Friday, December 9, 2011

frugal feathers: secret santa

secret santa at work starts today. i have my boss, and all i really know is that she likes dr. pepper. so, she might be getting $5, $5 and then $10 worth of dr. pepper each week. last year, i picked this guy that i work with that i know pretty well. i consider myself a great gift giver (provided i know the likes and dislikes of people), and i was pretty excited to pick him because i knew him and knew i would get him great stuff.

week 1. i got him a chai tea latte mix. i saw him (at least i thought i did) drinking chai teas from starbucks, so i thought this would be a perfect gift. you're sort of limited at $5, but i was pretty pleased with my choice.

week 2. salted caramel chocolates. enough said.

week 3. some vintage tupperware, which i know he collects, so i knew that would be a hit. and then for good measure, i threw in one of those mason jars filled with dry soup. you know the kind that has layers of dehydrated beans, peas and onions. it's pretty and all you have to do is add water! that was a freebie...he loves to cook, and i already had the tupperware, so i decided to be extra nice and throw in the soup.

and....because he (obviously) had no clue that i was his secret santa, each week he would come to me to talk about his gifts.

week 1. "what is this? i hate chai tea. and really...who wants dry chai tea mix? nasty."

week 2. "delicious." seriously, who doesn't like salted caramel chocolate?

week 3. "this tupperware is awesome.but seriously, what is this soup crap? it smells like my grandma's closet. is there some super old lady who works here and drew my name that i don't know about?"

aaaaaaand that's when i looked him in the eye and told him i was his secret santa. for three weeks, i had to laugh and make fun of my secret self with him. on week three, i told him to not look a gift horse in the mouth. we had a $5 limit after all, and he's lucky i put some thought into it! he is still apologizing for his behavior. me? i thought it was hilarious. no offense taken. he did, after all, like the tupperware. and the soup...

blouse ~ swap (free)
slip ~ from another dress (free)
tights ~ thrifted (new) ($.99)
belt ~ thrifted ($1.69
earrings ~ F21 ($3.99)
shoes ~ $9.98 store ($9.98)

i wore this outfit a few weeks ago. there's no cheating in minnesota. if it's december 9, and there is no snow in our pictures, they weren't taken today. so yes, i wore this a while ago...ah pretty leaves, i miss you! i got this blouse at a swap, and i have worn it before, but never without something over it. so i decided to test it out as the entree of the outfit. and i liked it...

happy friday all!
megan bird


  1. I LOOOOOOVE those tights!!!! Love. What is the $9.98 store btw?!

  2. i love stories like this~ truly nothing is funnier to me than someone awkwardly realizing they're trashing the person they're talking funny!

    those tights are FABULOUS!

  3. Hysterical, Megan. I love that story. His comments were so darn funny. Great story. On to the outfit. It's gorgeous, beautiful pattern and color on your thrifted (new) stockings. I like to emphasize new stockings as well when people know I got them at the thrift. Target must drop them off by the boat load. Have a great weekend...I so need to do an outfit post. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  4. that's a funny story. And this the first time I heard of a guy who likes tupperware, vintage or not. Your outfit is so sweet and feminine. The tights are gorgeous and what? 99 cents?


  5. That is hilarious! I would have been rolling over laughing everyday when he left the room;)

    I have those tights! Great minds and all:) I paid way more than $0.99 at Target for them.

    Beautiful flowy shirt. So very pretty.


  6. love those tights and the shirt is pretty darn fantastic too!!

  7. Fun tights! And your story is hilarious!

  8. love the backdrop of the fall leaves ... i miss you gals, i haven't been on blogger much ... i have to get back in the routine! i need fashion inspiration!

  9. I LOVE the tights. And I miss our leaves!!
    cate @

  10. megan, you & your outfit are a vision of loveliness, if i've said that before, well i'm saying it again. i mean it every time.

  11. I think that your gifts sound nice. My work does a white elephant exchange, so I am searching hard for a hilarious gift.