Monday, February 13, 2012

inspiration monday: date with a doctor

the inspiration
i get a little lazy in the winter. and by lazy, i mean i pretty much stop shaving my legs, painting my toenails...stuff that will only be seen by me and chris kind of gets the shaft (get your mind out of the gutters, people). so, as i found myself in the shower on friday morning, i had kind of a chuckle as i shaved, painted, lotioned and primped just about all of my body. ok, i didn't paint (or shave) all of my body, but you get the idea. and do you want to know why i did all of this? hot date night you ask? nope...i had a doctor's appointment.

megan bird

is it sad that sometimes i primp more for my doctor than i do for chris? he sees me every day. and he loves me no matter what. my doctor sees me once a year...i don't want her to think i'm a big hairy mess. are you with me, ladies? does anyone else do this, or is it just me?

jeans, scarf ~ H&M
boots ~ Urban Original
tank, earrings ~ F21
blazer ~ vintage (from nora)
ring ~ Patina
bracelet ~ vintage, thrifted

and on a side note, does anyone else have any weird, irrational fears when it comes to your annual exam?

nora bird

i am always afraid that they will open the door before i'm fully undressed ~ that they will walk in while i'm in just a pair of socks or something...standing there like a naked, sock-wearing deer in the headlights.

blazer~ vintage
scarf/jeggings~ H&M
shirt~ Old Navy
boots~ Heartbreaker
headband~ Target

so now that i'm all primped, i am ready for valentine's day tomorrow...maybe i should plan ahead like this every year, because really, who ever shaves their legs more than twice in the winter???

happy monday!
two birds


  1. You are a riot! That did happened to me Megan, doc walked in and I was completely naked, not even socks! He did that on purpose for sure as he came in 30 seconds later. Never went back to him again. I absolutely love x's 3 these outfits. You both just amaze me with your style. Both outfits have lots of drama on top but are toned down perfectly with your jeans and boots. Megan, loving your bangs and Nora, great headband. Both gorgeous. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  2. haha you are so funny about the shaving and stuff!ANyways, love both of your outfits. cuute. :)

  3. Hahahaha, I DEFINITELY primp more for my Dr than Kevin! :D So true. And yes, I am probably the biggest baby when it comes to my annual. I sweat about it for weeks ahead of time and have nightmares and everything. I am a wreck once I get to the hospital and I always get undressed SUPER quick for fear they'll walk in on me!

    Ok, now onto the outfits. LOVE that polka dot scarf paired with the red blazer... and Nora, that blazer is just amazing. I need it.

  4. hahah your so funny! love both the blazers! xo

  5. I am so irrationally terrified of doctor appointments I avoid them for as long as possible. I do realize this may have the opposite effect of bringing more doctors into my life at a later date, but I can't help it. I'm basically an overgrown child when it comes to those things.

  6. LOL, I'm right there with you Megan, I kind of stop with all that primping in the winter too - but when I go to the doctor yes, I totally do all that too! My only irrational fear is about blood draws because I have horrible veins so I fear passing out. The rest of it I'm pretty cool with though!

    I love both of your blazers! The red color is pretty in yours Megan and the structured naval look of yours is awesome too Nora!

  7. Okay, I do the EXACT same thing! I thought it was just me and I felt a little bad haha. Now I feel much better :)

  8. These blazers are both so the shape of the navy one, but that red is stunning too! I def dress "up" for the doctor (unless I'm super sick). Otherwise I feel uncomfortable letting them get so close!

    <3 Cambria

  9. I don't have any irrational fears, but I did make the mistake of bringing my two youngest kids the last time. I thought they'd be too distracted playing their video games to notice what was going on, but my daughter couldn't stop talking about it - to everyone we saw... Target cashiers, the pharmacist, other parents. She kept saying, "I kept my pants on even though Mommy took them off."

  10. Love both these looks! It's amazing how a great jacket and scarf can transform any basic outfit.

    Van @ The Clothes We Wear

  11. So cute!! both of the outfits! :) I love both scarfs! and yes... I agree with you! :)

  12. Such a simple yet put-together look - love both the blazers in particular. :)
    Glad to know I'm not the only one who worries about the doctor walking in at the wrong time!

  13. Hey !
    You guys are so stylish ! I really like both outfits!


  14. I still shave my legs every time I shower... I have very tangly hair and need the condition to sit for like 5 mins, so I figure I have nothing better to do during that time. You both look so hip in your blazers!

  15. Yep, I do the pre-doctor appointment shaving thing too. And I always speed through the changing process so she doesn't come in before I'm ready...which is silly considering what the whole point of the visit is. Oh, silly girls and our silly fears :) I love both of your fun, funky takes on Beyonce's look--you both look like you should be known by just your first names now!

  16. wow I love both of your ladies' looks! and that vintage blazer is truly incredible. you both have great taste in shoes And scarves! p.s. I hate doctor appointments...

  17. Blazers! Yeow! I looove the color of yours, Megan, and the band leader quality of yours, Nora.

    I tend to slack on the upkeep during the winter, too (hair keeps you warm!), but I was wearing flip-flops around my apartment building the other day and totally noticed this girl sta-a-a-a-a-a-ring at my ugly, half-chipped toenail polish. I kind of wanted to smack her, but I also didn't blame her.

  18. Hahahaha I love this because it's so true...I sometimes feel bad for Matt because during the winter, the times that I do shave or make sure that I'm fully groomed are usually for things other than him. Poor guy. But I guess...they love us? So they just have to deal with it lol.

    Love both these looks! The red with leopard accent is perfection.

    Alexandra xo

  19. I usually shave my legs when I want to wear tights, which is kind of lazy. I like Megan's polka dot scarf and Nora's blazer.

  20. That vintage navy blazer is simply fantastic.

  21. I don't think I have any irrational fears about going to the doctor, but I have a friend who cheats on her eye tests- when the doctor is out of the room, she memorizes the eye chart!!! Anyway, it took me a long minute to understand that inspiration Monday is a challenge and people are interpreting the given photo... but I got it now. Maybe I'll just be late and participate tomorrow. Or play next Monday. Love the ring on Megan and the boots on Nora!

  22. wow beautiful outfit ladies, I like the red blazer and nora's blue blazer looks very whimsical. The scarves are delightfully cute too. I wish I could shop in your closet! Well, I guess if you are always covered in tights and pants, some hair won't kill. I'm sure your husband loves your hair too.....


  23. the red blazer that megan has on is amazing!



  24. Too funny! I definitely primp for the doctor - and dentist :) Love this look - so cute & comfy.

    The Other Side of Gray

  25. Yes I totally understand this! I can't wait for the summer though depsite having to groom so much more!

    The doll on fashion

  26. I always have that fear that they are going to bust in the room while I'm undressing! Same fear when I'm getting a massage or bikini wax :) Both very cute outfits and I LOVE the blue blazer!