Wednesday, February 29, 2012

inspiration picture for march 5: the saturdays

the saturdays
nora bird: we get to dress like the saturdays on monday!
megan bird: but then what do we wear on saturday?
nora bird: no, the saturdays. on monday.
megan bird: i know, i heard you. but what about work? i have to be professional at work.
nora bird: no, the saturdays. the band.
megan bird: i know, i can't wait to see the band on saturday. but if i wear my saturday outfit on monday, what will i wear on saturday?
nora bird: who's on first?
megan bird: yes.

don't know what inspiration monday is? click here and then come join us on monday!! you get four outfits to choose from! dress like a saturday on monday! now which one to choose...

see you on monday!
two birds


  1. i love those red pants - her outfit is awesome!

  2. also going with the blonde (sorry i don't know their names!) in the red trousers, that is a cuteeee outfit! x

  3. This is a band? Are they like the Spice Girls but named after their pants? From left to right:
    Floral, Chili, Spandex and Flare
    I think I would like everyone to call me Chili Pants from now on.

  4. I wish I could dress every day as a Saturday.

  5. cute! I like the floral pants one.


  6. Ohh! I am excited for this one, I think I am going to participate! :)

  7. thats it, I need red pants immediately!

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