Thursday, January 12, 2012

let's talk shop: housewares

anyone who knows me knows i love me some housewares. our house is like a small smithsonian of vintage housewares and figurines. except way cheaper to get in...all we charge is a bottle of wine. and you can touch the stuff in our house. no alarms will sound, i promise you. my problem with housewares, much like my problem with dresses, shoes, jewelry, etc., is that if i see something i like, i buy it. i'm a hoarder that way...but it's ok because it's not like i'm saving apple cores and cat poop...i'm just collecting globes and small ceramic woodland creatures. our house is old and full of nooks and shelves ~ and I tend to switch out my decor every few months, so so far, i've been ok with what i buy. however, there are times where i see some crazy cute vintage houseware that i know won't fit in with my house, even as random as it is. this problem, along with both nora's and my problems with buying too many clothes, is basically how two birds got started. too much cute stuff? start a pop-up shop!

having said all of that, 1. you are all welcome to my house anytime. just don't forget the wine (i prefer a doesn't have to be fancy. it can even come in a box.) and 2. we have started somewhat of a housewares collection in our etsy shop. we will still be adding fantastic vintage clothing on a weekly basis, but we now might throw in a few housewares here and there...just because we can't pass them up!

so check them out! here are a few of my faves.
vintage pink sunbeam electric clock
vintage gold-rimmed cocktail glasses
1920s whitman's pleasure island print ad
vintage starburst pyrex serving dish
set of four vintage "love" wall hangings
vintage wooden key hanger

we are still offering a 20% discount on all of our items (enter "NEWYEAR" at checkout) and as always, our beauties ship free to the continental united states.

click on any of the captions above to bring you to the specific item, or click here for our main etsy page.

happy thursday! make it a great one!!
megan bird


  1. my son has started collecting globes. I have found some really great ones for him at thrift stores! One actually lights up! I should feature his collection, its pretty cool! Love your vintage houseware finds, Im heading over to your Esty store now to lighten my wallet!

  2. I love that key holder... but shopping ban...key ban...key holder....sigh. Maybe I can talk Mr. Monkey into letting me have it, lol!

    I have a few vintage pieces as decor too, I like it because my house is older too so it seems to fit! My favorite is a piggy cookie jar and salt/pepper shaker set that belonged to my grandparents.

  3. Ok so Im gonna have to show up to your house so that I can pet your collection lol. You have GREAT things!

  4. ooo just been over to etsy, do you guys ship to the uk?

  5. This was how I started my little etsy housewares shop too! I buy every thing I like at the thrift store and suddenly my tiny condo is too chocked full of cute little things!

  6. Man I love those vintage key hangers. Come to think of it, I think I've seem some recently around some relatives' houses ... I shall have to go investigate.

  7. I like those glasses. They look like something the Mad Men folks would drink their cocktails from.

  8. thanks so much for your comment:) wish you a nice evening x



  9. Woah. I need that clock in my life!