Monday, February 20, 2012

inspiration monday: sea biscuit

the inspiration

do you ever hear people talking about other people and hope to whomever that no one ever talks that way about you?

megan bird

here are a few things i never want people to say about me (and yes, these are all things i have overheard in one place or another):

i never want people to ask, "is that a man or a woman?" about me.

dress ~ Marshalls
sweater ~ vintage, thrifted
shoes ~ thrifted
earrings ~ craft fair
ring ~ Heartbreaker

nora bird

i never want people to refer to me as "sea biscuit".

i never want people to say, "she sounds a lot prettier over the phone!".

dress and scarf~ hand-me-down from megan
sweater~ vintage, thrifted
tank top/tights~ Target
shoes~ Nine West, thrifted

and this isn't in the overheard category, but it's just common sense people...
i never (again) want a man to hold a door open for me because i'm expecting a baby (when i'm not).

what don't you want people to say about you?
happy monday!
two birds


  1. Love both your outfits! Unfortunately (but fortunately) it SNOWED here last night! : ) So I won't be wearing a dress today. But you two look fab!


  2. You both look absolutely amazing and are glowing in these pics! I love the red and pop of coral (I'm mad about coral for Spring!)
    p.s., there's no way anyone would ever mistake you for a man, or call you sea biscuit!

  3. you both look great! love that dress Megan...yes I have thought that a few times when I heard others talk lol xo

  4. Why do I never pull off a head scarf like that? Love it, Nora!
    Cate @

  5. I hate it when people comment that I look tired, I have droppy eyes and dark circles that make me look forever tired.
    Cute cute styles ! Even though you have been on a ban you gals don't seem to be exhausting your outfits. Every time I drop by it's always a different outfit and always so chic. I like the red monochrome look on Megan, so stunning, and Nora looks radiant and stylish in the mini dress and cute tights. I like the head band too. Mondays are never the same without Inspiration monday, thanks for hosting!


  6. At an old job I overheard that people thought I looked bored or tired all the time - I always thought I was friendly enough and kept myself busy but who knows!

    Megan I love the print on that dress! Nora I love your headscarf! I love wearing headscarves when my hair is frustrating me, but I can't tolerate them for very long sometimes!

  7. LOVE THIS! Although, I'm probably biased because dresses and caridgans are kinda my go to outfit on the daily....speaking of which... Pretty sure I need to take some pics of my outfit today and add them because I managed another unintentional inspiration Monday...score.

  8. SJP!!! I like the whole outfit/inspiration, both the different shades of the same colour in one outfit & the shilouettes. awsome. you guys nailed it.

  9. Great post! And it actually got me thinking about what I don't want to hear people saying about me...and well, I got lost. I don't even know if there is such thing. I'm basically fine with whatever people are saying already.

    Oh by the way, I'm absolutely in love with that soft yellow tights plus soft pink shoes combo! :)

    Daria, the Fashionsurfer

  10. you both look so lovely!!!

    Corinne xo

  11. Hahaha...Sea Biscuit?! Hilarious! Love both of these outfits

  12. You both look so cozy in your outfits! I was freezing my butt off ;-) I like that you both went red! I seem to cling to the color schemes!

  13. It just made me sooooo happy reading this post. I've heard the funniest things eavesdropping in public places! I hope I'm never a seabiscuit either :P Great work with bright colours, really cheery in the winter sun!

    <3 Cambria

  14. I love both of these looks. I love love love megans dress!

  15. LOVE the shades of pink in the first look. Such a beautiful color, & looks great with your dark hair! xo

  16. I just adore how you adapt a theme! Megan you look so lovely in these reddy shades! And Nora, that dress is adorable!!!! Great inspiration choice this week!!!!! I was sad to miss last week but was away!

  17. What's a sea biscuit?! Yes, I wouldn't want to be referred to in such ways! Eeek!

  18. I love how you ladies both interpreted this theme in such unique and beautiful ways! Stunning. And I need to know...what's a sea biscuit?

    Alexandra xo

  19. Megan, god bless your legs, they are gorgeous even in the middle of winter. I know you are not wearing stockings, they look like porcelain. That date with a doctor really stirred something in you to keep them shaved. Beautiful color on you and the granny sweater is perfect, never ending style even though you are not shopping yet. Nora, your headband looks amazing and how genius of you to wear pale yellow tights with this pastel outfit. Both inspiring, and super adorable. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes, thanks for hosting. xo

  20. Love the earrings on Megan and the sweater on Nora! Your list of things you don't want said about you reminded me of once when I was exhausted and lacking for sleep, a guy asked me what was wrong with my eyes and had I been doing drugs?! :(

  21. Dang it, I missed this one. I spaced it out because of President's Day, silly me. Anyway, you both look cute! And don't worry, I don't think anyone will be calling you sea biscuit any time soon!

  22. What is a sea biscuit? Not something to eat, I hope! Anyway, the thing that I dislike hearing about myself is "She's a stress head!" Because I am! I already know it and I want to be reminded of it, LOL. You two ladies look so ready for spring with your bright colours, fantastic job!

  23. Wow!!! Both of those looks are totally gorgeous! Nice job, girls! :)

  24. Love your colourfull inspired looks! Especially that first red and white dress - beautiful! :)

  25. Both looks rock!

  26. Love your interpretations here! I have to admit my brain automatically went with a color inspiration, so I was surprised to scroll down and see red. Funny how brains work.:)

  27. I love SJP's style and how you both have interpreted differently--monochromatic and oversized cardigan. Large, cozy cardigans are loverly! As for those rude/strange remarks. People can be quite insensitive! Especially when anonymity is present. It's irritating to be misunderstood, so I think for me, any remark that falls into this broad category would bug me. HAH.

    Van @ The Clothes We Wear