Tuesday, January 31, 2012

tuesday remix: sister style

i want to start off by saying a big thank you to all of you for your kind words and congratulations about my baby news! it was so lovely to read all of your comments. you are all so amazing and supportive and sweet...i was overwhelmed by your kindness! thank you so much!

yesterday, as i was taking my photos for this post, my mailman drove up, parked right in front of my house, and yelled out the open window of his postal truck, "SMILE, NOW"! and then proceeded to sit there and watch me while i took all of my outfit shots. so please excuse me if i look extra uncomfortable in all of my photos! i am not used to having an audience and it was very awkward and embarrassing!

this week's item is courtesy of our good friend, erin. she recently bought this dress from ModCloth and, unfortunately (or fortunately, for me!), it did not fit her. so she let me give it a whirl, and i just love it. so much so that i thought i would make it the remix item for the week and megan and i could both try our hand at styling it! let us know what you think!

outfit one: ruffles and faux leather

jacket/headband/tights~ Target
belt~ thrifted
boots~ Heartbreaker

outfit two: cowgirl chic

shirt~ Gap, thrifted
tights~ TJ Maxx
earrings~ Kohls
boots~ vintage, thrifted

we hope you have a fabulous tuesday!

xoxo, two birds

Monday, January 30, 2012

inspiration monday: boxed wine

the inspiration
taylor swift
back in the day, i used to have a standing date with two of my closest friends, jamie and aaron. i lived in this old garden-level apartment, full of used couches, mismatched thrift store tables and an always-empty fridge. jamie and erin would come over almost every week, i would usually make a huge pan of lasagna, and we would rotate who brought the wine.

megan bird

when aaron brought the wine, he would always bring those huge boxes of franzia...cause we were super fancy like that. he would bring a different kind each week, but it was always full of sugar and gave us the worst headaches the next day. of course, one of those boxes is like four bottles, and we would usually finish them off by the end of the night (along with the whole pan of lasagna).

jeans, tank, socks ~ Target
boots ~ vintage, ebay
sweater ~ vintage, thrifted
hat ~ hand-me-down from nora bird
belt ~ vintage, thrifted

one night he brought a new kind that we had never seen before. now franzia was never fancy in naming their wines. they were always named, "white rhine wine" or "red table wine". i mean, they weren't even a merlot or chardonnay, they were just named after the color. so when he brought this new one, we were all surprised that they had given it such a "fancy" name. "oooh!" i exclaimed when i saw it, excited about this fancy new boxed wine with the fancy name..and i pronounced it:

nora bird

we continued to drink and eat. and drink and eat. and drink. and as we got more and more drunk, i looked at the box and realized that it wasn't a fancy name after all.

sweater vest, tunic ~ swap
jeans, striped cardi ~ F21
boots ~ vintage, thrifted

nope, it wasn't fancy at all (we should have known...it was franzia). nope, what we were drinking was called, "chillable red wine". and it took us all of four hours and a half a box of wine to figure that out.

cheers to monday!
two birds

Friday, January 27, 2012

baby bird

you might remember this outfit from tuesday's remix post, but i wanted to show you what i was smuggling underneath my sweater...

that's right! jim and i are expecting our second child this summer! mimi is going to be a big sister! we are so very happy and excited. i have been wanting to tell you all for so long, but i, of course, had to wait (and keep sucking in my growing belly for every inspiration monday and tuesday remix post). but i can finally let it all hang out (lucky for you, right?). oh, and don't worry. i am not about to go all mommy blogger on you. absolutely nothing against mommy bloggers because there are quite a few that i read and enjoy! but i do know that is not why you visit our blog. i will share some fun tidbits, like when we find out if the baby is a boy or a girl, but other than those little things it will just be the regular, old two birds' blog...i'll just be getting bigger and bigger every day (lucky for me, right?)!

hooray for a new baby bird!

