Wednesday, February 29, 2012

love*birds: 2.29.12

happy leap day! here are a few things i am loving this week:
~ we just found out that we are having a boy! oh my gosh. a boy! i'm still in shock.
~ my little girl is going to be such an amazing big sister!
~ i can start shopping again tomorrow. oh man, do i need some maternity clothes. i may just stay up until midnight and do some online shopping!
~ since we have nothing for a boy, i get to shop for all new baby clothes, too! garage sale season cannot come soon enough.
~ strawberry ice cream. cannot get enough. so good.

and here are a few other things we are loving this week:

nora bird's picks

this dress is so romantic and gorgeous and fun. i love the gold polka dots. it's perfect for a hot date or girl's night out!

this maternity top is so delicate and pretty. perfect for spring!

also perfect for spring? these colorful heels. these would be the perfect addition to any outfit!

a stuffed, felt mounted narwhal? i do say this would be perfect in a little boy's room!

yet another cross body bag that i must have. love it!

megan bird's picks
polka dot dress
even though we just had a massive slush storm, i am thinking spring! i want dresses and no tights back! this would be the perfect dress to wear on the first day of spring!

horse head chalk board
i love how whimsical and fun this is! i would hang it as art in out front entryway. who better to tell me that i need to buy eggs and milk than mr. ed?

oh so lovely skirt
i have been going through a lace phase lately. this would be a perfect addition any wardrobe. cute enough to go out, but still work appropriate.

tribal necklace
i love this necklace for any season. it would be adorable with a chunky vintage cardigan, or a fun and springy dress!

cowboy boots
is anyone a size 7? because these are $13.50. yep, you read that right! why can't they be a size 8???

what are you all loving today?
two birds


  1. congratulations nora knowing about your little boy! i bet your cup of joy runneth over. dear rainbow pumps & lace skirt. megan you can keep your mr. ed. "a horse is a horse of course of course, & no one can talk like a horse of course." my brain is addled with meaningless garbage.

  2. I LOVE that first dress!
    It's simply gorgeous... I'd wear it anywhere, haha! Maybe even paired with the last pair of boots there...
    congrats on your BOY! yay! so excited for you!

  3. Nora congrats on having a boy!!

    I love the rainbow pumps and the Narwhal - little known fact, the Narwhal is the mascot for the North Star Roller Girls of which I am a fan, so that's just awesome!

  4. Loving all of your picks! You guys have such great taste!! Congrats on your good news!! :-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. I always love these posts from you ladies! Those cowboy boots are adorable! I wish I wore a 7, because if so, I would be snatching them up!

    Callie @

  6. I love your blog, ladies! Thanks for highlighting my boots...I am wishing I was a size 7, too!

  7. loving all of the picks. that maternity top and skirt. perfection!!
    xo TJ

  8. I love love love the pumps and the cow boy booties!!

  9. Yaaaay! That's so exciting that you're having a boy! And cute picks as always!

  10. Congrats on your news! Boys love their mommies in a really special way.:)
    cate @

  11. YAY for a boy!!! Of course, I think boys are the BEST!!

  12. Congrats!! YEAH!! for Boy Power!! I am lovin' that you are having a boy!! As a mom of 2 girls and then along came our boy, it is LIFE CHANGING!! LOL So much fun awaits!! Enjoy! Oh and wish the boots were larger!!;)

  13. Wow...where have I been?? Nora, You're pregnant! Congrats!! And a boy! How exciting. Hope you both are doing well. I've been busy with little Evelyn and have been slightly removed from blog world. I'm going to go read past posts and catch up with you ladies. xoxo

  14. So amazing!!! Congrats on the big news, you must be so excited! Loving all you ladies' picks, especially that first dress!

    Alexandra xo

  15. Congrats - how fabulous - and there are so many fab things out there for preggers women. I do like those dark tights with the dress, they make it look so edgy

  16. love it all!!! I especially love the rainbow heels!!

  17. That horse head chalkboard is awesome!!! I would totally hang that up in my house! Thanks so MUCH for your sweet comment on my etched glass drink set by the way! ~Kassi @ Truly Lovely

  18. Congrats on having a boy!! That is so wonderful :] That felt narwhal would be a perfect addition to a babies room.

  19. Yay, congrats on your boy!!! How far alone are you? We went to find out at 16.5 weeks and they said it was still too little to tell, but hopefully we'll know soon!

  20. Congrats on the boy news! That's so great! The Lola party dress is great, too!

  21. nice inspirations I have already pin it!