Tuesday, December 6, 2011

tuesday remix: sister style

so, yesterday i read an article entitled "how can i get my two-year-old to stop hitting me". yep. i realize that toddlers use their bodies to express emotions and feelings that they may not yet be able to verbalize (like being mad at mommy for whatever reason). it has only happened a couple of times and, obviously, she doesn't put a lot of weight into it, but i'm sure those little hands could cause some damage at some point. luckily i haven't bled or bruised yet. i thought i would try and nip it in the bud before she caused any of that as i think giving me a bloody nose may cause her more trauma than me! i wonder if they have baby boxing classes? this might just be her calling...

so, megan and i have been really into oversized sweaters this season. we sold a bunch at our recent sale and we also have a few (and are in the process of adding more) in our etsy shop. they are just the perfect item to throw on and run your errands, grab drinks with your friends, or just snuggle up on the couch and watch a good movie. dress it up, dress it down. anything goes! so versatile, so cute, so warm. we chose one of the sweaters from our shop to remix this week (see it here!). it is fun and sparkly and super cozy! such a great holiday sweater without being over the top ugly gaudy. let us know what you think of our looks!

outfit one: dressy layers

dress/tunic~ hand-me-down from megan
slip~ vintage, thrifted
tights~ Target
shoes/necklace~ F21

outfit two: bonny blazer

blazer~ Target
tights~ Marshalls
earrings~ F21
boots~ vintage, thrifted
hat~ Chris'

we hope you are all have a fabulous week so far! happy tuesday!

xoxo, two birds


  1. Cute! I love the sweater layered up with the blazer, and the green looks lovely on you both.

    I really hope there are baby boxing classes, because that would be semi-scary and completely awesome.

  2. Very festive sweater!! Once again it looks completely different on both of you!!! I like the stripes paired with the leopard print - something I'll have to try. I like it paired with the blazer as well, it looks very sharp.

  3. You both look so cosy! I can waist for a snowfall here in the UK :)

  4. I love both looks! I'm so excited to style the sweater I got at your sale, you've given me more ideas now!! Though I think now I have some more shopping to do, lol!

  5. You are such fabulous sisters, I like the oversized cardis, the color is gorgeous. I like how both of you styled it, with cute green tights and heels or black tights with boots. Looks chilling, wish you can send some snow over here.


  6. Love the green tights with the sweater and the pattern mixing. I also love the sweater paired with the jacket, skinny pants, and boots.

    Love the green color of the sweater on both of you.

    I used to take Otto to kick boxing with me and make him hit the hanging bag. He hit and kicked that thing and it would exhaust him. Unfortunately kick boxing was cancelled and I couldn't bring myself to buy my own hanging bag so Ava just had to constantly sit in time out.


  7. BOTH of these outfits are great! Love the sweater! Hope you find a way to help your kiddo express herself without hurting you, I bet that would start to hurt after a while.

  8. I like both remixes, as usual. :) I love big vintage sweaters too and I love new ideas for wearing them!

    The Suburb Experiment

  9. I love the subtle glitter in the sweater! While I'm sad that it's cold, I'm definitely loving the big sweaters this year!

  10. I like the sweater, especially since it has some sparkly woven into it.

  11. Fantastic on both. That green is making my heart palpitate...gorgeous color and styling. You two birds keep amazing me with your unlimited wardrobe and ideas. I got my bow necklace in the mail last night and nearly squealed. I wore it to work as it went from the box to my neck. I love it. Thank you...I will post a holiday outfit with it on. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  12. I love the vintage slip underneath! So chic. :)


  13. I'm so glad sweaters are in style now! They're so comfy and warm and everyone can wear them. I'm glad comfort is in. Now I just need to run to the thrift shop to find me a really gaudy, perfect Christmas sweater preferably with things hanging off of it. :)


  14. cute looks ladies! nora, we're with you on hitting mom. swatting, actually. i'll let you know if abandonment cures it, now that i'm back from ny. JUST KIDDING, of course.

  15. Great remix! Both looks are so fabulous. :)

    Also, thank you for visiting my blog and for the comment. I really appreciate it. And, yes, my dog is a Bernese Mountain Dog. She's the sweetest thing ever. Really wonderful personality and soooo loving.

    Have a great day!


  16. You look awesome, both of you! I will have to remember to try this look this winter, you both rock!

  17. What a great sweater. I love it with the black jacket and brown boots! Love mixing neutrals! Cute blog. ~ Rhoda

  18. Thanks for the very sweet comment :)

    I say you should def. try the mustard tights out...they would look great on both of you!!

    I love the layering and tights of the first look and the boots and blazer in the second. Both are great ladies!


  19. again you both showed me why i like sister style remix posts! evergreenfabfreakintastic.

  20. I have a hitter on my hands too! I'm just not real sure what to do about it. Everything thus far has been an epic fail!

  21. i was wondering if i could feature these 2 green outfits on my blog. i would email you, but i couldn't find an address. just leave me a comment on my blog http://honeybeelane.blogspot.com/
    i won't publish your comment whether the answer is yes or no, i'll respect your decision. thanks! :)