Tuesday, December 27, 2011

tuesday remix: sister style

my little sister is in town and megan has the week off of work. all we have been doing so far is hanging with the kiddos, working out, eating, shopping, laying on the couch and watching re-runs of The Rachel Zoe Project and other bad amazing t.v. shows and movies. oh, and laughing. lots of laughing. best. week. ever. and it's only tuesday. ba-nan-as.

did i mention my little sister is in town? well, she is. and she came bearing clothes (yes!). this week's remix item is an American Apparel dress tunic shirt dress that she no longer wanted. score one for me! the dress, in fact, still had the tags on it so i assume it had never even been worn. score two! it is a fun little piece and i think it will be fun to find new ways to wear it. let us know what you think!

outfit one: shirt

blazer~ vintage, thrifted
pants~ Gap
booties~ F21

outfit two: dress

sweater~ H&M (another little sister hand-me-down)
necklace~ Heartbreaker
earrings/belt~ F21
tights/socks~ Marshalls
boots~ thrifted

we hope you all have an amazing tuesday!

xoxo, two birds


  1. Cute! It's interesting that you both chose similar color schemes too.

    I'm totally jellz of your fun week!

  2. Super cute - how fun that you get to pass your clothes around the family! I need to find me some sisters to share the fashion love;)
    cate @ wildruffle.com

  3. I'm jealous! Your week sounds awesome!

    I love this shirt/dress/tunic/top, it's really cute and seems very versatile. Enjoy the rest of your day, ladies! :)

  4. I love both of those looks :) You girls look great!

  5. OMG you sound like kids having the best time. The tunic has such a great print. Nora, I love how you paired it with an adorable fitted blazer...well done and Megan, that granny cardigan is so you and goes perfectly with this little number...awesome styling ladies. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  6. I think it's super cute. I can see how one would have a hard time deciding if it is a shirt, dress, or tunic. But with a pair of leggings and an extra large grandpa sweater, I would wearing ALL DAY LONG!

  7. I love every. single. thing. about the dress combo ... the tights, the socks, the boots, the dress, the belt, the cardigan. See? EVERYTHING! LOVEEEE!!! Thanks for the inspiration! Hope y'all had a magical Christmas!

  8. I love a shrunken blazer, and a thrifted one even better!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  9. Aw, I really love both of the looks! Definitely score 1 and 2! I always knew I wanted a little sister for a reason :)

  10. Is that print dancing people and butterflies? I don't have a sister, so I am a little jealous that you have so many people to share clothes with.

  11. cute dress and top, I like both and you two wore them so well, the cropped blazer looks great with it and the long cardi looks chic with the dress. Great style as always! Have a wonderful new year!


  12. It sounds like a fun week. My sister and I don't share any similarities in style at all - which was good growing up as we are only a year apart and I didn't have to worry about her stealing my clothes. :)

    The Suburb Experiment

  13. Cute sweater! It looks comfy and warm too!! Although it hasn't been terribly cold out as of late here.

    I'm off all week too, best decision ever!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous looks, I love the way you guys wore it as a top and dress!!!! Gorgeous cardigan, jacket and booties! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  15. holy hotness batman! i suddenly feel fugly.

  16. That is one terrific remix. I had to check twice to see that it was the same tunic. Love these topic posts to see both of your takes on the same item.