Wednesday, December 28, 2011

love*birds 12.28.11

things i am loving this week:
~ family time
~ my whole family has slept in until 7 every morning this week!
~ lazy time
~ gift cards = guilt-free shopping
~ more family time
~ more lazy time
~ baked cheetos
~ bad tv, better movies~ not wearing makeup or "outside" clothes pretty much all week (and my sister's slippers that i have been wearing all week that i am contemplating stealing)

and here are a few other things nora bird and i are loving this week...

megan bird
messenger bag
i never carry a purse that is smaller than my youngest child, so this bag is right up my alley. the kicker, it comes in more colors (hello mustard)...check out her store for all the magnificent bags!

india print 1950s dress
i would wear 50s dresses every day if i had enough of them! the cut is just so flattering in most everyone! this dress is no exception...and then add the fabulous print to the mix! what a beauty!

jeffrey campbell lace litas
i am a bit obsessed with jeffrey campbells (if you haven't noticed). but seriously, why wouldn't i be? when i saw these shoes, there was no doubt in my mind that i needed them. now, someone just needs to buy them for me or give me $150. anyone?

home sweet home needlework
again, i am a bit obsessed with home sweet home pictures. i have a small collection of them, and will always take more if given the opportunity. this one is gorgeous! the fabric os beautiful and the simplistic "home sweet home" needlework has me swooning! and check out her store for some more funny and/or custom prints!

vintage scarf dress
i really want to find a fabulous way to style this dress so that it would look great on me. because it's so unique and beautiful and i really, really want it!

nora bird

how much fun would this be to wear to a new years eve party? you would most certainly turn heads. so gorgeous!

this tunic is just so pretty. the grey cotton material makes it easy and casual enough to throw on with a cute pair of jeans and some rugged boots. but the adorable bib lace collar and flutter sleeve make me want to dress it up with a sweet skirt and hot pair of heels. so many options!

speaking of hot heels...

this dress is so sweet and looks so comfy. i love the adorable bow detail. and i can totally see pairing this with tights and a cardigan right now or just throwing it on with sandals come summertime!

what a beautiful top. fabulous beading and cute ruffles. i am picturing another new years eve outfit!

we hope you are having a lovely day!

xoxo, two birds


  1. I'm dying over the 50s dress, and the feathered one! So fun!
    cate @

  2. That 50s dress is BEAUTIFUL! As are those pumps. Awesome picks :)

    Also, YES to gift cards. I've been using mine up and it feels great to not have to pull out a credit card!

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  4. Megan, it wouldn't take much for you to look fantastic in that scarf dress. Also, LOL that 7:00 AM is sleeping in for you (says the lady with no children).

    Nora, I can totally envision you wearing every single one of those items, and looking awesome in them - especially that Black Swan-esque, sweetheart bodice cocktail dress.

    *I deleted my first comment because it had a horrible typo in it!

  5. What amazing style you two both have all of those picks are absolutely amazing especially the feathered dress, 50's dress and Jeffrey Cambell shoes - so so so perfect!

    Gorgeous blog - look forward to seeing much more from you two birds :) folllowing you now!


  6. My teenager has slept in till noon everyday since break started for him. I wish I could still sleep like that!

    That vintage dress is amazing! I really want to learn to sew so I can make dresses like that.

    Happy New Year!

  7. I like Baked Cheetos too, they are crazy addictive!!

    I would wear 50's style dresses everyday too if I could, I would basically dress like Betsy Draper from Mad Men every day if I could!

    I also love that lacy top, it's so pretty!

  8. Just saw your feature on Little Slice of Special and had to stop on by. Very cute blog ladies, very cute indeed!

  9. Ok, I will take these things in this order: lace shoes by JC, babydoll dress with big bow, India print dress and the color block heels. Thank you. I read your post at Little Slice. I am following along with her now. The photos of you two are gorgeous. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  10. all of the pieces are just beautiful, they are all very pretty,
    your post and your blog are awsome


  11. Megan, I think that you have earned some J.C. shoes by now! Nora, I like that lacy t-shirt a lot.

  12. i say yes to nearly every photo!