Wednesday, February 29, 2012

inspiration picture for march 5: the saturdays

the saturdays
nora bird: we get to dress like the saturdays on monday!
megan bird: but then what do we wear on saturday?
nora bird: no, the saturdays. on monday.
megan bird: i know, i heard you. but what about work? i have to be professional at work.
nora bird: no, the saturdays. the band.
megan bird: i know, i can't wait to see the band on saturday. but if i wear my saturday outfit on monday, what will i wear on saturday?
nora bird: who's on first?
megan bird: yes.

don't know what inspiration monday is? click here and then come join us on monday!! you get four outfits to choose from! dress like a saturday on monday! now which one to choose...

see you on monday!
two birds

love*birds: 2.29.12

happy leap day! here are a few things i am loving this week:
~ we just found out that we are having a boy! oh my gosh. a boy! i'm still in shock.
~ my little girl is going to be such an amazing big sister!
~ i can start shopping again tomorrow. oh man, do i need some maternity clothes. i may just stay up until midnight and do some online shopping!
~ since we have nothing for a boy, i get to shop for all new baby clothes, too! garage sale season cannot come soon enough.
~ strawberry ice cream. cannot get enough. so good.

and here are a few other things we are loving this week:

nora bird's picks

this dress is so romantic and gorgeous and fun. i love the gold polka dots. it's perfect for a hot date or girl's night out!

this maternity top is so delicate and pretty. perfect for spring!

also perfect for spring? these colorful heels. these would be the perfect addition to any outfit!

a stuffed, felt mounted narwhal? i do say this would be perfect in a little boy's room!

yet another cross body bag that i must have. love it!

megan bird's picks
polka dot dress
even though we just had a massive slush storm, i am thinking spring! i want dresses and no tights back! this would be the perfect dress to wear on the first day of spring!

horse head chalk board
i love how whimsical and fun this is! i would hang it as art in out front entryway. who better to tell me that i need to buy eggs and milk than mr. ed?

oh so lovely skirt
i have been going through a lace phase lately. this would be a perfect addition any wardrobe. cute enough to go out, but still work appropriate.

tribal necklace
i love this necklace for any season. it would be adorable with a chunky vintage cardigan, or a fun and springy dress!

cowboy boots
is anyone a size 7? because these are $13.50. yep, you read that right! why can't they be a size 8???

what are you all loving today?
two birds

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

tuesday remix: sister style

i am having a serious case of writer's block right now. i have been sitting with my computer open on my lap for about an hour (while simultaneously switching back and forth between The Voice and The Bachelor) and nothing is coming to me, that little blinking cursor just taunting me. not sure why. perhaps because I have been rotting my brain with dreadfully awesome reality tv? perhaps. but a little writer's block is not enough to get me to quit. sorry, but i need my horrible tv fix. (p.s. for those of you that watch The Bachelor, the fantasy suite dates totally gross me out. i cannot be alone here, right???).

for this week's remix, megan chose an adorable, sparkly teal sweater from forever 21. it was a fun one to style. i can tell it will be a very versatile piece in megan's wardrobe because when i first saw the sweater, a bunch of outfit ideas popped into my head. but i, of course, had to settle on just one. i hope you all like the remix this week!

outfit one: golden octopus

necklace~ gift from sister, Izzy
headband~ Target
belt~ vintage
jeans~ Charlotte Russe, thrifted
boots~ Bamboo, Alloy

outfit two: faux fur and leopard

vest ~ birthday gift
leggings~ H&M, thrifted
boots ~ Alloy
headband ~ vintage, thrifted
necklace, earrings ~ Heartbreaker

we hope you have a fabulous tuesday!

xoxo, two birds

Monday, February 27, 2012

inspiration monday: from the mouths of babes

the inspiration
drew barrymore
because i'm lazy today, i thought i would just share a few quotes from my kids lately.

megan bird

"mama, do you and papa ever take your shirts off and kiss?"

"mama, if you were at a party, and you were dancing, and your clothes broke, would you shake your boobies?"

"mama, what is sex?" and after i gave a very brief answer..."so, you do that?"

sweater ~ Alloy
leggings ~ Walmart
t-shirt ~ thrifted
earrings, ring ~ F21
booties ~ swapped

nora bird

 I told them one day that darn wasn't a bad word, but that there was a bad word that sounded like darn. they soon figured out what it was and then henry said, "well, there is a good way to say it, like a beaver dam." i agreed and  we dropped the subject. a few minutes later, he said, "no mama, there are three ways to say it. one is the bad way, and two are good ways." so i said, "ok, what's the other good way?" and he said, "oh, that's DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN good."

"mama, what are these two balls between my legs?"

