Monday, December 12, 2011

inspiration monday: bad santa

we had breakfast with santa this weekend. he was the perfect looking santa...real beard, hefty belly, jolly face. we were so excited for the kids to meet him and sit on his lap. our turn finally came and the kids ran up, so excited to ask him for their christmas wishes. he was perfect, until...
ho ho ho. what are your names? henry and eva? well, great to meet you! and what do you want for christmas this year, henry?
a play station.
a play station? oh, then i could bring you that new game...zombie world of warcraft. do you want that? but be careful, because you know what happens when you lose? the zombies eat your parents.
*cue to me giving santa the stink eye and slowly shaking my head at him.*
and how about you, eva? what would you like?
a barbie.
oh, you know what? there is a new barbie that is coming out. it's so new that it's not even on the shelves yet, but i can get it for you. it's called zombie barbie. and she eats your brother's brains. do you want that?
*cue to me walking over to the kids to take them away from santa.*

seriously, what's up, santa? why are you pushing your zombie agenda on my kids?

this week's inspiration picture is levin rambin. according to our friend erin, she is going to be in the movie 'the hunger games'. so, we might just be seeing a lot more of her in the coming year. for now, we can all just be inspired by her casual outfit.

megan bird

pants ~ thrifted
shirt ~ Urban Outfitters
shoes, earrings ~ Kohls
headband ~ Fun Sisters

nora bird

sweatshirt ~ F21
jeans ~ Gap
tank ~ H&M
boots ~ Heartbreaker

it's zombie monday, everyone. have a great one!
two birds


  1. this is the reason why I never like santa. This santa is bad....really bad! Either he is bad or he is finding excuses not to give away anything to the kids. I like the fun looks you came up with, a lot more girly and cuter than Leven's. I like the cute little hat for Megan's outfit, and the graphic tee. Nora's birdy top is so adorable too.


  2. I think that Santa needs sorting out! Strange fella.

    Loving the outfit. And look at all that snow! It looks very chilly.

    X x

  3. Where in the world did you meet that terrible Santa?! That's crazy!
    cate @

  4. Your Santa story reminds me of an episode of the show Happy Endings that was just on this last week. What an odd guy!

    Megan, I want pink pants just like that! I think that is going to be my next quest, finding cute, but comfy pink pants.

    Nora, that shirt is beyond cute and it looks awesome on you!!

  5. oh my gosh I love that Kiss & Tell tee! Super cute!

  6. Loved Levin, ever since she was on All My Children!

  7. Note to self: GET FLARE JEANS FROM THE GAP. Seriously, those are the perfect jeans Nora.

  8. Great look, love how casual and chic it looks.

    I am back from hibernation and have a giveaway, hope you will come check it out ;)

  9. I like Megan's pink pants and Nora's bird print sweatshirt. I had never heard of Levin Rambin until you posted her picture last week.

  10. Love the pink pants and the bird sweatshirt. So cute!!

  11. Megan - you are too sweet about the pants - email me muppetmusic22 (at) gmail (dot) com - we can chat :)

  12. Oh Nora your jumper is soooooo cute!!!!!!!! And I love your pink pants Megan!

  13. And Megan, as a huge hat fan, I am loving the turquoise one!

  14. you look great! i especially like the wide legged blue pants with the owl sweater!

    i'm your newest follower!

  15. Santa's one of the last people I would think of as having a zombie agenda!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  16. So cute! Love these casual looks. Nora, you better keep an eye on that bird sweatshirt if you know what I mean ;)

  17. Those pink pants are so pretty and I love the birds sweatshirt! What a strange Santa! My boyfriend's uncle used to be one of the MOA Santas because he has long white hair and a white beard. Nate still calls him "Uncle Santa." It's pretty funny!

  18. I love your birdie sweatshirt :)

  19. Megan I love the shirt and those great pink pants!!! Nora, that bird sweatshirt is soooo cute!!! I can't wait to wear non-maternity wear!!!

  20. Hi lovely birds, thanks for hosting really got me to wash my hair...seriously. Anyway, this was such a fun and fabulous pick. I did have trouble with the jeans because I usually don't like myself in them. I love love love both of your outfits. Megan it figures you have pink cords that are awesome. Your hat and tee are so perfect with look sweet and pretty. Nora, just wrap that bird sweatshirt up and send it on over it. Your pants are a great fit...very leg lengthening. Both so pretty in these sweet outfits. Gotta go to bingo.. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xoxox

  21. dear birds, your outfits delight me. i was thinking that maybe santa was friends with mommy & was teasing her. let's just call him bad zombie santa who acts like this is halloween. maybe he had too much eggnog?

  22. Love the kiss and tell tee and nora's gap jeans!

    new follower! :)

  23. Um, WTF Santa, indeed. This is no excuse, but if he's anything like me he's just obsessed with Walking Dead and finding that it permeates every aspect of his life. Still, there's a time and a place for that shit, Santa. Like, when you're NOT around children.

  24. Megan I love your hat and Nora I love the cropped tee- very funky! Bad Santa indeed-looks like he's been watching too much 'Walking Dead'!

  25. Okay, I so love that I can bookmark you posts and come back to read them again and again;) This is to funny! A zombie loving santa?!


  26. Okay, now I know what to leave for Santa this year....brains!!! No, really, that's weird about zombie-obsessed Santa. And how spot-on are those pants, Megan? Those rock! And Nora, holy cute bird sweatshirt, I love it!

  27. I hope it is okay, but I left my link for this inspiration. I really did not realize that my outfit was perfect for this post.
    You both look so lovely.

  28. I...what? What kind of Santa pushes a zombie agenda?!?! I am so confused...on your behalf, of course :)

    Megan, I love those pink pants!