i did a bit of shopping at b. ( a resale shop) after our event last saturday and i found three cute (non maternity!) dresses that actually fit me. they are actually more like tunics on me right now and i would not be caught in them without jeans or leggings underneath, but i love them. and this one has pockets! and i can wear them (as dresses!) after baby boy is born. bonus!

on another, completely different note...has anyone been watching Frozen Planet? (Lori, I know you have). jim and i just started watching it last night and it is pretty insanely awesome. so crazy that this whole other world exists that no human ever gets to witness. well, until someone tapes it, makes it into a tv show, and airs it on the Discovery Channel, i suppose...but you know what i mean. anyway, i would recommend checking it out if you can! it is really pretty cool.

i hope you are all having a happy thursday!

xoxo, nora bird

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

inspiration picture for april 2: louise roe

well april 2 just happens to be my baby boy's birthday. it was supposed to be march 23, and then it was supposed to be april 1, but he was a stubborn little one and decided to hit the town on april 2. so i will be inspired by him all day long. you, on the other hand, can choose to dress like louise roe if you like. you are welcome to dress like a seven-year old boy, if you want...but unless you like holey jeans and stinky socks, you might opt for the pencil skirt/sweater look!

louise roe
if you are new and would like to join, please click here for the rules. we'd love to see your take on this outfit!

two birds

love birds 3.28.12

things i am loving this week:
~ my daughter. i mean, i love her every week, obviously. but this week she has been making me laugh so much. she is hilarious, that girl.
~ naps! i have been taking many lately.
~ sleeping with my windows open. it's pretty much my favorite.
~ drumsticks, those ice cream cones. i have seriously eaten one every night this week. (don't judge me).
~ finding cute clothes that fit me. it is becoming harder and harder these days.

and here are a few other things we are loving this week:

nora bird

such a fabulous ring. i love the stripes and the fact that it is made of wood. so so cool.

such a gorgeous pair of spring shoes. the minty color is fabulous. and the cutout in the platform is so fun!

this painting is so romantic. i love love love it.

i am seriously such a sucker for a crossbody bag. and i love the print on this one.

what a cute floral dress! i love the shape, the colors, the buttons. i love it all!

megan bird
vintage chevron afghan
anyone who knows me knows that i have a soft spot in my heart (and home) for vintage afghans. what's one more in my house? after all, i have stripes and granny squares, but no chevrons!
vintage sweetheart dress
pleats, green, 70s...i love everything about this dress and want to make it mine!!
coral secretary desk
i have been searching for a small secretary to put in our house. a place where i can read fantastic blogs, and where the kids can do their homework. this is just what i'm looking for!
canvas striped sandal
yes, please. i would wear these all summer long!

cherry blossoms pendant
nora and i have some pretty talented friends. erin has a great photographic eye and takes all her own pictures to put in her beautiful jewelry. she also sells prints, so you should definitely check out her etsy site!

what are you loving this week?
two birds

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

tuesday remix: sister style

jim and i had a second ultrasound yesterday and got to see our little guy in action again. i love seeing him on the big screen. it is just so cute to get a peek at him moving around, look at his little heart beating, see his little fingers and toes, check out his profile. magical. i have recently started to feel him moving around and he is quite active. he woke me up at 4am the other morning and i swear he was having a little dance party inside my tummy. so i wasn't surprised when the ultrasound tech was having trouble getting a good picture of his hands because he was basically fist bumping and waving his little hands all over. totally raving out. i am so happy he is having a good time in there!

for this week's remix, i chose a shirt i purchased recently at forever 21 (when megan and i went on a little shopping binge after our shopping ban ended). i was trying to find some regular clothes that would work for the next few months (most maternity clothes are just not cute!), and this was one of the tops i picked out. i am not sure i am loving it on me. it doesn't quite work with the belly. so perhaps megan can just keep it for the next few months and then i can steal it back once i have this little guy. it'll be good for covering that post-baby bulge! let us know what you think!

