Tuesday, February 7, 2012

tuesday remix: sister style

okay, people. i am not sure how much longer i am going to be able to squeeze into clothes that will also fit megan! she is so tiny and i am only getting bigger and bigger every day! and i am not going to make her try and style my maternity wear! so, we will see what happens with the remix over the next few months. we will figure something out and make it work (i hope!), but it is sure to be interesting! maybe megan should just start posing with a beach ball under her shirt or something...now there's an idea!

this week's item is a striped skirt i bought on a whim at Forever 21. it is totally not something i would normally wear, but it was really inexpensive and i love stripes, so i thought, why the hell not? i'll try it out. and since then, i have worn it a total of once! one whole time. i thought i would throw it into the remix to try and breath a little life into it and decide whether i should keep it or not. let us know what you think!

outfit one: coral reef

sweater~ Gap, thrifted
tank/belt~ H&M
jacket~ swap
tights~ Target
boots~ vintage

outfit two: double trouble

sweater ~ Target
skirt ~ Target (girls' section)
tights ~ Marshalls
shoes ~ Bakers
earrings ~ F21
necklace ~ vintage, thrifted
headband ~ Claires
 eva bird...she saw that megan was wearing two skirts and a bun and she insisted in doing the same (how adorable is she)??!

on second thought, perhaps eva could take over for the remix when i get too large! she is a natural!

we hope you have a fantastic tuesday!

xoxo, two birds


  1. all three outfits are cute...I do like how you added a pop of color to your striped skirt. xo

  2. Oh yes, Eva could totally take over the remix - she is so cute!
    cate @ wildruffle.com

  3. Haha, Eva is darling! What a cutie.

    I think I like the idea of Megan just putting a beach ball under all her clothes - works for me!

    Oh, and keep the skirt :)

  4. Maybe you guys could sister remix an accessory or colour, instead of certain clothes? =]

    For example, you could mix up a scarf as a bracelet/ belt/ headband? Also, the way you paired pink with turquoise is cute, but maybe Megan could pair it with another colour like purple instead?

    Just experiment & see where it takes you- Having a baby growing inside you isn't an obstacle, it's just encouragement to be more creative in how you approach things! =D

  5. I think it'd be awesome to see you remix the same piece and make it work as both regular and maternity wear. A big of an extra challenge maybe? Things like blazers could still be remixed, and the right dresses or skirts (ones with loooots of fabric haha) could probably also fit the bill. Your belly looks lovely in pink pretty mama :)

  6. I love stripes in all their forms, so I would say the skirt's a keeper. It's brilliantly versatile, as Megan so geniously shows here. And whatever, I can already tell you'll be one of those adorable pregnant ladies who stays skinny all over except for her baby bump.

    Eva is a little fashion blogger in training. Love it!

  7. This post is super cute! All three of you look great!

  8. You both remixed it very well! I like it both as a skirt or a top, but I think it's probably more versatile as a top. You could pair it with white pants and a black blazer, or a with a bright red skirt and black pumps. I think you both look fantastic!


  9. Eva is a little fashion blogger in training. Look at those layers and that pattern mixing!

    Love the skirt, definitely a keeper.


  10. Keep the skirt, it has so many options and stripes are always in style. The temperatures may have dropped but these colors make me feel like it's spring, so brilliant. Love the beach ball idea...or Megan could just have a third child??? Eva is Megan's twin and a little doll. Dawn Suticase Vignettes xo

  11. Skirt - Keeper! It looks perfect with a splash of color and polka dot skirt (Be still my heart, my mind was just blown seeing how fabulous stripes & polka dots can look together)

    Me? I'd wear it with black top, which is why I visit blogs to expand my challenged dressing skills.

    Eva! The hand on the hip, the crossed leg, I just about died!

    Beach ball under clothing-Please make this happen at least once!

  12. Eva bird is such a darling, she's too cute! I like the striped skirt, I'm surprised you've only worn it once! Neat how you've worn it as a top and as a bottom.

  13. love the polka dot skirt, it's great!


  14. Love the stripes! It's really cute! And Eva is too cute as well - she is definitely taking after her mom! Nice looks gals!

  15. I second the beach ball idea :) I love the skirt. It works well in both looks. And lil Miss. Eva is adorable :)

  16. I vote keep it - both looks are super cute! I think you'll still be able to share things for a while (especially stuff like jackets and cardigans) but eventually maybe you can switch to swapping stuff like shoes or necklaces or hats?

  17. Great outfits!! I love the layering in the first one and the sequence in the second one!!



  18. I love these outfits so much! you make me want to go buy one of these dresses so badly. I love love love how it looks as a tank and a skirt... adorable!


  19. Awww, I love all three outfits, so cute :D
    And I also think that it would be interesting to see the same items of clothing work as maternity and not-maternity wear!

  20. I have the same skirt, so it's exciting to see you remix it. Your looks are totally different -- which shows how versatile this skirt will be. Eva is too cute -- looks like she's going to be a style blogger when she grows up ... :)

  21. love the way this skirt is so versatile! both looks are great


  22. All three of you look fabuloso! I think that headbands really suit you all also!!More more!!!!!

  23. sister remix? love that idea! funny - my co-blogger (boyfriend) and I are soon hoping to do a remix post on a scarf he bought in the men's section of TJ Maxx that actually ended up being a misplaced girl's skirt!! we shared a good laugh over that incident :)

    anyways, adorable otufits - especially love the mix of patterns in double trouble. too cute!

    <3 christen @ from the woods (thanks for visiting us!!)

  24. Lovin' that you remixed that skirt/shirt two different ways like that! I think it's a great wardrobe piece, esp since stripes are in right now and it makes a great pairing with neons too.

    <3 Cambria

  25. Love all of the looks haha even the little lady !!


  26. Hahaha I thought you were going to say you WILL get her to remix your maternity stuff. Now that'd be a entertaining!

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  28. great remixing! and you look great, how far along are you?

  29. I love how you two styled it completely different! I bet you can think of something to keep up the remixing!

    xo Jennifer


  30. Keep it! It looks great with the pink sweater. I also like it with the blue polka dot skirt. And lil Eva is AWdorable :]

  31. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :) I say keep the skirt I think it looks great! Love the polka dot skirt too xx

  32. I like the skirt, and I think it would be fun if you got your other sisters or friends to join the remix.

  33. Aw I love the polka dots! Also the colour of that jumper is really pretty :)

  34. Lovely! I adore the vintage boots. Thanks for stopping by my blog btw!

  35. Oh I think the styling of the skirt turned out spectacular! I like your choice of those boots with that outfit. I love remix posts like this. Seeing the versatility of a piece is fantastic! xx

  36. cute!!!


  37. Love the striped skirt and the polka dot one! Eva is so adorable!


  38. I really love the skirt and the way you styled it! The second look is my favorite because it's so girly and cute!

    Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog! It really means a lot to me!



  39. Haha! I love Eva's little style and pose. SO cute!