Monday, February 27, 2012

inspiration monday: from the mouths of babes

the inspiration
drew barrymore
because i'm lazy today, i thought i would just share a few quotes from my kids lately.

megan bird

"mama, do you and papa ever take your shirts off and kiss?"

"mama, if you were at a party, and you were dancing, and your clothes broke, would you shake your boobies?"

"mama, what is sex?" and after i gave a very brief answer..."so, you do that?"

sweater ~ Alloy
leggings ~ Walmart
t-shirt ~ thrifted
earrings, ring ~ F21
booties ~ swapped

nora bird

 I told them one day that darn wasn't a bad word, but that there was a bad word that sounded like darn. they soon figured out what it was and then henry said, "well, there is a good way to say it, like a beaver dam." i agreed and  we dropped the subject. a few minutes later, he said, "no mama, there are three ways to say it. one is the bad way, and two are good ways." so i said, "ok, what's the other good way?" and he said, "oh, that's DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN good."

"mama, what are these two balls between my legs?"

‎"i'm thankful for my God, my neighbors, my mama and papa, my brother, milk, water and juice, my dog, the cat in the hat, medicine, clothes. i'm thankful for almost everything, even the toilet."

sweater~ thrifted
jean ~
necklace ~ vintage, thrifted
shirt~ stolen from Jim years ago
boots~ Heartbreaker

and how i know they are mine...."mama, these are the things i like about being a kid. i like going to the park, i like toys, and i love going to sales."

happy monday!
two birds


  1. oh, kids say the funniest think. i love the way their minds think. i also want to be wearing that first outfit to work today!

  2. Funny...i was giggling all the way down the post. Kids are the cutest when they talk. Great inspirations. This week is really fun, i like both of your adorable tees. Megan's cardi has a nice shimmery effect for some glam factor. Nora's neclace is really chic. I definiely would wear your outfits in a heartbeat. You gals are always refreshing and inspiring.

  3. i love both outfits - the kid quotes are HILARIOUS - especially the "DAMMNNN good" one! ahah!

    i love nora's headband - it's SO cute and looks great with the hair.

    both tees are adorable. i have so few tees and basically no pants so i would never be able to pull this look off since i don't own most of those things ^_^

  4. These outfits are great, I love a basic tee dressed up a bit with accessories and layers.

    Ok, those quotes had me smiling from ear-to-ear. You basically just have 24 hour entertainment around you at all time!

  5. Ha! Your children are golden :) I almost couldnt see the outfits through the tears in my eyes! (what I could make out, you both look awesome lol)

  6. Megan your hair looks absolutely fantastic like this. Is that the deep side part or am I seeing things. You look beautiful,girl! Love your jewelry and your overall look is hot. Nora, headbands were made for your head. They look amazingly perfect in your hair. I know that you are growing your hair a bit longer and this is a great way to style it while doing so. I keep forgetting that you are pregnant because you conceal your bump without even trying I am sure. You look gorgeous...rock on sisters. These outfits are daybird chic. Dawn Suitcsae Vignettes xo

  7. Haha loving these quotes! Totally hilarious. Great outfits too. Love the teal shirt especially, such a great color.

  8. LOL kids really do say the most hilarious things. When I was in kindergarten I was one of the only kids in my class who could read (you know more than just cat, dog, etc) and the other kids were jealous and set me up to read a swear word that rhymes with "hit" if you get my drift. I did get into some trouble, yet my teacher and my mother thought it was also kind of funny.

    Anyway, loving both of your looks, especially your comfy looking sweater Megan and your fun necklace Nora!

  9. Hah! Nora you cropped out your hair in that picture (it was super windy and she had a 'tuft')

  10. what an intelligent child with a delightful sense of humor! i'm serious. i'm digging the two birds versions of drew.

  11. Wow, those kids are just curious lately huh HAHA! Love these printed Tee looks. That necklace that Nora is wearing is especially beautiful!

  12. Ooooooooooooooh my word, this made me laugh soooooo hard. Those kids sound like the absolutely cutest! And way to field sexual questions haha...don't even know how kids figure that stuff out.

    This is one of my favourite posts on your blog thus far, ladies...I'm LOVING both your interps of Drew's ensemble. It's a great style for both of you to rock.

