Tuesday, November 8, 2011

tuesday remix: sister style

this past weekend was a crazy/fun one (if any of you read yesterday's post, you know why)! but before all of the craziness ensued, megan, erin and i spent some time shopping. before hitting up the thrift store, we took a mini road trip to check out cate's Wild Ruffle pop up shop. it was fun to see so many great local sellers in one place. and it was so busy! i was so happy to see this pop up was such a success. hopefully there will be another one soon! while we were there, i purchased this adorable vintage wrap/cardigan from jill of Spoils of Wear. she was selling a bunch of really great vintage items, but this one especially caught my eye. i love it's shape and flowy-ness. and i figured it would be a really versatile piece. something easy to throw on over any outfit. i also thought this would be a fun one to throw into the remix to get a couple of different ideas on how to wear it. and it was! let us know what you think! and tell me, how would you wear this piece???

outfit one: color me happy

tanks top/tights~ Target
skirt~ F21
boots~ vintage, thrifted

outfit two: sock hop

jeans~ Target
shoes~ Kohls
socks~ Target. thrifted (new)
tank/earrings~ F21

we hope you all have a fabulous tuesday!!!

xoxo, two birds


  1. I absolutely love that cardigan wrap... I think it would be cute with some high-waisted jeans and colorful top. I also love it paired with that adorable skirt and boots! Cute as usual :)

  2. Thanks again for coming to the Shop! I'm already working on details for the next one.;) Love the top you picked up!

  3. That's a really pretty little cardigan! I think fall/winter will be the hardest time to style it but you both did a great job! Once it's spring/summer you can throw it on over any dress or tank and it would be cute!

  4. oh, love both the ways you two are wearing this cute little cardi! esp. love nora's because of all the colors and layers :)
    and btw, I loooove the inspiration pic, if I have time to get a pic I will def try to link up - it's so cute :)

  5. Nora, I love your bright blue tights and color print skirt!

    At first I didn't realize it was the same sweater! I think that's a sign of a great remix!

  6. Hello! Just saw your comment on another blog and wanted to check you out. That first outfit is basically unstoppable, and I would be forced to stop anyone I saw wearing that on the street and take a picture of her like some creepy paparazzo. So many colors, and all of them perfect.

  7. I'm with Anjali, if you didn't tell me it was the same sweater I wouldn't have known. Great remix! I especially like it with the belt for fall/winter.

    The Suburb Experiment

  8. I think that I would wear it with wide leg jeans and some awesome shoes. I think that sweater will be very versatile.

  9. That sweater definitely would have caught my eye, too. I probably would have styled it belted and over a dress or something, but I love both the ways you've styled it, here. Love seeing the two different styles :)


  10. Oooh, I like those red boots! They're pretty fab!!!

  11. And it looks like 2 completely different shirts! Great remix. I had to double check to see what was the same!!

  12. Yay, love your Tuesday remix feature and this sweet little cardy looks SO gorgeous worn both ways. I'm especially loving those pretty coloured tights & those Kohls shoes are just fab. xo veronika

  13. I love it both with the colorful skirt and belted! One way I'd like to wear it is open over a dress, or maybe over a long sleeved t-shirt for cooler weather.