Thursday, December 8, 2011

curious birds: holiday memories

it's that time of year again. the weather is kind of frightful and it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. (see what i did there? i know. i am just so clever). there are so many traditions had and memories made around the holiday season. we celebrate christmas in our family, and while we don't really have a lot of traditions (i mean we basically do the same thing every year, but i don't really know if you consider overeating and drinking plenty of  wine and taking lots of naps tradition), but i do have many wonderful memories from christmases past. one of my favorite stories is from many ages ago, when my youngest sister was just a wee little girl who could not yet read the clock. it was christmas eve and my two younger sisters and i were snuggled up in our beds trying our hardest to sleep. the excitement of santa clause coming to town was too much, and sleep just wouldn't come. my mom had told us that when we woke up in the morning, we would have to stay in our room until 7:00am in case santa hadn't come yet (ho ho ho)! finally we all drifted off, dreams of sugarplums dancing in our heads (honestly, i doubt we were dreaming of sugarplums. to this day, i have no idea what they are). at some point in the early morning hours i felt myself being shaken awake. i slowly opened my tired little eyes and see my littlest sister, kristin, staring at me with wide, excited eyes. "nora"? she whispered, "what time is it when the big hand is on the twelve and the little hand is on the three. can we wake up yet"? i promptly sent her back to bed, but i have a feeling she didn't sleep at all that night and chose rather to stare at the clock (that she couldn't read) until 7am. 

little did we know that that same sister would eventually marry into the clause family. a couple of years ago, her father-in-law showed up at my parent's house on christmas morning dressed as santa clause to surprise all of the nieces and nephews! it was so fun to see all of their little faces light up to see that santa was paying them a special visit! another amazing memory. 

and there are many other great ones sprinkled in there. my first christmas as a married woman, as an aunt, as a mom. megan used to throw the funnest christmas parties every year, and it was at one of these that the man that is now my husband met my entire family for the first time. that's a good memory, for sure (especially since he was chatting up one of our family friends for a very long time, thinking the whole time that it was my dad!!! hilarity ensued).

now, i could go on and on and on, but then this would be a long post and i don't want to bore you any more than i already have. but i do want to hear about your favorite holiday or winter traditions and/or memories! please share them in the comments! i am so excited to read them all!

a picture (from 2002) from one of megan's epic holiday parties!

my hubby dressed as santa for our friend, suman's, holiday/birthday party.

jim and my first christmas tree in our new home.

all from mimi's first christmas. 

the hubs with his sisters and our oldest nephew. one of their holiday traditions is a pie baking contest. yum!

the christmas tree at the in-law's is always a beautiful sight to see!

 thanks for reading and sharing! have a wonderful day!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. That Christmas tree is amazing and Mimi is just adorable and sweet. I love the elves and Jim as funny. My great moment came when I was asleep in the car and my mom yelled, "look, there goes Santa and his reindeer up in the sky"!! I jumped up, at 4 nearly 5 years old, to see Santa and his crew up in the sky but he was gone in a flash. It was her plan to wake me up and get me out of the car...I am still disappointed to this day having missed the chance to see him. The things we remember!!! great post Nora...have a wonderful day. Hi Megan! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  2. Everyone with their Christmas decorations is driving me crazy! I'm putting my stuff up this weekend and I absolutely cannot wait!

  3. Wow you guys are lucky indeed to be married into the Claus family!

  4. Such a pretty post. the memories and the photos are precious.

  5. Your family is so cute! Your in-laws have a gorgeous Christmas tree.

  6. Aww, what fun pictures!

    One of my favorite Christmas memories from growing up was riding the bus downtown with my mom and going to the then Dayton's 8th floor and seeing Santa, getting lunch and then having my dad drive us home because he worked down there at the time. I still like visiting the 8th floor, but it hasn't been the same since it's been Macy's, at least in my opinion.

  7. dear nora, i feel like you gave us a glimpse into the ghosts of your christmas past. what a ride!

  8. For Christmas with my dad, we didn't have stockings. Every year, they would put out brown paper grocery bags with our names on them- FILLED with candy. It was good. It was really good.

  9. Love this post and all the great pictures. One of our holiday traditions is putting up the tree while watching It's A Wonderful Life. I adore this movie and always wanted to live in Bedford Falls. I think this goes along with my love of the 1930's and 1940's as well. I now have the entire movie memorized and cannot watch it without reciting all the lines. Chagrin of my husband and children is evident but they deal with it.

    Along with this memory is when my sister moved over seas to the UK. For Christmas, the first year she was gone, my mom and I both received an It's A Wonderful Life book in the mail from her as a momento that even though she was far away she was thinking about us:)


  10. Aw, I love this post!!! Super wonderful Christmas photos and memories, I can tell :)

    <3 Cambria

  11. The pictures are so great! That cracks me up about your husband chatting up the family friend...

  12. amazing pics!!!! you and your family are so lovely!!!!

  13. Your family seems so sweet! This makes me excited to see mine!!! :) Happy Friday and weekend.