    <3 Cambria

  13. You both look adorable! And those quotes are so funny and cute! The kids at my school say some pretty crazy things in the nurse's office (and their parents would be mortified to hear most of it, so we just keep it our little secret!)

  14. Hey Ladies! I tagged you in one of those 11 things should probably do it :) Just sayin :) Xo Lori
    PS you both look lovely and i love both your boots!

  15. hahaha wow, the "quotes" are absolutely great!! what great questions to ask!! must of been fun to answer? haha! Love the inspiration + outfits btw! :)
    Much love, Gabriele. xx

    P.S- follow me on GFC or bloglovin'? ;)

  16. You guys are inspiring me today! I was just trying to figure out what to wear to a bug museum. You both look so cute and cool and casual, or really just daaaaaaaaaaamn good. :)

    The Suburb Experiment

  17. I love both of these looks! Nora I especially love the necklace!

  18. Love the kid quotes! :) I'm really going to have to try this look out soon -- it's casual and fun yet pulled-together. Like how your well-chosen accessories elevate the look. :)

  19. Megan. YOU NAILED THE BANGS. As I have stated before, they intrigue me greatly. You both look great and I love the kid quotes. Last night my 6 year old was snuggling me on the couch while we watched the Oscars. All of the sudden she moved her arm over my chest a few times saying, "I'm going up the mountains, I'm going down the mountains." I suppose I should be flattered that my "assets" qualify as mountains to someone. :)

  20. They ARE very intelligent question! Your kids are brilliant! Sooo soooo funy! (I love the toilet one the best!!!!)
    Love your outits! I haven't got around to it today I'm afriad!

  21. I love going to sales - oh, that is funny. And so like my kids, too.:)
    cate @

  22. Those quotes are seriously hilarious!

  23. oh man, you got the sex question?! Thats brutal.

  24. I love your shirts and the way you wear them! And your kids are amazing. Your newest follower <3 Sarah

    Follow back? :]

  25. Gotta love a child who values toilets and sales!

  26. This just made me that much more excited to become a mama. They sound absolutely adorable :)

  27. megan, those quotes are hilarious! how old are your kiddos? i need to know when to expect these questions :)

    nora, i love the jewelry. you are such a fashion forward pregnant lady!!!

  28. hahha they sound like the greatest kids ever :)
    i love your tshirt and your hair. xx

  29. I love the comfy look :)

  30. Those quotes were seriously funny. Toilets are important! I love the bangs on Megan (how did you do that?) and the booties on Nora.
    Question: What did the fish say when he bumped his head?
    Answer: DAAAAAM!

  31. haha your kids sound hilarious! Especially loving that boobie shake one...what is with that haha??? Made me laugh. Love you ladies' take on the inspiration, such a chic but edgy look!

    Alexandra xo

  32. Your kiddos sound hilarious. Little kids always say the funniest, most insightful things.

  33. Oh my gosh I'm laughing so hard! You just can't make stuff like that up! Especially the one about shaking your boobies on the dance floor...too funny! Both of your looks make me want to get more printed tees to add to my closet!

  34. Hahah I was laughing so much about the kids quotes that I had to do a double-take on the outfits! Kids truly do say the darndest things! I love both your looks- the printed tees and funky jewellery are spot on!

  35. Hilarious!! Kids really do say some of the cutest things ever, and I'm so happy you decided to share some of yours.
    You both look so fun and chic as usual. I've missed this!

  36. Hahaha your kids are hilarious, they say the funniest things!!! I live the hair going on in this inspiration
    Monday, the side part is really working for you both!

  37. I love both of your looks! You both pull it off wonderfully.

    Yes, um. I love your kids!...but yeah, so not ready. I would be the worst parent because I would just laugh instead of correct them.

  38. Lovely!
    And I love the snow in the background!

  39. HAHA! I've decided you must have the cutest children ever. LOL, I'm back at my desk laughing, pretty sure my co workers think I'm crazy!


  40. such lovely outfits, really like your blog too

  41. The second outfit is great! :))

  42. Wow love this outfit!!
    Love the shirt and necklace adorable!!
    thanks for the nice comment!
    hope you follow me if you're not already i'm following you!