Monday, December 5, 2011

inspiration monday: coast to coast

nora and i were hanging out today, getting some pictures taken for etsy. we were a little slap happy from lack of sleep and excitement from the sale. for some reason, we started singing the song "smooth operator" by sade. we decided that we needed to work with sade to rewrite the song. it really annoys us for some reason that she uses the words, "coast to coast l.a. to chicago". chicago is not a coast, sade. so here's what we came up with so far, "coast to coast new york to juneau", "coast to coast new york to san diego (or franciso)", and of course the most poular, "coast to coast l.a. to walterboro" (the ever-popular south carolina city). you get the idea.

so if anyone has sade's phone number (or even an email address would work), let us know. we want to tell her we would be happy to rewrite the song and style and direct her new video. we are after all multi-talented that way. have you ever heard of two birds' production?

speaking of talented sisters...this week's inspiration is the duffs. you could choose either haley or hilary. we decided to collaborate and do both.

megan bird

jeggings ~ Target
blouse ~ H&M
sweater ~ vintage. thrifted
shoes ~ Dots
earrings ~ Heartbreaker

nora bird

sweater~ birthday gift (thanks, Mom!)
tee~ UO
jeans~ F21
boots~ birthday gift (thanks, Izzy!)

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happy monday!
two birds


  1. Megan I love your shirt! That is adorable! And Nora, I want some boots and jeans just like that and then I'm going to wear them with the sweater I bought at your sale on Saturday! I'm glad to hear it went well and again, it was so nice to meet you in person! Can't wait until the next one! :)

  2. I love that you guys each picked a sister--very cute! I'm loving the look of graphic tees these days, so it's fun to find different styling ideas.

    By the way, a disclaimer: if anyone's wondering where my actual Inspiration Monday pic is, keep scrolling. It's at the bottom of my weekend post.

  3. Megan, love the girly chunky pink sweater. Looks cozy and comfy! Nora, love that you put an edge to this outfit. So great that you ladies live so close and can take a pic together!!! I miss my sister!

  4. I love Nora's Hillary look. Very cute while also looking comfy :)

  5. I am loving both of your sweaters. I am glad your sale went well, and I am disappointed that I wasn't able to make it over.

  6. Y'all are super casual cute today--giving Haley and Hillary a run for their money for sure!
    I'm having a little trouble with this one, but have a while left, so we'll see:-)

  7. You can both dress me anytime. I love your outfits. As a matter of fact I wish we lived closer so that you could put my outfits together. Anyway, Megan I love that color pink on you...look amazing. The nude heels are perfect. You will not believe the color I chose today. Nora, I love your hair shorter as already stated but it is really adorable. Love how your cardi drapes on the sides...just so cute. I will hook up later...dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  8. hi lovelies! first of all, thanks for your comment on my blog :) your site is so awesome, i just had to follow!!!!

    i'm actually wearing a similar cardigan with nora! you both are gorgeous!


  9. Oh wow! Before I read the explanation, I thought Haley was Sarah Jessica Parker. Hmmmm....

  10. They're both such cute looks! I really love the pink vintage cardigan over the loose top!

  11. That's a cute tee from Urban Outfitters! You guys did a great job matching each other : )

  12. Both of you look great as usual, and I am coveting that pink cardigan. It looks so cozy.

  13. Oh, I want both of your outfits - you look so comfy and cute!
    cate @

  14. You gals have been cracking me up!! The song suggestions are hilarious, and so was your inspiration photo post with all the duff jokes :) You both look adorable!

  15. You all's skinny jeans make you look so tall! I love that pink sweater too!

  16. You look lovely! :)

  17. They are too cute and so are you the looks and the cardis :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  18. You guys both look so pretty! Love the light inner and chunky sweater.. Great looks! xo akiko
    Style Imported