Tuesday, January 24, 2012

tuesday remix: sister style

i know. every tuesday i end up talking about monday night's episode of The Bachelor. is that annoying? i hope you don't find it annoying. i can't help it. the show is just so ridiculously entertaining. for example, here are a few tidbits i learned from this week's episode:
~ i would really love to visit park city, utah someday. honestly, it looks like a gorgeous part of the country.
~ apparently park city, utah is the perfect place to fall in love.
~ ben brought the girls to utah because he really wanted to spend time with them outdoors. because he loves the outdoors and has fond memories of spending time outside...and to be outdoors you obviously have to be in utah...um...what?
~ catching a fish cannot be much harder than catching a man.
~ communicating is hard.
~ many, many comparisons can be made to fishing and dating. and i believe these girls used them all.
~ kissing while treading water looks (and i am sure is) really awkward.
~ slow dancing and making out to a country singer putting on a concert just for you (and a totally fake and "excited" audience) is really awkward.
~ courtney is a nice person. don't f#@& with her. she will rip your head off. she is done being nice. (all of these words came out of her mouth in this order).
~ i can eat almost an entire bag of roasted garlic rye chips in under an hour without even thinking about it. man, those things are delicious and addicting!

aaaaaanyway...for this week's remix, megan chose the cutest, vintage, red gingham shirt. i love it! i want it! how do i not own a gingham shirt? one is definitely on my thrifting list now...

outfit one: rouge et orange

sweater~ F21
belt~ hand-me-down from megan bird
skirt~ swap
tights~ Target
boots~ vintage, thrifted

outfit two: booties and shades

skirt~ hand-me-down from nora bird
booties~ swap (formerly belonged to kimi)
socks~ Target
earrings~ F21

we hope you all have a fantastic tuesday!

xoxo, two birds


  1. Aww, It's so nice to see my shoes looking so fab!! Cute outfits, girls.

    I was not kidding about karaoke. Soonish?

  2. I LOOOOOOVE that top! I must say I am beyond blown away by how awesome the gingham looks with the polka dot skirt-I seriously thought it was a dress until I read the details!

  3. roasted garlic rye chips?! Ummmm YES PLEASE. I agree, I thought the gingham and polka dot was a dress under the cardigan! That is SUCH a cute look. Now I really want a red gingham shirt...

  4. Oh, now a red gingham shirt is on MY list! Love it:)
    cate @ wildruffle.com

  5. I love the polka dot skirt, so cute!!!


  6. Kudos to you for mixing gingham and polka dots without looking like a 50's house wife!


  7. Love the remixes...that polka dot/ginham combo in DARLING!!! And the black skirt is so cute too, love tie waists. Thanks for giving me a smile :)

    <3 Cambria

  8. Yep, now I want a gingham shirt too, you girls make it look so cute! And Megan, those booties look really cute too!

  9. i love the Bachelor! Ben is so great


  10. that shirt is super fantastic.... I want one too!!

  11. Gingham is on my must list right now. Love both of your looks.

  12. Yay! My polka dot skirt looks so cute on your Nora! Megan, you are crazy to go without tights but I really like your outfit :)

  13. I love both outfits!!! :) So cute!!


  14. Super-cute gingham shirt is going on my thift list now, too. :)

    I think Ben totally deserves Courtney. Plus, it will be fun to watch all the heads explode if it actually happens.

    The Suburb Experiment

  15. I love ya'lls sister style posts! I like how you paired the gingham with the polka dots and I love how the snow is falling in the pictures. It's so cool how you each style things so differently. I wish I had a sister to share clothes with! :)

  16. You crazy birds, still taking outdoor photos when it's snowing! Yikes! I love the gingham and it totally looks like a two patterned dress in the first look!

  17. Lovely birds this is the cutest shirt ever. I love it!! I don't own one that fits me...on my list as well.
    Fantastic outfits...Nora your mixing of polka dots and gingham is awesome. Megan I love the pigtails, snow and booties with socks. Trying to do an outfit post today. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  18. Love the looks and love that shirt!
    I would also just like to say...you guys are hardcore. I'm only a couple hours south and I know how stinking cold it's been! Way to be awesome! :)

  19. How do you not own like FIVE gingham shirts? They're beautiful, and you both obviously look beautiful wearing them :)

  20. I have a purple gingham shirt, which is not nearly as good as red. I am glad I'm not the only one who likes the bachelor.

  21. This is a very lovely look! You both rocked it very well! I just love the red gingham shirt paired with black- looks so elegant :)
    Have a beautiful day!
    Good luck!


  22. Totally loving the dress with the cardigan. xoxo

  23. Your outfit is cute! I love the mix of patterns with the cardi. It totally works! :D

  24. your both lovely, & yes park city is too. i lived in utah for a long time, & i never realized how beautiful it was, until i moved away. i don't miss the other stuff about that state, that has nothing to do with nature, & that's all i have to say about that. ;)

    1. I love both of the looks! I am really jealous of that snow right now!

  25. I always love these posts when you two come up with color-complimentary looks.

  26. lovely gingham shirt! I need to have one too. Looks great with black and brown. Your outfits are so girly and adorable. Great colors against the white winter snow.


  27. All of our snow melted already but seeing yours makes me feel like I'm standing back in it! I love the first outfit and the camel boots against the black tights. One of my favorite combos!

  28. two birds how cute! loving the matching shirts <3 thanks for sharing girls

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  29. Ohhhh I LOVE the gingham and polka dots together - amazing! You both look lovely :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  30. haha your recap of the Bachelor is hilarious, I thought the same thing about being outside = being in Utah, although it does look lovely. The gingham and dots combined are so much fun! You both look great!

  31. CUTE red!
    love those prints.


  32. I am a bit obsessed with that print right now! I have been searching and searching for a quality shirt in different colors in the same pattern.

    Super cute outfits.


  33. Love, love, love!!! the checkers and the black skirt! This is totally the kind of outfit I want to be wearing right now.