Wednesday, February 22, 2012

inspiration picture for 2.27.12: drew barrymore

since we share a birthday, we thought it would be apropos to feature the lovely drew barrymore for next week's inspiration monday!

things to remember when taking your photos for monday:
~ make sure your smile is crooked in the cutest of ways
~ if you speak while modeling, make sure to only talk out of one side of your mouth
~ get married a few times while taking the pictures
~ get divorced a few times while taking the pictures
kidding. i love drew barrymore. she has such a carefree sense of style, and you will probably see a lot more if her in inspiration mondays to come!

if you don't know how to play and would like to join us, click here for the rules!
and happy birthday, drew!
two birds


  1. You guys picked this one for me, didn't you? I wish my camera wasn't broken!

  2. I love here hair here. I want to figure out this strange, bouffant, bobby pinned side part bang thing.

    ps You should also try to be related to a famous acting family. If you can squeeze that in.

  3. I love how Drew at least appears not to give a hooty hoo about anything. :) Fun!

  4. I love Drew Barrymore! Can't wait to see what everyone puts together for this inspiration.

  5. i totally have a crooked mouth & smile. just like drew. i hate it. she probably does too. someone pointed it out to me in 6th grade. then i got bell's palsy a few years ago, so that made it worse. just saying.

  6. I love Drew Barrymore and I love this outfit! I love the black pants with the brown boots! She is so effortlessly bad-ass.

  7. Haha her crooked talk is so cute! Yay this look is perfect for my weekend getaway to Montreal- very funky!

  8. love that necklace! it's perfect with the shirt.

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  9. Beautiful! :)

  10. Yes! That pic is super cool :-) My entry next week is going to be late because of my closet orphan saving mission (which is still open to join!), but I'll definitely make it! Drew is just too good to pass up (as is the band shirt, hehe!)!