‎"i'm thankful for my God, my neighbors, my mama and papa, my brother, milk, water and juice, my dog, the cat in the hat, medicine, clothes. i'm thankful for almost everything, even the toilet."

sweater~ thrifted
jean ~
necklace ~ vintage, thrifted
shirt~ stolen from Jim years ago
boots~ Heartbreaker

and how i know they are mine...."mama, these are the things i like about being a kid. i like going to the park, i like toys, and i love going to sales."

happy monday!
two birds

Friday, February 24, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): twister cow

i will start this post off by saying how much i love my man. he is wonderful in so many ways. but cooking efficiently is not one of them. i love to cook, so i am usually the one who makes all the meals in the house. but without a doubt, three holidays per year (valentine's day, my birthday and mother's day), he will cook dinner for me.

for my birthday, i decided that i wanted to stay home and have a family dinner. we will go out for the weekend, but on my actual birthday, i wanted to be surrounded by my lovely family. so chris decided to cook dinner. he chose enchiladas (which by the way, he calls ANNE-chiladas said in his best sarah palin accent).

we got home at about 5:30, and he told me to relax – that he would take care of dinner. so the kids and i went upstairs, laid on the bed and relaxed.

well, i fell asleep... i woke up and realized it was 7:00 and the kids hadn't eaten AND it was their bedtime, and chris was nowhere close to being done cooking. the kitchen looked like the cow from the movie twister had spun through and sprayed sauce and flour all over. counter tops were covered, both kitchen sinks were literally full of dishes, chris was was very intense.

so i made the kids a quick meal, read to them, sang to them, tucked them in, waited about 10 more minutes...and then the food was ready. and there were about 40 enchiladas.

dress ~ birthday gift, TJ Maxx
belt ~ thrifted
booties ~ swap
tights ~ Target
earrings ~ F21
bracelets ~ Dots, vintage, thrifted

so i didn't get to have that family meal, but that's ok. chris is a dear for trying, and i got to spend some quality time with both the kids and with chris, so it all turned out wonderfully. especially since it was my birthday, so i didn't have to clean the kitchen (which looked a little like this)...

next time he cooks, i will make sure to take a real picture.

*thank you all for the wonderful birthday was a great day that was made better by all of your kind words!*
happy friday!
megan bird

Thursday, February 23, 2012

new loves and old friends: hot under the collar

old friends
collar~ swap with Jenn
boots~ vintage

new loves
kimono wrap~ F21
tank/belt~ H&M
pants~ thrifted

i am not actually hot under the collar. i am not angry at all. i'm in a pretty good mood, in fact. it was just the only idiom i could think of that used the word 'collar', and i wanted you all to notice the beautiful, vintage beaded collar i am sporting today. it was part of a little swap we did with Jenn over at The Suburb Experiment (see how she styled megan's poncho/shawl here). isn't this collar gorgeous? i love it. i don't even care about the rest of the outfit, but i figured i should probably put on something rather than going outside and taking photos of myself in just the collar. my mailman may have liked that, but i think my neighbors may have thought a pregnant, naked lady prancing around in the snow, taking photos, was a little strange. no one needs to see that.  

anyway...sorry to put that visual in your head. lucky for you i put on clothes!

i hope you all have a wonderful day! 

xoxo, nora bird

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

inspiration picture for 2.27.12: drew barrymore

since we share a birthday, we thought it would be apropos to feature the lovely drew barrymore for next week's inspiration monday!

things to remember when taking your photos for monday:
~ make sure your smile is crooked in the cutest of ways
~ if you speak while modeling, make sure to only talk out of one side of your mouth
~ get married a few times while taking the pictures
~ get divorced a few times while taking the pictures
kidding. i love drew barrymore. she has such a carefree sense of style, and you will probably see a lot more if her in inspiration mondays to come!

if you don't know how to play and would like to join us, click here for the rules!
and happy birthday, drew!
two birds

love*birds: 2.22.12

things i am loving this week:
~ it's my birthday!
~ i don't feel my age!
~ i found these at my doorstep last night (a surprise gift from my sister in vegas):

~eva woke up extra early this morning because she was so excited to give me my gift.
~ this was my gift (i have been eyeing it for a month now):
~ i got the best messages from my family this morning. a cute mimi singing happy birthday is sure to brighten anyone's day!
~ i not only got one, but two of these bracelets from last week's post for my birthday!

and, here are a few more things that i would love to get for my birthday!

megan bird's picks
wrap dress with sequin cuff
i am in love with this dress. it's sexy without being obvious. and the sequin cuff...yes, please!

pink party dress
every girl needs a pink party dress, right?

chevron dress
i love the mix of black, white and red...and who doesn't love chevrons?

glitter bow pumps
a perfect party shoe to go with a perfect party dress!

tommy c school portrait
i am sure you have seen this collection before, but i can't get enough. what a whimsical idea and a perfect way to decorate your walls. i see myself mixing them in with my children's school photos...

nora bird's picks

i need a party dress for megan's birthday, too, right??? right! this one is so soft and flowy and romantic. i am just in love.

if i was going to buy megan a t-shirt for her birthday that perfectly describes her sense of humor (she is the queen of "so horrible they are hilarious" puns in our family), this would be the tee!

i don't know anyone who loves shoes more than megan. (i think i come in at a close second). and i think come march 1st, we will be ordering these in both a size 6 and 8! oh, and also these. (it's megan's birthday! only one pair of shoes won't do)!

i wish i had bought this, had it framed, and given it to megan today! it is so cute and vintage and perfect for her!

no one loves kitsch quite as much as megan bird, either. if anyone would love a calendar tea towel from the year they were born, it would be her! i actually think it is quite charming myself! (now i just need to find one from 1979)!

and a few other photos of my sister, the birthday girl, who i love dearly!

nora bird, megan bird, carrie bird and izzy bird (our littlest sister, kristin bird, was not yet born)!

she won't be happy i posted this, but i love it!

happy birthday, megan bird!
thanks for being such an amazing sister and the best friend ever!

xoxo, two birds