Monday, January 2, 2012

inspiration monday: party like it's 2012

rosie huntington-whiteley
happy new year, all! i hope you had a fabulous new year's, and welcome to 2012. i had a fabulous day. chris, the kids and i ate a ton of appetizer food and played operation, and then chris and i played our little new year tradition game. and started snowing (for pretty much the first time all winter) and chris had to go into work at 11:30 pm. so i sent him a video text of a kiss at midnight. and then you know what i did? i cleaned. i cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen, then the basement (ok, only part of the basement). and then i organized my dresser. that was a feat. like a get rid of two bags of clothes sort of feat. i did all of this while watching a marathon of curb your enthusiasm. and then mtv called me and asked me if they could film my life because it's just so damn interesting.

megan bird

tee ~ hand-me-down from little sis
blazer ~ F21
shoes ~ Target
cowl ~ F21
earrings ~ F21
jeans ~ Target, thrifted (and they went straight to the swap pile after i saw these pics)

nora bird

sweater ~ swap
blazer ~ vintage, thrifted
jeans ~ ? (nora has so many jeans she doesn't know where they came from. i am pretty sure they have jean parties in her closet that result in more baby jeans. jeans are kind of loose like that, if you know what i mean.)
sweet ass ~ speaking of genes...(sorry nora, i'm just jealous)
booties ~ thrifted
scarf~ H&M

it's a new year, make it your resolution to join us every week for inspiration monday!!
two birds


  1. Megan,teal on you is gorg., and the jeans in which you put in the swap pile look awesome on you. Very slimming, not that you need it. Love the cowl. Nora these subdued colors with the punch of the scarf is just gorgeous. Very similar but with your personality. I appreciate you starting the New Year off with casual which you look like you have done so effortlessly. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  2. I love that shirt and scarf combo Megan - Dawn is right, teal is a lovely color on you!! Nora - I love your scarf, it is so fun! You're both braver than I am rolling up your pants when it got a little colder this weekend! I opted for taller boots over my jeans, lol!

  3. I love that you video texted a kiss - that is so cute! Also, how exciting that it snowed!

    These outfits are so cute, some of my favorites from you two. Nora, I think this may be my absolute favorite look on you - it's just perfect in every way. It's so muted and romantic but also a bit edgy. I want to copy it right now!!

    Happy New Year!! :)

  4. I love wearing baggy jeans ('boyfriend'!) rolled up with booties- also great for hiding the Christmas kilo ;)

    All the best for 2012!

  5. Haha jeans parties- I think mine must be having jeans abortions though, because I can never seem to find them in my closet, haha! \=

  6. I love both your interpretations of the look, but I am especially loving Nora's scarf & blazer!


  7. I ADORE all of these looks. Please take your jeans out of the swap pile, because I think they look great on you. I love that you ladies are making rolled up, boyfriend jeans work in the winter. This is a feat that is on my to-do list.

    Can't wait to see you on MTV! ;)

  8. Love your looks, especially the dalmation scarf!! Will try to post one tomorrow!

  9. Huge fan of the neutrals outfit in snowy weather! I'm always afraid to wear lighter colours in winter, but it looks great. Now I want to try.

    <3 Cambria

  10. megan you crack me up! mtv called to tape your interesting life, & nora's sweet @$$. both outfits look fanfreakintastic, * very cool vibe steal this look worthy!

  11. that h & m scarf is so fun! and it would look good on pretty much any outfit! happy new year! :)

  12. Thanks for the inspiration. Definitely needed it today! Megan, love the turquoise animal print and Nora, that polka dot scarf is delicious!!! Happy New Year, ladies!!!

  13. Megan- I loved your story about the NYE gift tradition- what a neat idea! A virtual kiss by midnight- thank goodness for technology! I love the coloured animal print. Nora- you look so elegant, I love how you added a punch to the neutrals with that fun scarf!

  14. Megan, love that cowl!! How cool is that? And love those pumps too. Nora, I'm absolutely jealous over that blazer--that's exactly what I was wishing I had in my closet this morning:)
    Glad to be back to IM and see you two lovely ladies again. Happy New Year!

  15. Amazing how one 'look' can look so different. Nice pick!