(i probably shouldn't be doing this in my "condition").

i hope you all have a fabulous day and a super amazing weekend!

xoxo, nora bird (and baby bird, too!)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

inspiration picture for january 30: taylor swift

i don't know a whole lot about taylor swift other that she has great hair and she always dresses pretty darn cute. and really, the only prerequisites for becoming our inspiration picture on mondays are to be at least semi-famous and to wear something cute. so here you go! taylor swift looking cute (and comfy...bonus!).

we hope you play along! it is really fun! don't know how to play? click here for the rules of the game.
see you on monday!

xoxo, two birds

let's talk shop: put a bird on it!

we have so many cute summery clothes in our inventory that i wanted to pull a few out. it might be cold outside, but we all know that doesn't stop any of us from wearing sundresses. cardigans and blazers are to fashion bloggers as birds are to portlandia.  

so, i found a few pictures online and decided that in oh so many ways, i wanted to look like jessica alba, sienna miller and/or rachel bilson. 

then i took a sneak peak into our racks and racks of clothing just waiting to be added to the shop, and i found this little number. and now, even though this dress and boots have been added to the list of goodies for sale, i kind of want it.

my take, using mostly two birds goods

we decided to keep the 20% discount going all month long, and as always, our treats are shipped to your house (in the continental united states) for free every day!

boots can be found here.
dress can be found here.
(jacket, tights and earrings are my own.)
(globe is part of my crazy collection.)

and, if you're in the twin cities area, don't forget to stop by b. (a resale shop) this weekend. nora and i will be there picking out outfits and drinking champagne!

megan bird

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

outfit of the day(bird): multi-tasking

i am the queen of multi-tasking. i have always been pretty proud of this fact. the only two things (that i know of) that i can't do at the same time are listen to someone talk on the phone while listening to someone talk right next to me. maybe it's just because that's plain rude of the person right next to me. i'm on the phone buddy, can't you see that?

 so the other morning, you will understand that i was quite proud of myself. it was 5am. i had just woken up so i could work out. (yep, working out and catching up on old episodes of grey's anatomy is also one of my envious multi-tasking skills.) of course i have to pee and brush my teeth before i work out (not at the same time...those are two tasks that should be done separately – although in a time crunch, i will admit i have thought about it before.) so, while i was sitting on the toilet, i looked up and saw the new lavender nail polish i had bought the night before...and i thought, why not, i'm just sitting here anyways. so i started painting away.
jeans ~ Marshalls
tank and socks ~ Target
blouse and booties ~ swapped (thanks, nora and kimi)
earrings and ring ~ F21 

luckily for me, i had the foresight to realize that i still needed one hand. i'm not a man after all. (some genius men don't even need any hands. oh the luxury!) so i finished my business, washed my one hand and continued to paint my nails. all before 5:05am...not too shabby! and then i watched grey's anatomy. seriously, how much bad stuff can happen to the same group of people? i think i'd stop hanging out with them after the third hospital massacre.
not bad for a 5am potty polish!
megan bird

love*birds 1.25.12

things i am loving today.
~chris. i mean, i love him every day (some more than others), but today i am feeling the love. the little text that said, "i love you, have a fabulous day!" meant more to me on this otherwise crappy day than he probably knows.
~ theraflu. it's like my all-time favorite, nyquil, without the hangover!
~ banana cream pie for breakfast. (yum!) it's fruit, and dairy...that's breakfast in my eyes.
~ leggings and big sweaters. it's like wearing pajamas to work.
~ the fact that i figured out this riddle in about three seconds. sometimes it's the little victories.
*think of words ending in "gry". angry and hungry are two of them. there are only three words in the english language. what is the third word? the word is something that you use every day. if you have listened carefully, i have already told you what it is.*
(see below for the answer.) 

and some other things we are loving...

megan bird
view from a pink mountain print
something about this really drew my attention. i can't say what is was exactly, but i really love this print!

vintage swing coat
at some point in my life, i might need a closet just for coats. it's easy to justify when you live in minnesota! i love the color, texture and look of this amazing coat!!

black velvet dipped heels
what a perfectly subtle way to spice up any outfit...little black dress, jeans and a tee....i would wear these with just about anything!

blue rhinestone necklace and earrings
there is nothing practical about a huge blue rhinestone necklace. but who ever said i was practical? 

