Saturday, December 17, 2011

eva diva

today is my beautiful daughter's 5th birthday. and i can tell you this...time flies. some days i feel like days are long and years are short. is that just me? but really, it doesn't seem like five years ago that chris and my mom and i rushed to the hospital after my water broke at 3:21 AM. i (almost) immediately went into hard labor and by the time we got to the hospital, it was almost too late. i was in the triage room, no nurse or doctor anywhere close by and i remember looking at my mom and i said (sorry everyone), "mom, i feel like i have to poop." the next thing i hear is my mom screaming, "NURSE! HURRY!" and they threw me in a wheelchair and literally ran to the first delivery room they could find. it was like a scene from a chevy chase movie. a doctor ran in (the first doctor they could find) and told me to push. the nurse looked at me and said, i think you can do this in one push. now with henry, they told me for three hours that they could see his head, so you'll excuse me if i didn't believe her. but i gave it my all, and sure enough, she popped out in one long, hard push. and that has been her personality ever since...i want it and i want it now!

so she came into our lives and she completed our already perfect family. man i love my kids.

as part of her present, we redecorated her room. here are a few pics. remember this post about gender neutrality? clearly she loves all thing "girly". and we obliged...

if you ever are looking for these pendants hanging in her room, check out mad about mads on etsy. she is amazing and sweet, and her product is amazing!

we also have a little tradition that on every birthday, we take a picture of our kids with their favorite stuffed animal as babies. this is eva, with her bunny, when she was born...

and here she is today...

i love you my dear, sweet, smart, beautiful eva. happy birthday!

megan bird


  1. happy birthday to eva!i am obsessing over her room! i want mine exactly like it! (and i'm 23 :)

  2. She is a beauty for sure and lucky to have a mamma and papa that love her to pieces. Her room is beautiful...those banners just make everything so happy. Have a great time today and this entire weekend. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  3. Oh, happy birthday to her! It sure is true about long days and short years. Her room is adorable - and I think she and my daughter have the same bed.:)
    cate @

  4. Happy Birthday Miss Eva!!! I hope she has a fabulous day. Time really does fly doesn't it?

    I LOVE her room. So girlie!!!

    My labor with my daughter was just like yours, super easy. My son, not so much. Boys just must be harder from the get go :)

  5. i'm totally with you on the long days/short years thing. it's amazing how fast it flies by.

    happy birthday to your beautiful girl. her room is dreamy. i bet she is THRILLED!

  6. Happy Birthday Eva! You are quite a beauty and I love your bedroom. My daughter, Ava, saw the pictures and wants me to redecorate her's. I hope your party is fabulous:)

  7. Cute post! I love that little reading nook! Happy Bday to Eva!

  8. She is just lovely!! This makes me so sad, but happy too. The years fly, but each new stage brings it's own fun and joy. Happy Birthday Eva!!!

  9. Happy birthday to your wee one! I agree though, that days seem longer than years. Time is a funny thing. And what a pretty room! Lucky her :)