Tuesday, November 1, 2011

tuesday remix: sister style

last night was mimi's second halloween, but it was her first time trick-or-treating. and she loved it! dressing up, going from house to house, knocking on the door, yelling, "halloween!" (i tried all day to teach her "trick-or-treat!" but it didn't stick. so she yelled "halloween!"), picking out a piece of candy to put into her bucket, and all the other kids in costume wandering around. she pretty much thought all of that was totally awesome. and the best part? she has no clue what candy is. she knows it is called candy, but she doesn't know that you are supposed to eat it or that it is sugary and delicious! so, when we got home from trick-or-treating she spent the rest of the night before bedtime sorting through and playing with her candy. taking it out of the bucket, bringing it over to me and jim, piling it up, shaking the skittles and m&ms so they made noise. but never once did she want to open any and eat it. awesome. this is the benefit of keeping all of my candy in our freezer and only eating it when mimi is either sleeping or not looking. she has no idea what she is missing. and i will try and keep it that way as long as i can. but i have a feeling next year's halloween will be very different!

remix time! this week, megan chose a super cute white dress. it was fun to try and style this one to make it work for fall, as it is a pretty summery frock. apparently we were both feeling the halloween spirit, because we both paired it with orange legwear! let us know what you think!

outfit one: thigh high

shirt- vintage, thrifted
belt- vintage, thrifted
socks/shoes- F21

outfit two: layers upon layers

sweater- TU, thrifted
tights/earrings- F21
socks- Target
boots- swap from Maggie
dress- swap from ?
scarf- from mom

have a happy happy tuesday, all!

xoxo, two birds


  1. So cute! Love that blue button-up layered under the dress.

    Haha! That is so adorable that she yelled "halloween" at each door. What a doll! And great job keeping candy a secret, if only that could last forever!

  2. Love the orange on both you - great job making a summer dress work for fall!

  3. Hey! that was my dress! You both look so cute in it :)

  4. White is hard to transition to fall but you both did a fabulous job and I love the bright legs!

  5. You both are fabulous - I am slightly partial to boots, but I adore you both : >

  6. I love both outfits, and I really love the colored tights ... I can never seem to have the guts to go for the colored tights but you two lovely ladies definitely inspire me!!

  7. My daughter kept yelling "Happy Trick-or-Treat" at everyone. But this was the first year she realized people were putting candy into her bucket. So maybe that's what she really meant. :)

    The Suburb Experiment

  8. Lovely layering. I have such a hard time layering a long-sleeve top under a dress...maybe I just need to go with it though.
    It's funny that you say your daughter doesn't know what she's missing yet. Same with my 19-month-old. A lady tried to give her two pieces of candy yesterday and she put one back. I'm pretty sure this is the last year that will happen:-)

  9. Really, really love how both of you layered this outfit up so much! It is the perfect way to Fall-ify such a sweet, white dress!

    Check out my new inspiration link-up, if you like! It is open through Sunday!

  10. SO cute - I love how you took such a summer dress and made it fall-y. And it was so adorable that Mimi didn't know you eat candy!

  11. layers of loveliness! i wish i didn't know what candy was. maybe then i wouldn't eat it either.

  12. These are both super cute outfits! You ladies are lovely dressers :)


  13. Love the layers upon layers one ... inspired!

  14. The second one is LOVE :) I LOVE IT! LOVE ITTT! <3 :)

  15. love the thigh highs!


  16. I love both of your colorful additions to the dress! Now I'm adding orange thigh-highs to my want list!