Tuesday, November 22, 2011

tuesday remix: sister style

first off, i would like to thank you so much for all of the wonderful birthday wishes you sent my way! it was so lovely to read all of your kind comments. they really helped make my birthday that much better! i had a super fun day. perhaps too much fun! saturday night, my mom offered to watch mimi overnight so jim and i could go out on the town. we went for a nice dinner date downtown before heading back to our neck of the woods to meet megan, chris and erin for a few (too many) drinks and some karaoke (of course!). i was definitely feeling my age the next day, but it was worth it. on sunday, my mom cooked me a delicious birthday dinner. it was a much needed meal of comfort food! yum. the whole family was there to celebrate with me and it was a lot of fun. i love our huge family dinners! they are loud and crazy and full of jokes and laughter and awesome food and wine. i am so excited that we have another one coming up on thursday! mmm...thanksgiving...definitely one of my favorite meals!

for this week's remix, i picked this adorable little moth top i thrifted long ago. it's bright and fun and quirky and i love it, but i have a very hard time styling it. as you will see, i always just end up pairing it with jeans and letting the top speak for itself. so i wanted to throw it into the remix to see if megan could inspire me with a new way to wear it. and, of course, she did! let us know what you think!

outfit one: back to basics

jeans~ Heartbreaker
shoes~ F21
ring~ H&M

outfit two: bright on bright

tanks~ F21
jeggings~ H&M
boots~ vintage, thrifted
earrings~ F21
jacket~ thrifted

we hope you all have a fabulous tuesday!

xoxo, two birds


  1. Aw hope you had a wonderful birthday,you both look fabulous and wear this top in your own,unique way,its such a gorgeous colour green x
    Hope your both having a wonderful tuesday too x

  2. Must agree with Kayleigh that top is such a gorgeous color. Perfect for the holidays.


  3. Oh my goodness - how adorable is that top?! I gotta say, I'm a little jealous that you two have each other to swap your clothes. I need to either get myself a sister, or find a friend nearby who wears my size.:)

  4. Happy belated birthday!! Love this cute little green shirt you guys are remixing. It's such a nice colour :)

  5. your birthday sounds like fun! And your green top also looks very fun and cute. Very nice color, I love it. Why would anyone abandon such an adorable top? Great outfits!


  6. Heels in the snow? Now THAT is dedication, lol! But on a serious note, I love how versatile that top is with both dark & light wash jeans!

  7. Ok this top is in my "top" pick for remix Tuesday. I love it! Nora, the bow on your pants is a perfect complement to the top and you look gorgeous in this color green. Awesome job!!
    Megan, bright on bright is "wow"!! Your boots tone it all down perfectly and they are gorgeous as well. Love the layering, your look so anthro and you look awesome. Dawn Suitcase vignettes...

  8. I hope your birthday was awesome! Yeah, the top is so bright and fun. It looks great alone or with the yellow. Good deal :)


  9. That little top is adorable, and both of you ladies look nice in the bright green color.

  10. Those jeans with the bow are just too cute! You guys are gorgeous. Love the blog, and thank you so much for stopping by and leading me here, it made my day!!


  11. Beautiful color is right! Love it. The style is so very sweet as well. So glad that you had a wonderful bday!


  12. I love that top! Green is one of my favorite colors! You two look great! May I copy it? :) (It'll be a DIY top!)

  13. I never feel like I can wear that cut of blouse that ruffles right above the hips. It doesn't stop me from buying it, so maybe I should send these items back out into the universe for people like you guys to find and ROCK them. Plus, kelly green rules.


  14. that top is so cute, and i'd probably end up just wearing it with jeans too since it has so much personality on its own!

  15. oh my gosh. I LOVE that top & both of the remixes are fantastic + I'm loving that yellow thrifted jacket. Beyond adorable!! xo V

  16. I am completely hopelessly in love with this top! AND you have snow...I am so jealous! You two have a fabulous family Thanksgiving! Debbie http://thriftygirlvintage.com

  17. This top is SO cute. Also, I am so jealous at all the fun you sisters get to have together. My sister and I used to spend birthdays over-drinking and going to karaoke also!! Makes me miss her! (she's all the way in Germany). You two look adorable!

  18. your different versions using the same article of clothing is one of my fave things! there is a lot of snow where you live. i'm freezing just looking at you.

  19. just found your blog and love it! i love how you both styled it!!!

  20. What a fun look! Love the green, and the green with orange! Doesn't it feels great to give some clothe a second life? I love the challenge of styling the quirky and the unique, and you girls did a great job!
    Good luck!


  21. Nice


  22. omg Nora, I LOVE that top! How cute, with its trompe l'oeil bow!!!