Monday, January 9, 2012

inspiration monday: and the award goes to...

the inspiration
emily blunt
do you ever dream movies? i do all the time. and when i wake up from a particularly good one, i always try to write it down because in my state of half-asleepedness, i think that this is the one that will win me the academy award.

i did this last night. i was in a deep sleep, dreaming the most amazing movie. it was made me laugh and cry and i felt good about myself while "watching" it. then i woke up and scrambled for something to write with. i just knew at 3:54 am that this was it. i had finally dreamed a movie that could be an actual movie. i couldn't find a pen, so i grabbed my phone and started typing out an email to myself about this movie. this award winning movie...

until i realized what i had just dreamed. it was "the reader", the musical. (hey, i didn't say i was always a rational thinker at 3:54 am.) now, i have never actually seen the movie "the reader", i have only read the book. but i'm assuming that, like the book, the movie is not meant to be a musical. (for those of you who have neither seen the movie nor read the book, it is about a boy who grows up to have an affair with a woman who turns out to be a nazi war criminal.)

but hey, maybe i'll write that screenplay anyways. i mean, it worked out for gene wilder and zero mostel, didn't it? (if you don't get this reference, then search "the producers" on netflix and watch it. just make sure it's the 1968 version.)

megan bird

shirt, jeggings, shoes ~ Target (this is not a Target-sponsored post...but Target, if you're reading, we would be happy to take you on!)
earrings ~ F21
watch necklace, sunglasses ~ Heartbreaker

nora bird

shirt~ hand-me-down from mom
tank~ Marshalls
necklace~ gift from my mother-in-law
bracelet~ gift from bestie Sally
shoes~ thrifted

first of all, i'd like to thank the academy. i was just a small-time blogger who had a dream. and look where it has taken me. mom and dad, thank you for giving me the creativity and the courage to believe in myself. chris, thank you for always being there for me and for not laughing at my ideas, even when you should have. who knew that one day, one of my actual dreams would become a reality. if i can do it, anyone can. thank you! i love you henry and eva!

(so what if i've already written the acceptance speech. you just never know, do you?) now...who will i wear?

two birds



  1. I like these causal chic looks, your interpretations are a lot better than the original, I like Megan's big top over the tight jeans look. The big earrings are a big yes from me! Nora's feminine sweet look is also my favorite, the button down blouse has such adorable buttons, and I like the idea of the floral top peeping from under!


  2. This is TOO funny! Love the acceptance speech...and the outfits :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. The loose grey sweater and the big silver earrings are lovely! Xo

  4. Too funny- I don't think I've ever dreamed in movies but I do often have strangely vivid dreams that I document....just in case! My eyes are being drawn to both your shoes today- very chic!

  5. I've so dreamed movies before too! Not often, but I distinctly remember once waking up and thinking that my dream would make the best action/adventure movie. But then of course, seconds later, I had forgotten most of it.

    And I think for me, I'd go with something romantic looking from Elie Saab. I may have thought about this before...

  6. I have dreamed some amazing horror movies. Not sure if that is a good thing though;)

    Love both of these skinny pant looks.


  7. LOL, I don't know that my dreams ever make that much sense to say they could be a movie!

    I loved this week's picture but I just couldn't pull together a look I liked enough to link up, bummed to miss out for the first time, but I love both of your looks! Megan that top just looks so cozy! And I'd love taking Target on too ;) Nora I love the layered look of your two tops, so cute! And I adore your hair - seriously, I'm looking to do mine more like that on my next haircut cause mine is driving me crazy!

  8. I've never dreamt up a movie, but I do have one recurring thing throughout all of my dreams - I can't sit or lie down. I spring back up into the air if I try. Could they make a movie out of that? If so, I'd happily wear a free gorgeous designer dress!
    cate @

  9. Your outfits are great and better than the original!

  10. love it! megan, that top looks so comfy and i want it (when i'm not preggo anymore) and nora, i love the little polka dots peeking out from under the adorable black button up! can't wait until i can wear skinny jeans again!!!

    my inspiration outfit is in the same color/pattern vein today though not wearing jeans but a dress!

  11. love emily blunts outfit.. and love yours as well! :) xx follwed your blog!

  12. Black skinnies just look good with anything. You're both too cute for words (and I think you can both wear coloured skinnies).

    <3 Cambria

  13. You both look super cute. I like Nora's top and Megan's shows a lot!

  14. Please tell Nora I adore her haircut!

  15. DO you know, I have dreams like that! I always think they are such exciting stories and adventures and then I write them down! I've just a assortment of bits of paper with strange tales all over them! I like your outfits- really lovely! I was going to do this, but my camera lead has gone missing so I don't know when it will turn up!

  16. Eh, I say write it up anyway! They can only tell you no, right? And I've seen some weird, weird things make it to production :)

    You ladies have the best shoes, I swear!

  17. always searching for meaning in dreams, pretty birds!

  18. I am a big dreamer too! Sometimes I wake up and wish that I didn't! Like Kezzie I write them down sometimes. It's amazing what the mind can do! Love your outfits! Such different styles and I love them both. It's like me on different days! Gonna check out your Etsy!

  19. The "Megan bird" look is absolutely something I'd wear, and in fact might be my go to look when I want to be put together but still casual. You both look great!!

  20. Bravo, bravo! Maybe the musical style is just the light-hearted touch the movie version needs! You never know... You both look adorable, channeling Emily's look in your own ways!

  21. Nice inspiration! Very lovely looks on both of you. I adore your heels Megan! So great :>

    Thanks for your comment girls,
    do stop by anytime again! I love following & commenting back and forth. :)

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

    Ps. I love your cute surname ! ^^ If you want to know the word in my language, which is finnish, it's "Lintu". One famous finnish blogger uses that as her blogger-nickname, actually!

  22. So cute! Love these casual, pulled-together looks. I always dream movies, write them down, wake up and realize it's already been done or it makes absolutely no sense at all.

  23. I think the Bird sisters knocked the Emily Blunt look out of the park! I love Megan's relaxed sweater and pendant necklace, and Nora's shoes are so charming!

  24. Megan your top is so drapey and comfy looking..I may have to pick one up tomorrow! Nora, I drool whenever I see your haircut!!!!!!! BTW, I thought I followed before but apparently I didnt..NOW FOLLOWING :)

  25. I love both of your looks more than the Emily's! Megan, those heels are fabulous and add a chic punch to your look.
    Nora, that top is so great on you and I love the blue flats.
    The story about the dream is hilarious! I'm so impressed that you actually get up and try to write this stuff down...that's how Stephanie Meyer ended up with lots of money...many others as well I'm sure, so you never know!