Friday, December 9, 2011

secret santa update

just a quick update from this post. i didn't get a secret santa gift today. i guess my secret santa is super duper secret. like undercover santa. way underground. waa waa.

or maybe they just heard about the smelly soup incident from last year and decided i wasn't worthy of a gift.

that, my friends, is how the grinch stole christmas.

megan bird


  1. maybe your secret santa is super sick? or planning a fantastic gift on monday? or just forgot?
    here's my blog post featuring your outfits

    no, making fun of anybody involved, except myself,

  2. For some reason I am always stuck with people whom I hardly know! And I end up giving something really silly like chocolates :| I dint get a secret santa gift too :/ Apparently my secret santa will be out of town this whole month.

  3. oh man, what a bummer! secret santas are always kinda funny. i actually just did a blog one and have to send something to Bulgaria!!!

  4. What the? Did they call out? Did they forget? I am not sure how secret santa works but I think I have the idea of it from your funny story. Keep us updated. dawn xoxo