Wednesday, February 1, 2012

love*birds: 2.1.12

things i am loving this week:
~ mimi and i had a girl's only dinner date last night while jim was at school. the best part, beside the amazing company, was when we shared a hot fudge and peanut butter malt for dessert. yum!
~ the michael jackson episode of Glee. whether you love or hate that was michael flippin' jackson! and everyone loves michael jackson, am i right? (plus, i have a total crush on harry shum jr. and you will too after you watch this).
~ it's february! historically, it may be the worst month of the winter, weather-wise, but it is also the shortest! which means spring is right around the corner...i hope!
~ speaking of spring...perusing the internet for all of the spring fashion trends that i am excited to try has been eating up a lot of my free time!
~ hot fudge and peanut butter malts.

and here are a few other things we are loving this week...

nora bird's picks

ever since i saw christine looking fabulous while wearing her gorgeous, beaded vintage collar in this post, i have been obsessed! this one is so dainty and ladylike. i love it!

ASOS has the prettiest maternity clothes! i literally want each piece in their collection. especially this poppy print dress. and this, and this, and this, too!

i am in love with the color of this suitcase! so bright and sunny. and you would always spot your bag right away on the baggage carousel!

i love the bow. i love the bright colors. i want this dress to wear all spring and summer. so cute!

this is a gorgeous bag. enough said.

megan bird's picks
vintage wrap skirt
1. this skirt has an adorable silhouette. 2. there are horses on it. 3. i think the horses are chasing dogs. 4. there are just random squirrels are jumping overskirt. what's not to love?

lovely people agnes shoe
how fun would these be to jazz up a work outfit. or any outfit for that matter?

la muse vintage blouse
i am imagining this blouse in so many different outfits! with a high-waisted skirt, loose over skinny jeans, tucked into some tailored black pants (with the shoes above). so many cute ways to style it! want!
gray knitted sleeve hoodie
i want to wear this all the time. it's a long hoodie with sweater sleeves. do i need to say more? check out her store for more amazingly beautiful, yet comfy clothes!

vintage faux fur coat

and let's top it off with a colorful faux fur jacket. that's all i got. it's cute!

what are you loving this week?
two birds


  1. The vintage collar, suitcase and the lovely people shoes are making me drool!

  2. Oh, that collar - so lovely!!
    cate @

  3. First of let me say Michael Jackson and Glee was total win! I love both because I am a giant nerd.

    And now, the suitcase is too fun, I want one just like it, you are right, it would be so easy to find it on a baggage carousel! And I want those shoes and that white blouse too! Or the fur jacket! I just want it all!! Great picks ladies!

  4. no, i haven't watched that episode yet, but it's on my dvr. back in the day, we listened to our michael jackson thriller album so much it was scratched from all the jumping up & down from dancing. i remember imitating his moonwalk.

  5. wow, i love the collar, cross body bag, and especially the horse skirt! i'm such a fool for a good novelty print, and a few weeks ago i found a pleated skirt with horses, dogs, and foxes on it, but like a fool didn't get it, so of course it was gone when i went back for it a few days later!

  6. I love that vintage bag! Also, I think the skirt print is horses chasing dogs, chasing foxes? They're on a fox hunt? Maybe? Hahaha. In any case, it is adorable and I want it. :)

  7. Those bright shoes and that really epic beaded collar make my list too.

    <3 Cambria

  8. Hot fudge and peanut butter malt?! That sounds unbelievable.
    I'm also in love with all of Asos maternity clothes. Haven't invested in anything yet though- hoping for some good sales!

  9. You had me at hot fudge- mmm.... I love the beaded collar and vintage green skirt- you two have the coolest style!

  10. I love these posts. Every time I click on the source I end up somewhere awesome...dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  11. I am pretty sure the 'squirrels' on that skirt are actually foxes, and those dogs are fox-hounds and the guy on the horse is a hunter, they are fox hunting on the skirt.