outfit one: statement boots

jacket~ hand-me-down from megan
tank top~ Old Navy maternity
jeans~ b. (a resale shop)
boots~ vintage, Junk Love

outfit two: bright whites

skirt/belt~ vintage, thrifted
earrings~ H&M
shoes~ $9.98 store

we hope you have an awesome tuesday!

xoxo, two birds

Monday, March 26, 2012

inspiration monday: scabrow

the inspiration
emma stone
megan bird

tank ~ H&M
jeans ~ b. (a resale shop)
shoes ~ Madden Girl, Marshalls
kimono ~ TJ Maxx
necklace ~ gift
earrings ~ F21

nora bird

tank ~ h&m
jeans ~ b. (a resale shop)
jacket ~ swapped
necklace ~ vintage, thrifted
shoes ~ Madden Girl, Marshalls

do any of you use retinol on your face? i just started recently with a very low level of over-the-counter face lotion. i'm new to the whole idea. i know enough about retinol to use it, but that's about my level of knowledge on the subject. in the back of my head, i remember people telling me stories about how you need to wear tons of sunscreen if you use retinol and that you shouldn't wax your eyebrows, either. however, all of that went out the window the other day when i happened to catch sight of my unibrow and instinctively pulled out the at-home wax strips. i did my quick wax and went to put lotion on my face afterwards. man, did that hurt. and even then, i just assumed it was because there is probably some amount of vitamin c in my daytime face lotion. it wasn't until i got to work and looked in the mirror that i realized i had full on pulled the skin off my face. i now have what appears to be second-degree burns underneath each eyebrow. fancy. the good news is that i don't have a unibrow anymore. the bad news is that instead, i have two scabrows underneath my newly groomed eyebrows. thank goodness for bangs!

i hope your brows are feeling better than mine on this lovely monday!
two birds

Saturday, March 24, 2012

happy saturday

I hope you are all having a great saturday so far. here is how we started our day...

megan bird

Friday, March 23, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): spring has sprung (shade your eyes)!

dress~ F21
tank~ H&M
belt~ swapped
shoes~ Charles Albert
spring has sprung! i know this because the weather has turned gloriously warm, the leaves and flowers on the trees are beginning to sprout and bloom, and because i shaved my legs so i could wear this dress without tights. seriously, this doesn't happen often ever in the winter, so it must really be spring! and i apologize to anyone reading today whose eyes may have been hurt or even nearly blinded by the sight of my pasty, pale, white legs. now i just need beach weather so i can start working on those! yikes!

it is friday (hooray!!!) and there are a few fun events coming up that i want to mention. first of all, Junk Love is having another one of their awesome sales! if you are local, be sure to check it out. there is sure to be something (or two or three things) there that you can't live without! also, megan and i are hosting another styling event on saturday at b. (a resale shop). again, if you are local to the minneapolis area, swing by and let us outfit you in some fabulous, new-to-you duds! we would love to see you there!

have a fabulous weekend!

xoxo, nora bird

Thursday, March 22, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): i should've had a v-8

remember my angst-filled post where i was complaining about just not feelin' it? well, i am almost over that (the haircut is on friday). luckily target lets you return makeup, because i went on a rampage and bought all the "i promise to make you look young and perfect" sorts of makeup. well, at least the cheap ones you can buy at target. (for the record, garnier bb cream and aveeno positively ageless tinted moisterizer don't work. don't waste your money.) if you do, however have some miracle cream that works wonders, please let me know. because unlike jennifer aniston, i just can't afford to laser the top layer of my face off.

shirt ~ Kohls
leggings ~ Walmart
shoes ~ Urban Original
earrings ~ craft fair

thank you for the kind words on monday, by the way. i try to keep my posts light by telling you all of my funny porn stories (i make it sound like i have more than one, but i don't *yet*), but sometimes i just want to keep it real and bitch to you all like the besties that we are. your kind comments did make me feel better that day. unfortunately, they didn't make me look any younger. but we can keep working on that!

have a fabulous thursday (my friday!)
megan bird