Wednesday, December 7, 2011

new loves and old friends: grandma's muff

warning...this post is not suitable for small children. but really, what small child reads fashion blogs anyways?

we have a few family jokes regarding both of our grandmas. well, not really jokes, but funny stories....

story number one. when our grandma was talking to my 10-year old mother about the birds and bees, she smartly informed her that a woman gets pregnant when a man puts his penis inside her anus. umm, what grandma? wha? no wonder my mom had five she thought she was being careful!

story number two. for some reason, when i was about eight years old, i was asking my grandma what all of the swear words meant. when i got to the "f" word, she again smartly informed me that that was when a prostitute put her hand down a man's pants. done and done. the "f" word, people...signed, sealed, delivered.

clearly my grandma was reading all the wrong books.

story number three isn't about grandma, per say...but more about our baby sister. we were all together once and she kept talking about our grandma's muff. talking about it a lot. like couldn't shut up about it. "remember grandma's muff? it was so white and furry. i used to love grandma's muff." yes, our grandma had a white furry hand warmer. we used to play dress up with it all the time. but as 20-somethings, we thought that the word choice (while being quite appropriate) in fact sounded quite inappropriate.

clearly we read the right books and are still wildly immature.

anyhow, my new vintage faux fur vest got me to thinking about grandma's muff – which is why you all get to hear these horrible stories. i do wish i still had it. honestly...i would use it every day! instead, i just have this old vest. i love it dearly, and i'm sure it has a great story behind it, but it will never compare.

new loves
skirt, shirt ~ Target
shoes ~ Charlotte Russe, thrifted
tights ~ Marshalls
earrings ~ F21

old friends
vest ~ vintage, thrifted

and finally, on a more appropriate note, the winner of our handmade by sara cramer giveaway is #8, stacey of The Other Pocket!! congrats, stacey! we will email you shortly. thanks to everyone who participated!

megan bird


  1. It sounds like you had some sassy grandmas!

  2. My grandma was like that too - apparently she was walking through Loring Park back in the 30's sometime and a guy tried to "feel her up" so to speak, she turned around and said "what the F* do you think you're doing?" Love it.

    And I love your fur vest. I seriously want one, I've seen a couple of other people wearing them too, they look so fun!

  3. That vest is AMAZING! Love it!

  4. You look fantabulous! Love all the stories! They are hilarious! What a great vintage fur and I wish I can find one of those vintage muffs..they are so fun!


  5. haha I love your grandma.


  6. I LOVE this outfit. I want to come to your house and steal it. Super cute.
    cate @

  7. Oh my gosh woman!! I needed this post so much today! You crack me up!

  8. Well, I guess fantastic muffs run in your family. Lovely jacket. :)

  9. hahhahaha! thank you for the laughs! I love your lace skirt and the how you paired it with the fur vest.

  10. I love this post so much - I laughed out loud, really loud. Thanks!

  11. i immediately knew you meant a hand warmer. i adore your skirt, shoes, & earrings megan bird!

  12. HA!!! These stories are hilarious. Love it! And I adore your skirt!!

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    xx Johanna

  14. Hahaha this is fantastic. And, what small children read fashion blogs? Much I remind you of all the Suris of the world? She's probably reading this right now.

    I love this outfit!

  15. Your grandma is spinning in her grave.

  16. Killer fab outfit! Look at your legs go on and on! Amazing.

    I will never look at Ava's white fur dressy muff the same again;)


  17. Both of your dearest grandmothers are twirling in their graves.

  18. Lord knows I do love me a fur vest. :)

  19. Your grandma sounds like a hoot!

    FABULOUS outfit.