Wednesday, January 4, 2012

inspiration picture for january 9: emily blunt

megan is out of town enjoying some quality time with her man and kiddos this week, so she left it up to me to pick the inspiration picture for next week. i chose emily blunt because she is adorable and i love this chic, casual outfit she is sporting. she is also married to one of my boyfriends, john krasinski (i am also seeing ryan gosling and johnny depp at the moment. it's okay, my husband knows. even he has a crush on mr. gosling.), which makes me like her even more. i would totally get beers with emily and john (that's right, we are now on a first name basis). i bet they are just the cutest, funniest couple to hang out with. and i just know we would be fast friends. anyway, i hope you like the outfit!

we hope you join us on monday! trust us, it's super fun! don't know how to play? click here for the rules.

xoxo, two birds


  1. Ryan Gosling is MY boyfriend!!!

    It's okay. We can share him.

  2. I already have an outfit in mind for this look!

  3. One of these Mondays, I want to try this, but don't think I can pull this one off.

  4. i love emily blunt sooooo much. Hoping to take part in this one for sure!

  5. I will have to switch out the skinnies for some chubby girl pants but I will give it a whirl. Have fun holding down the fort. I like your pick. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  6. Ooh, I love me some Ryan and John too.

    I also love this look! I need to go figure it out now.


  7. Um John Krasinski is totes my bf. Back off :)