vintage chevron dress
i thought about asking for this dress for my birthday, but it's too big. so please, someone buy it. it's $9...how could you not? it's so sweet and fun and would be perfect for yachting in the summers. everyone yachts in the summers, right? everyone also uses yacht as a verb, right?

nora bird

oh, how i love these jeans! the high waist, the flare, the cool buckle detail. these jeans are just so cool!

i pretty much want one of everything from this store for mimi. she would be the coolest kid on the block in this poncho, for sure!

i am trying to talk jim into letting me buy each one of these prints. i love them all! how could i choose just three?

a large, sturdy vintage satchel that is large enough to fit all my crap important items and has a crossbody strap has been on my really really want list for a long time! this one is perfect!

such a gorgeous and ladylike blouse made from vintage victorian lace! it's almost too pretty to wear!

have a great day!!
two birds

*oh, did you guess the riddle yet? the answer is "language".*

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

tuesday remix: sister style

i know. every tuesday i end up talking about monday night's episode of The Bachelor. is that annoying? i hope you don't find it annoying. i can't help it. the show is just so ridiculously entertaining. for example, here are a few tidbits i learned from this week's episode:
~ i would really love to visit park city, utah someday. honestly, it looks like a gorgeous part of the country.
~ apparently park city, utah is the perfect place to fall in love.
~ ben brought the girls to utah because he really wanted to spend time with them outdoors. because he loves the outdoors and has fond memories of spending time outside...and to be outdoors you obviously have to be in utah...um...what?
~ catching a fish cannot be much harder than catching a man.
~ communicating is hard.
~ many, many comparisons can be made to fishing and dating. and i believe these girls used them all.
~ kissing while treading water looks (and i am sure is) really awkward.
~ slow dancing and making out to a country singer putting on a concert just for you (and a totally fake and "excited" audience) is really awkward.
~ courtney is a nice person. don't f#@& with her. she will rip your head off. she is done being nice. (all of these words came out of her mouth in this order).
~ i can eat almost an entire bag of roasted garlic rye chips in under an hour without even thinking about it. man, those things are delicious and addicting!

aaaaaanyway...for this week's remix, megan chose the cutest, vintage, red gingham shirt. i love it! i want it! how do i not own a gingham shirt? one is definitely on my thrifting list now...

outfit one: rouge et orange

sweater~ F21
belt~ hand-me-down from megan bird
skirt~ swap
tights~ Target
boots~ vintage, thrifted

outfit two: booties and shades

skirt~ hand-me-down from nora bird
booties~ swap (formerly belonged to kimi)
socks~ Target
earrings~ F21

we hope you all have a fantastic tuesday!

xoxo, two birds

Monday, January 23, 2012

inspiration monday: frosty the snow(wo)man

the inspiration
eva longoria
i normally wear glasses to work and when i drive. on a special night out, when i need to see clearly, i wear contacts. the rest of the time, i wing it. i accidentally forgot to wear my glasses when i had to take the sight test for my license, and i passed anyways. so legally i can drive without my glasses...but i don't think that's a very good idea. i mean, as long as i don't need to read street signs, i am probably ok. but if i want to ward off squint wrinkles, i should probably wear my glasses more often.

megan bird

so when i left work the other day and realized i had forgotten my glasses, it was no big deal. i had my contacts and another pair of (really ugly) old glasses at home that would make do for the weekend. i continued to walk towards my bus stop.
leggings ~ Kohls
socks, earrings, necklace ~ F21
tank ~ Target
coat ~ Gap, swap

but as i was walking (on one of the busiest corners of downtown minneapolis, mind you), i happened to look over and see what ended up being a woman in a white down parka. my very first thought at seeing her, sans glasses, was that she was a snowman. a snowman...alive and kicking...very rational thought, right? i think from now on, i will keep my glasses on.

nora bird

sweater~ F21, swap
shirt~ Target
ring~ F21
leggings~ Simply Vera, Kohls
socks~ ? (i've had them for years).
boots~ Restricted, DSW

happy monday!
two birds