Monday, December 19, 2011

inspiration monday: knock knock

who's there?
boo who?
sorry i made you cry little baby.

i had friday off. i realized a few weeks ago that i had a bunch of vacation time that needed to be used by the end of the year. shoot. so i took a four day weekend, and the whole week after christmas off. again, shoot. anyhow, friday morning rolled around and i faced a conundrum. i had a house to clean, two birthday parties to get ready for, and a room to get painted and redecorated. so what did i do? i made a pot of coffee, sat on the daybed, and watched crazy stupid love. why? because i deserved it ryan gosling is shirtless a lot in the movie. and there was me, at the end of the movie, wet faced.

then i started cleaning. i turned on mumford and sons radio on pandora and got to work. a song came on by the avett brothers. (it was a day full of kissable people, first gosling, then the avett brothers.) the song is called if i get murdered in the city. i stopped my cleaning to listen and again...i was wet faced. the most embarrassing thing? about two hours later, it came on again, and i started crying again. no wait, the most embarrassing thing was that when i was telling chris about the song, i started crying again.

cut to saturday night. we had a long day. we had the kids' non-related grandma and grandpa (our old daycare) over for breakfast and then eva had her friends over for a dance party birthday party. after we put the kids to bed, i immediately went to bed myself. well, ok, i made some popcorn first. but then i went to bed. i turned on the tv and the notebook was on. by end of the movie, my shirt was wet from crying so much. and i've read the book and seen the movie at least twice. i know how it ends. but i still cry. every time.

anyone who knows me knows that that is no big deal. it's par for the course in my day. i cry at everything. it's in my blood. don't judge!

nora and i accidentally combined inspiration monday with tuesday remix today. when i looked on flickr at her pictures, i immediately emailed her telling her we were wearing the same shirt. yeah, that's right, sometimes we buy the same clothes. and sometimes we are like those sisters who live halfway across the world (or eight blocks) from each other and one burns her hand while the other feels a shooting pain through her right arm. except for us, we just psychically decide to wear the same clothes. same same.

the inspiration

megan bird

shirt ~ H&M
shorts ~ TJ Maxx
tights ~ ?
shoes ~ Dots
bekt ~ thrifted
earrings ~ F21

nora bird

shirt ~ H&M
shorts ~ vintage
tights ~ Target
shoes ~ Dots
necklace ~ F21

ok, so apparently nora and i also have the same shoes on...just a little different color. it's like she stubbed her toe, and eight blocks away, i had a shooting pain up my foot. coincidence? or not. maybe we need to contact the time/life treasury!

happy monday, loves!
two birds


  1. You both look fabulous...loving the shorts with tights! And did you say dance party birthday party? NICE :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. love Megan's sparkly shorts and cream tights. Fabulous x

  3. That's so funny that you dressed alike! You both hit it out of the park, once again:)
    cate @ wildruffle

  4. I like that you both wore sparkly shorts!

  5. I can't decide which I love more!!! Those black sparkly shorts+the teal belt rock my socks for sure! And that top looks magnificent on both of you!!!!

  6. I love that shirt and the different ways you're both wearing it! It looks great on both of you!

    Megan I have the same problem with the time off, I'm taking the whole week after Christmas too. Such a horrible problem to have huh? ;)

  7. You both look absolutely stunning in that shirt!! I do however love those sparkly shorts - they are sooo pretty!


  8. How nice that you get so much time off! I'm jealous :)

    I'm loving both of these outfits... Megan, those shorts are amazing and Nora, you look gorgeous in those tights/heels.

  9. Guess what other sister has that shirt? THIS ONE! Love it!

  10. A cleaning spree is just what I need to do! I love both of your "fancy shorts" looks--I need some sparkly shorts! I had every intention of doing Inspiration Monday this week, but my outfit never came together. But it looked great in my head!

  11. I love this look but have nothing in my wardrobe to even interpret the look. I need more sparkle!

  12. great outfits!!!

  13. i like both your looks better than lopez. ya, i said it, & i meant every word. "cry like this." can you name what john hughes movie from the 80's that featured that song? hint: it didn't have anyone from the brat pack in it, but it did feature a cool blonde chick with short hair, that played the drums, & wore leather gloves.

  14. Love the inspiration idea..Just found your page..By the way your button doesnt seem to be working??
    -barbie @ Style of a Mrs.