Wednesday, February 15, 2012

love*birds: 2.15.12

things i am loving this week:
~ hearing our baby's heartbeat at my doctor's appointment yesterday. it is seriously one of the best sounds ever!
~ dance parties in the kitchen with mimi, of which there have been many this week!
~ i am in the beginning stages of getting my home more organized. it is a big project, but the small steps i have made so far have been very satisfying!
~ ordering things for my home online. i love finding packages on my doorstep every day. it's almost like christmas morning!
~ only two weeks until i can shop for clothes again! and i really starting to need some new maternity wear, so it is perfect timing!
~ hot chocolate. i cannot seem to get enough! so yummy.

and here are a few other lovely things...

nora bird's picks

such a gorgeous dress is a beautiful color. and i just love the metallic detail along the neckline. this dress makes me long for springtime!

this is the perfect boot for spring. you could throw these on with anything, from jeans to a flirty dress, and be ready to go. these might be one of my first purchases once the shopping ban ends!

i am just loving this modern wall stencil. i can totally picture it in my dining room! now if only i had the patience or the time...

i am pretty much a sucker for anything with a peter pan collar, and this top is definitely no exception. it is so sweet and whimsical and perfect for spring!

i have been on the lookout for the perfect new bag. could this be the one? i looks big enough to fit all my crap  essentials, but still compact enough to not feel too bulky. and the color is so fun!

megan bird's picks
antler bracelet
i almost didn't want to post this because i'm afraid someone will buy it before my shopping ban is over, and then i can't have it. my birthday is next week. chris? are you reading?

black lace shirt
how beautiful is this? and the would go with everything...jeans, a skirt, skinnies, the boots nora listed above! i love it!

striped tutu dress
there is a little girl inside of me that wants to wear this dress everywhere. and then reality hits and i realize i would have to create an occasion to wear this. but i'm ok with that. that's how much i love this dress!
pink fringe bootie
the same little girl in me wants to wear these boots with my new tulle dress!

round vinyl case
and the hoarder in me wants this for my collection(s). i would display this proudly say, in my bathroom, full of makeup and cotton balls and lots of other goodies. i can see it now...

what are you loving today?
two birds


  1. oh my gosh, this little girl wants to wear the striped tutu dress with the fringe booties. SO cute!! :)

  2. O my word I loved EVERYTHING you posted! That deer bracelet is fantastic! I have a cross body bag similar to the one pictured and while I love using it on vacations (I'm kind of paraniod of having my wallet stolen lol), it is actually a little bit of a nuisance because everything falls to the very bottom and you have to dig to find it. But maybe those pockets would help keep everything organized! :)

  3. Congrats on the baby! Yay!
    I am loving my new 'happy lamp' this morning, on such a dreary day here in KC.
    I also love to dance with my littles. SO much fun!

    1. What kind of lamp do you have? I've been wanting the "natural light" lamps that mimic the kind of light you see outside during the day. Those are happy ones too! : )

  4. Nora I am totally on the home organization kick too right now, I woke up one day and said, man we have a lot of STUFF. I am totally digging both of the boots you guys picked out - so cute!!

  5. i was looking at your monday inspiration, & sister style, & thinking nora & megan really have brought a lot of people together in friendships through blogging. that's something you should be proud of & commended. it's going to be fun to see what you both buy, when the shopping ban is over. have a happy wednesday!

  6. That antler bracelet is just precious! Hopefully Chris picks up on your hint, it's a fabulous piece.

    1. Love that blue hard to find tops with that sweet collar these days.

      Today I'm loving my homemade skirt that I'm wearing. I love knowing that no one else has one like it!

  7. The stripped Tutu Dress is amazing... I do not think I could ever get away with wearing it anywhere but I love it!

  8. Aahhhh I love all of the things yall posted! Especially the green dress and the deer bracelet! And the pink fringe boots and the peter pan collar blouse. How did yall get inside of my brain without me noticing?? Sneaky ladies.

  9. Those hot pink boots!!!They blow my mind. I want them.

  10. I am working little by little also on getting things organized! What are you currently working on?

    I agree, a more beautiful sound doesn't exist than a baby's heartbeat!

  11. The peter pan collar, the bag, the tutu... sigh. Lovely.

  12. I am loving the peter pan collar blouse and those pink booties.

  13. Megan that round case speaks to me too. Nora, I think you need to order that green dress. I have to go back and click on some of the photos now...Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  14. Love that round bag at the end. I actually was on my lunch break at work the other day and discovered a little thrift shop near where I work. I popped in and found a FABULOUS purse just like that, except bright red! I sooo wanted it, but didn't have cash on me and they didn't take credit cards. :( I am so tempted to go back and get it now...