Friday, December 2, 2011

new loves and old friends: comfort and style?

i woke up bright and early this morning, all on my own, no alarm clock or baby calling out for me needed. i opened my eyes wide and looked around my dark room for a while, letting them adjust. then i looked over at the glowing numbers on my clock. 5:45am. but i was wide awake and there would be no more drifting back to sleep for another precious hour. i was too excited. my mind was racing and i even had butterflies in my stomach. why? because our sale starts tonight! i am so excited!!! and megan and i have so much to do before we open up shop! it will be a lot of work, but it's going to be a fun day. i get to spend the whole day with megan, which is always awesome. and we will be doing what we love. we always have a ton of fun setting up shop. transforming our little space into a bona fide store is so exciting and so rewarding when we finally step back and see all our final product. today we get to turn our space into a vintage holiday workshop. hopefully we will make the elves proud!

i wore this outfit earlier this week and it was totally comfy and cozy. perfect for mom-ing around all day. and i totally mom-ed it up the day i wore it. (that's right. i just made up my own verb. deal with it. use it. let's get it into the dictionary)! yep, this is totally my go to "mom" outfit. skinny jeans, comfy sweater, flat boots. easy peezy. i like to think that i am being functional while still retaining a little it of style. i like to think that. i could be wrong. if i am, please let me down easy...

(this is the last you will see of my "long" hair for a while. i got a very much needed haircut yesterday and it is short short short again!)

old friends

sweater~ vintage, thrifted
boots~ vintage, thrifted

new loves

jeans~ F21
necklace~ gift from my mom
tank~ H&M

i hope you all have a fantastic day and a superb weekend! we hope to see all of you fellow minnesotans this weekend!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. This sweater is so cute and cozy for winter! I love it.

    I'm so excited to see what you guys do and see what's on sale... the snippets I've seen from your Twitter have me intrigued :) Have fun spending the day together!

  2. If you are momming it up than that is one sweet mom outfit, I must say:) I love the big winter sweater, skinny jeans look...I have a similar sweater and have been having the hardest time working it into an outfit. I think I finally just figured it out.

    Congrats and best wishes with your sale!
    xx Marisa

  3. I love that look! I have been resisting skinny jeans for awhile now, but I think it's time to find myself some, I'm seeing so many fun looks with them!

    Can't wait to come down and check out the sale, see you Saturday!

  4. I love this outfit, that sweater is super cute!


  5. You look like a snow bunny, cozy and cute, love the boots. Can't wait to see your goodies. I so wish I could be there. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  6. Oh, I really wish I could come this weekend - we have too much on the calendar. I am putting your next one on the schedule for sure!! Hope it's a great turnout!
    cate @

  7. Def style. Love the fun sweater! And those boots are a unique and wonderful colour.

    <3 Cambria

  8. I love the print on the sweater, you totally look to hip to look "mom-ish"... I wish I could come to the sale, but I've got an event of my own tonight for my t-shirts! Good luck!

  9. love the outfit, nothing better then simple!!

  10. looking forward to seeing pics of your new haircut!

  11. Good luck with the sale. I love wearing comfortable sweater when it is cold out.

  12. love this! so gorgeous!!!
    Love your blog btw hun! good work! you have great taste :)
    please visit mine! would be an honour!!
    It's Fashion damnit

  13. Cheers to you and have fun with the sale. You look very adorable and it girl who is so cute but just didn't even try. So basically, darn you for being so casually lovely. ;)

  14. Such an adorable Cosby esque sweater! You look great! Happy Friday XO

    real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

  15. LOVE the fair isle sweater. you look so warm and cozy. perfect winter look!

  16. luuuurve those boots! and your hair cut is envy inducing!!

  17. just had to the vintage I want one haha

    xo Nav